We have all seen this story before. A guy is accused of murder. He doesn’t have an alibi. He finally admits that he lied about where he was on the night in question because he was having an affair. He confesses to the affair since the price paid for thatt admission is a lot better than being tried for murder.

Democrats are turning on Al Franken big time. It is not because they are that disgusted with Al Franken, anyone paying attention has known about Al Franken for years. He is the same pathetic jerk that was elected to the United States Senate in 2008 possibly through blatant voter fraud:

This election was so close there were several recounts. Conveniently at least 341 convicted felons voted in Hennepin County and another 52 in Ramsey County. The illegal vote by felons was more than the margin of Franken’s victory.

What should we have expected from a profane mediocre comedian with such total disregard for moral values? Democrats were more than willing to embrace Franken because he was the deciding vote on ObamaCare. So what changed? Franken sure didn’t chance and it is extremely unlikely that liberal Democrats suddenly developed a conscience. So I started thinking about this to see if I could come up with a better explanation.

It didn’t take long. Part of the reason they turned on Franken is that they stupidly think this will enable them to demand that Trump resign later. That is likely to fail. The problem is that while the Franken allegations are easily proved many of the allegations against Trump have already been discredited and the rest all appear to be identical to the Bill Bush audio tape. In addition, after Democrats covered up well-documented sexual assualt by Bill Clinton, because it was only about sex, they will have zero credibility in demanding Trump resign. They will still try, but I don’t think it will work.

But then there was the question about the timing. Granted, Democrats wanted to get rid of Franken, but why the urgency. The answer became obvious. They are desperate to change the subject. The Mueller investigation is blowing up big time. This is beyond bad. There are now four, that’s right four, of Mueller’s investigators who are hopelessly compromised. First, there was Peter Strzok. Even Mueller knew this was bad, which is why he fired Strzok. Now we also know about Andrew Weissman, Lisa Page and Jeannie Rhee. Odds are there are more. What’s missing is any investigator that even looks credible. This is so bad that numerous newspapers including the Wall Street Journal are demanding Mueller resign. Public opinion polls show a majority of Americans support Sessions firing Mueller and appointing a new Special Prosecutor to investigate the FBI. There will soon be congressional demands for this.

This is the real reason Democrats have thrown both Conyers and Franken under the bus. They are absolute terrified by the Mueller fiasco. They should be!


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