At this point Trump probably hopes that the Mueller investigation continues.  That would be smart, because this investigation is hopelessly compromised.  Following are the conflicts that are already documented.  By the time I finish writing this, there will probably be more.

Peter Strzok   He was dismissed from investigation for anti-Trump e-mails.  He was involved in everything.

Lisa Paige (His mistress)  Also worked for Mueller investigation.  Not totally clear why she left.

Melissa Hidgman (His wife).  Works for another agency.  Facebook pages trashing Trump have been deleted.

Andrew Weissman  Attended Hillary Clinton’s planned election night victory party  Very high up in DOJ.  Has reputation for abuse of power as a prosecutor.

Bruce G. Ohr  High level DOJ official with knowledge of Dossier.    Will testify next week.

Andrew McCabe  Temporary Director of FBI after Comey was fired.  His wife received huge sums from Terry McAuliffe.  If he is compromised, everything is compromised.

Aaron Zebley  Consultant who set up Hillary’s e-mail server.

Everyone, including Democrats should be demanding that Mueller resign.  They won’t because first they would have to grow a conscience.  There is no sign of that happening.

It gets worse.  The judge who presided over the guilty plea by Michael Flynn, Judge Rudolph Contreras,has been recused from that case.  Several people have pointed out that Contreras is also a FISA judge and some suspect he may have signed off on the FISA warrant used against Trump campaign officials.  We don’t know why he was recused, we just know that this happened.

FISA warrants are highly secret, but it appears as though two were requested by the DOJ regarding Trump campaign officials.  One was allegedly requested in July, but was denied by a FISA judge.  Since it is reported that 99% of FISA warrant requests are routinely approved, this is unusual.  In October a second , more narrow, FISA request was presented and it was approved.

The are numerous people claiming this FISA warrant was based on the fake Russian Dossier paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign.  If that is true, it is beyond earthshaking.  This would be smoking gun proof that the Obama administration lied to a federal court.  Many of the people whose finger prints are all over this potentially illegal FISA warrant are now working for Mueller.

Mike Rogers , Director of the NSA, visited Donald Trump in the Trump tower shortly after the election.  The next day Trump moved his transition team from the Trump Tower to his New Jersey Golf Course.  Perhaps Rogers warned him that this was necessary.  Mike Rogers was severely criticized for this meeting.  Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Director of National Securing recommended that Obama fire Rogers.  He was not fired.  He is the current Director of the NSA.

Mike Rogers said that he had only moderate confidence in the conclusion that Russia was trying to help Donald Trump during the election.  He said that when he looked at the data, for each of the other judgments there were multiple sources and he could exclude every other alternative.  But with regard to this assessment it didn’t have the same level of sourcing and the same level of multiple sources.

It is clear that someone is investigating the investigators and they are striking gold.  In the meantime the search for evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia is still non-existent.

Incredibly, Democrats and the main stream media continue to ignore this story.  They still pretend that Trump is in trouble.  Unless there is some strong evidence we are all missing that is absurd.

In addition it has just been documented that liberal democrats used similar tactics to try and destroy conservatives in Wisconsin.  Prosecutors used false information to file fake charges because they were angry at election results.  Someone blew the whistle on them and the investigators were investigated.  Multiple courts, including the Wisconsin Supreme court, shut down the witch hunts with extreme prejudice:


It sure looks like the entire Russian Collusion investigation and the Special Prosecutor is using a script borrowed from the abuse of power by prosecutors in Wisconsin.  This is unbelievable, even for liberal democrats.  It is not just wrong, it is unbelievably stupid.  It confirms our worst fears.  Liberals in Wisconsin apparently had no problem with illegally using prosecutors to file false charges against political opponents.  The standard seems to be that when liberals lose, anything necessary to remove conservatives from power is acceptable.  We cannot rule out the distinct possible that liberal Democrats in cooperation with some very senior people in the DOJ did the exact same thing in a failed attempt to remove Trump..  Since there is and has been zero evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, this is sadly a believable explanation.  This should not be a partisan issue.  If this is true it represents a clear and present danger to all of us.


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