Have you noticed something lately? Adam Schiff has gone silent. The House Select Committee on Intelligence has gotten all those documents from the FBI. Silence. Diane Feinstein released the transcript of the Fusion GPS interview. Silence. For the past year Schiff has been leader of the Russia Collusion fan club. He is widely suspected of leaking information to the press that often resulted in false hope that maybe Trump did something, sort of, kinda, maybe.

Jake Tapper got his lunch handed to him by Stephen Miller. Perhaps some of the criticism stung Tapper enough to do some critically needed self-reflection. Following the Miller interview, Tapper interviewed Adam Schiff.

Tapper Confronts Adam Schiff: ‘Aren’t You Contributing to the Lack of Faith’ in DOJ and FBI?

Schiff was trying to pedal the nonsense that the investigation into the Clinton Foundation was a politically motivated witch hunt. Trapper, who is finally figuring out that the ultimate politically motivated witch hunt was the search, lead by Schiff, for the mythical Russian unicorn of collusion.

Tapper wasn’t buying it anymore.

“Well, with all due respect, Congressman, aren’t you contributing to the lack of faith in these institutions?” Tapper shot back. “All we know is that the investigation into the Clinton Foundation has started anew. There might be new evidence. There might be a legitimate reason.”

Then he ended the interview with a real zinger:

“Well, I don’t want to spend the whole time on this, but I will say you’re asserting your suspicions as fact,” Tapper stated. “And if you get facts to back up your suspicions, I would love to hear them.”

If any of those documents provided to the House Intelligence Committee even hinted at evidence of the Trump Campaign colluding with Russia, Schiff would have crowed like a rooster on Viagra. If there was any new information that provided any element of support for the Russia Dossier and the way it was handled by the FBI and the Hillary Clinton campaign, Schiff would have been all over it. He didn’t mention either subject. Instead he tried to dismiss the investigation into the Clinton Foundation, where there are actually some facts, as politically motivated.

He also expressed grave concern about President Donald Trump’s mental state, just before Trump televised the bi-partisan meeting regarding DACA and Immigration.  Even CNN realized that, whether you like him or hate him, Donald Trump looked very capable while conducting that meeting..

From here it looks like a sinking Schiff.


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