Donna Brazile is famous for getting fired by CNN because when WikiLeaks published e-mails they showed that she had given debate questions, in advance, to Hillary Clinton.  The assumption, by everyone including me, was that Brazille was totally in the tank for Hillary Clinton.  We could not have been more wrong about that.

Donna Brazile has published a book and it is beyond devastating for Hillary Clinton.  This is a gloves-off expose of how Hillary Clinton took over the DNC and destroyed it.  What makes this even more devastating is that none of this is based on personal animosity; it is based on solid evidence.

The allegations in this book are so shocking that a criminal investigation appears to be inevitable. At a minimum, this pins the purchase of the fake Russian Dossier right at Hillary Clinton’s doorstep.

This is clear evidence that the Clinton machine is permanently out of power, because they would never have willingly allowed this book to see the light of day.  But it is all too real and Political is already running excerpts.  In addition, this has the ugly odor of truth.  Even liberal Democrats are going to believe Donna Brazille and like her, a lot of them are likely to respond just like she did:

When I hung up the call to Bernie, I started to cry, not out of guilt, but out of anger.


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