Flynn Flam

Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying about an FBI agent about a non-crime. While CNN is gloating that the end is near for Trump, the opposite is true. This makes it virtually impossible for Mueller to charge anyone else with anything based on the testimony of Michael Flynn. When your star witness pleads guilty to deliberately lying, why would anyone believe him?

It sure looks like Mueller pushed Flynn into this plea bargain so he could convict somebody for something. This is remarkably similar to the last Special Prosecutor hired by Democrats to find non-existent criminal acts by a Republican administration. Patrick Fitzgerald ended up indicting Gordon Libby for lying to the FBI about a non-crime. It is far from clear whether it was Libby or Tim Russert who was lying about this.

Now we learn that Mueller fired Peter Strzok, the top FBI agent involved in the Russia probe because he found out Strzok was trashing Trump in e-mails to FBI lawyer Lisa Page. But Mueller didn’t bother to inform congress for over three months. No surprise there, because the obvious bias of Peter Strzok hopelessly compromised the entire Russia collusion investigation.

After six months of investigation, Mueller has nothing. This whole fiasco was the result of the Hillary Clinton campaign colluding with Russia to throw an election which resulted in the absurdly discredit Russia Dossier. When that didn’t work, they tried to accuse Donald Trump of doing what they had actually done.

The main stream media is so stupid they didn’t even realize that Flynn’s contact with the Russian Ambassador was so obviously legal that even the Obama State Department approved. It was Flynn’s job to talk to the Russian Ambassador, but he apparently was too stupid to realize that, so he lied to the FBI. Based on what we now know about the FBI under James Comey, lying to them is very close to giving false information to a sworn enemy.

The Obama administration tried to sabotage the Trump administration before it even took office. Obama briefed Trump on the Russia Dossier and then leaked that information to the press. That started the ridiculous theory that the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia. This was utter nonsense based solely on the totally discredited Russia Dossier.

Obama put sanctions on Russia in a desperate attempt to leave Trump with few options to deal with national security issues. If Trump resisted these absurd sanctions, he would be accused of covering up collusion. If he didn’t resist them he risked having a diplomatic war with Russia.

Most U.S. Presidents have a tradition of solving serious problems before their successor takes office. Obama reversed that and created unnecessary problems for his successor. Sadly, he was enabled by the fawning main stream media obsessed with Trump derangement syndrome. It is clear evidence that liberals will literally sacrifice National Security for even the whiff of political advantage.

That is the real lesson of Michael Flynn. The question is will anyone in the main stream media, including Fox News, notice? This is a case study in why Democrats cannot be trusted with National Security. It is beyond shameful. It is beyond obvious, except to the people in the main stream media. Once again the question is are they really this stupid or are they still praying we are this stupid.


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