Andrew McCabe testified for eight hours in a closed session of the House Intelligence Committee.  Unlike the hearing with Donald Trump Jr., where there was a leak a minute, there have been zero leaks from this session.  Even Adam Schiff, the prime suspect for leaks from this committee, had very little to say other than that “McCabe has been a professional FBI Agent” and that Schiff does not understand “the calls of some to fire him.”

Republicans aren’t saying anything.  Politically that does not make sense.  But it does make sense if people are now focused on criminal punishment rather than the glory of short term political advantage.  Skilled prosecutors do not outline their full case at a press conference.  They save it for the jury.  The Democrats do not have any real evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, so they are trying the case in the court of public opinion.  Republicans appear to have hard evidence regarding obstruction of justice within the FBI. There is evidence that the Hillary e-mail server investigation has reopened.  No one is talking about that either.

The DOJ has dealt with other cases were high officials committed treason.  If FBI agents plotted to remove a U.S. President by using obviously fake information to investigate his administration, that would also be treason. Aldridge Ames was a CIA Agent who sold secrets to Russia.  Robert Hanssen was an FBI Agent who also spied for Russia.  It took eight years to find Ames and then build a case to convict him.  It took a long time to find Hanssen, but they had learned from Aldridge Ames.  In December 2000 they started surveillance of him, he was arrested on February 18, 2001.  Both men will spend the rest of their lives in a Super Max prison.

There are many signs that the investigation is nearing an end.  Unlike the Russia collusion narrative fueled by anonymous sources usually discredited, there have been very few leaks about this investigation.  Instead critical documents were legally provided to congressional committees just prior to public hearings.  None of those documents have been discredited.  In fact, none of those documents are even disputed. Sometimes silence is golden and if you are an FBI agent who betrayed your country now is the time to become very very afraid.


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