The Mueller Investigation, the House Intelligence Committee Investigation and the Senate Intelligence Committee investigations are all roaring toward a conclusion. In addition the Office of the Inspector General i(“OIG”) investigation of the FBI is also coming to a close. The results are almost certain to be devastating for Democrats and it is a largely self-inflicted wound. The OIG investigation was begun at the request of Democrats who were hoping to find evidence that Comey was unfair to Hillary Clinton during the e-mail scandal. Comey also welcomed the investigation because he clearly thought his testimony in front of congress would make him a folk hero. They were both incredibly wrong. The OIG has found serious problems with the way Comey handled the e-mail scandal. It has also apparently discovered the damaging text messages sent by FBI Agent Peter Strzok and others. It has been reported that the investigation regarding Hillary Clinton’s e-mails has been reopened. The only thing that both Republicans and Democrats agree on regarding this whole mess is that Comey messed up. He will be lucky to avoid criminal liability.

So far there has been zero evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. There is, however, evidence that the allegations of collusion were based on leaks by Democrats, possibly FBI agents, with no factual support. There is evidence that the top investigators on Mueller’s team were hopelessly compromised. Two of them have already been fired. This means that even if they did uncover a smoking gun, it wouldn’t matter anymore. Both Mueller and Rosenstein know that. Rosenstein allowed the text messages regarding Peter Strzok to be released to the press, knowing that he would be asked about this in a public hearing. He said that the OIG approved this decision. We can assume that Robert Mueller also approved of this decision. It would be foolish for Democrats to believe that Mueller is running a witch hunted with a mission to destroy Trump. He may be on a mission to restore integrity to the FBI. The release of these texts hint that the FBI and the OIG already has all the documentation it needs.

Rosenstein said he has faith in Robert Mueller and he is the right person to lead this investigation. He did not express such support for the members of this investigation who demonstrated such obvious bias. Rosenstein also said that Sally Yates was wrong when she refused to obey an executive order issued by President Donald Trump regarding the travel ban. That was an incredible statement, because Rosenstein reported to her at the time. He said the rule of law and the constitution were more important than Ms. Yates personal opinion about President Trump.

Democrats are clearly panicked. They are trashing Rosenstein for releasing those text messages. That is an admission that these are extremely damaging. Today Trey Gowdy said he would be surprised if Andrew McCabe is still employed by the FBI by the time of his scheduled appearance before the House Intelligence Committee. That appearance is scheduled for December 22, 2017, next Tuesday. Wow!

Democrats are in the process of being hoisted by their own petard. This is an idiom traced back to William Shakespeare meaning “to be harmed by one’s own plan to harm someone else.”


Stay tuned. This could be an explosive weekend.



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