On August 31, 1939 Nazi Germans, pretending to be Poles, attacked a German radio Station in Gleiwitz and then broadcast anti-German messages. To make this look real, the Nazi’s murdered a German known to sympathize with the Poles. They dressed him up to look like a saboteur, killed him by lethal injection, then shot him and left his dead body at the station. The Germans also killed several prisoners from Dachau concentration camp, shot them and left them at the scene. The next day, September 1, 1939, Hitler used this event to justify invading Poland.

This was all disclosed by the affidavit of SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Alfred Naujocks at the Nuremberg trial. Sadly, this was long after Poland was invaded and millions of lives were lost in World War II. This was a case study in a false flag operation.

It is increasing clear that the whole Russian Collusion scandal may have been a false flag operation funded by Hillary Clinton and promoted by President Barack Obama.

There is now mounting evidence that the Hillary Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS to fund a fake Russia Dossier. Hillary even admitted she approved this, but dismissed it as just typical opposition research. Few people believe that anymore. Apparently the plan was to leak this dossier to the main stream media just before the election. This was designed to be the ultimate October surprise. That plan failed because the dossier was so ridiculous that even CNN realized it was garbage. I also suspect it was not published because Hillary was totally convinced that she was going to win.

After the election, Barack Obama got personally involved and “notified” President Trump of this dossier. That of course guaranteed it would be leaked to the press. It was still garbage, so no one in the mainstream media would publish it. Finally Buzzfeed was convinced to publish it anyway, and CNN conveniently directed everyone to the Buzzfeed site. In the meantime, John McCain, leader of the anti-Trump establishment, sent someone to England to get a copy of this dossier and handed it over to the FBI.

After nearly ten months of non-stop investigation by special prosecutor Robert Mueller there has been zero evidence of collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia. It seems increasingly obvious that the fake Russian Dossier was the sole source of all this nonsense. This stinks to high heaven. One would think that the odor of a false flag operation is now so strong that even the main stream media would notice. There are actually signs that some in the main stream media have figured out that it was the Hillary Clinton campaign who funded that dossier. But they still can’t bring themselves to believe that the Clintons, with a decades long record of unparalleled corruption, actually are corrupt.

I think the real problem is that they haven’t come to grips with the obvious fact that they were suckered into a loser bet, by a document so fake it doesn’t even pass the giggle test. The real question here is not whether Hillary Clinton is capable of this, which is increasingly obvious. It is rather why so many supposedly smart people bought it.


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