Tuesday afternoon James Baker was the General Counsel for the FBI.  He accompanied FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to the House Intelligence Committee meeting.  He was obviously there to provide a legal defense shield for McCabe.

It didn’t go well. McCabe reportedly had to admit that the only thing the FBI has confirmed about the Russia Dossier is that Carter Page did visit Russia.

Vanity Fair accidently published a story that demonstrates why Carter Page could not possibly been involved in colluding with Russia:

Carter Page, a man so deeply incompetent that a Kremlin agent who tried to recruit him reportedly gave up, telling his colleagues that Page was “an idiot.”

McCabe allegedly gave testimony that is charitably described as inconsistent with testimony by other witnesses.  And, by the way, he couldn’t remember seeing critical documents that allegedly were signed by him.

This is documented by the following article in Fox News:

It is being reported that McCabe suddenly announced plans for an early retirement.  That seems like a wise decision, but based on the recent tweets by President Trump, he may not be given that opportunity.  Remember, Trump really likes to fire people.

This is bad enough, but there is more. McCabe may have incriminated James A. Baker, the lawyer sitting next to him. He was asked whether James A. Baker was authorized to speak to the media about the Steele Dossier and the underlying ‘counterintelligence’ operation.  McCabe said that Baker would not be authorized to take such action.

Apparently neither McCabe or Baker realized that the person asking that question had evidence that Baker was in communication with Mother Jones reporter David Corn prior to the election.  David Corn is the one who broke the story about the Russia Dossier.  By Friday, James A. Baker was reassigned from his position as FBI General Counsel.

The liberal left is trying to downplay this story, but when you get reassigned from the top legal position in the FBI two days before Christmas that is beyond bad. In addition, the Washington Post story has a classic non-denial denial.

Apparently Baker “hopes” he didn’t leak classified information.  Wow!

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified that Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is going to release 1.2 million pages of documents on January 15, 2018.

We can expect one of two things to happen, if these documents confirm what appears to be obvious.  There will either be a special prosecutor appointed to pursue indictments or a criminal probe directed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  We can also count on the House Intelligence Committee issuing subpoenas and asking a lot of tough questions.  Clearly the OIG and the House Intelligence Committee are working together.

It appears the necessary house cleaning at the FBI is over.  Several agents have been reassigned, McCabe has announced his retirement and James A. Baker, FBI General Counsel was removed.  Just this week Sessions announced opening probe of Uranium One and more recently of the alleged obstruction of justice regarding Hezbollah.  The timing of these announcements is significant. Now that certain key players have been benched, the DOJ appears to be gearing up to take this on.  Attorney General Jess Sessions is now in charge.

An interesting question is whether Mueller is part of the problem or part of the solution.  In addition Bill Priestap, who was right in the middle of everything, is not being mentioned.  More than one person has noticed this:

We may all learn a lot more about Bill Priestap in the near future, either as the target of an investigation or as the ultimate whistle blower.  Either way, it is not exaggerating to say this could be the biggest political scandal in the history of the United States.

Sir Walter Scott:  “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”


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