It is increasingly clear that the liberal left will never accept Donald Trump as the legitimate President of the United States.  They were certain that Hillary Clinton would coast to being the first female President and they are still in a perpetual state of denial.  Part of the problem is that liberals confuse their own spin with factual information.  For example before the election the underlying data in every poll showed that Trump was going to win. .

For a while, I also thought Hillary would win, because of the awful audio recording, because of the sexual harassment allegations and because all the professionals thought she would win.  But then I started looking at the underlying data and the picture became very clear.   I actually wrote three blogs explaining why, if the polls were right, Trump was going to win.   It turned out the polling data was spot on.  The problem was that all of the experts were basing their analysis on absurdly wrong assumptions.  This is why liberals keep losing and why they will keep on losing.




There are numerous reports that liberals have moved on from removing Trump because of the Russian investigation to removing him because of alleged sexual harassment.  It won’t work.  I predict that Judge Roy Moore will be elected to the Senate from Alabama and there is nothing liberals can do to stop it.  As expected, RINO Republicans quickly folded.  RINO Republicans fail to understand that liberals attack Republicans on issue of conscience because they know Republicans have one and liberals do not.

In the case of Judge Roy Moore, the major accusations against him have been largely discredited.  All that’s left is a 30 year old man who dated teenagers followed by forty years of ethical behavior.  If every male politician was subjected to detailed reporting on his personal dating habits during his late twenties and early thirties congress would have trouble generating a quorum.

The sad truth is that liberals inoculated Trump or any other Republican President against being removed from office because of sexual misconduct.  No one, including liberals is buying the argument that things are different now than they were when Clinton was President.  In order to justify removing Trump, he would have to do something even worse than Clinton.  That seems to be an impossible hurdle.

There are four stages to recovering from a major loss.  Denial, Anger, Depression and Acceptance.  Liberals can’t even move beyond denial.  Like the fictional Dom Quixote they cannot see the world for what it is and as a result they remain stuck in an insane quest totally devoid of reality.


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