There is an old saying: “it is always darkest just before dawn.”  That may be very true today.  Although the vast right wing conspiracy existed only in the demented mind of Hillary Clinton there is an active conspiracy determined to remove Donald Trump from office.  This includes much of the main stream media, several RINO Republicans and the usual Democratic suspects.  The conspiracy is very real, but the Russia Collusion allegation has literally been laughed off the stage.

There is an important principle here.  If you decide to take a shot at the king (President) you better be sure you hit your target.  They missed by a wide margin.  Not only is there zero evidence to support this idiotic accusation, many people have exposed their own misdeeds in the process.

There is another saying that:  “when you start getting flak you know you are getting close to the target.”  Trump is on it and he has assembled a team to deal with it.  The reason there is so much pushback against Trump for slamming the FBI is that his targets are hitting home.  There is more and more evidence that if the FBI was not complicit in trying to destroy Trump it was at best hopelessly incompetent.

One will note that the most recent Trump twitter was not written by Trump, it was written by his legal counsel.  The media, of course, assumed this memo was written in the middle of the night by a furious madman.  That is what the main stream media wants to believe.  It is what Trump wants them to believe.

There has been perjury here, but not by Donald Trump.  It was Hillary Clinton who lied.  There has been obstruction of justice here, but it wasn’t by Donald Trump, it was by Loretta Lynch and James Comey.  There has been illegal collusion with Russia to throw an election, but it was by the Hillary Clinton campaign, not the Trump campaign.

Here is the news that the main stream media is not reporting.  The Department of Justice (DOJ), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released statements all admitting that there is an ongoing investigation of the FBI:


“[The allegations] if proven to be true, would raise serious questions of public trust. I look forward to receiving the Inspector General’s report. We will ensure that anyone who works on any investigation in the Department of Justice does so objectively and free from bias or favoritism.”

“My job is to restore confidence in the Department of Justice in all aspects of our work and I intend to do so. As such, I have directed that the FBI Director review the information available on this and other matters and promptly make any necessary changes to his management and investigative teams consistent with the highest professional standards.”

~ Attorney General Jeff Sessions

“When the FBI first learned of the allegations, the employees involved were immediately reassigned, consistent with practices involving employee matters.”

~ FBI Spokesperson

The January 2017 statement issued by the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (OIG) announcing its review of allegations regarding various actions of the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in advance of the 2016 election stated that the OIG review would, among other things, consider whether certain underlying investigative decisions were based on improper considerations and that we also would include issues that might arise during the course of the review.

The OIG has been reviewing allegations involving communications between certain individuals, and will report its findings regarding those allegations promptly upon completion of the review of them.”

~ Justice Department Office of the Inspector General

One will note that the DOJ OIG investigation is documented by a letter dated January 12, 2017.  That is eight days before Trump was inaugurated.  It was done at the request of “numerous” Chairmen and Ranking Members of Congressional oversight committees, various other organizations and members of the public.  While Mueller has found nothing, it sure looks like the OIG was investigating the FBI and it found a lot of things.  One will note that they were specifically investigating the FBI Deputy Director of the FBI.  That is Andrew McCabe.  It appears that while Mueller was investigating Trump, the OIG was investigating the FBI.  Last summer Mueller removed Peter Strzok, the top FBI investigator on his team last August, but never notified congress.  This means Mueller was informed of the findings by the OIG and he took immediate action.

Remember that Mueller met with Trump prior to his appointment as Special Prosecutor.  The OIG letter indicating the start of this investigation was issued on January 12, 2017.  Both Trump and Mueller probably knew about the OIG investigation before Mueller started his investigation.  That might have been a very interesting conversation.


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