The NFL Owners and Players go together, as a committee, to solve the problem with the National Anthem protests.  The damage done by these protests staggers the mind.

The NFL’s net favorability has dropped from 56% in May to 11% today.  The TV rating for the game between Green Bay and Dallas were down by 19% from last year.  Sponsors are rattled and future prospects are very grim.

So, the NFL owners and the players sat side by side to come up with a solution.  It was perfect theatre, if you’re a boneheaded liberal without a clue.

“It was a very good session; the players were passionate and very impressive;  we’ve got a lot of work to do to address their concerns and to use the NFL platform to address these difficult social, racial and justice issues.”  (The mandate to stand for the National Anthem wasn’t even mentioned.)

Notice who was missing?  THE FANS IDIOTS!  You know the guys who pay the bills?

This isn’t just about standing for the National Anthem.  This is about a bunch of arrogant self-righteous billionaire owners holding hands with their equally arrogant and self-righteous multi millionaire employees to tell the rest of us, the little people, how to feel. Don’t we understand that it is far more important that we listen to them than that they respect our nation, our national anthem, our military or our heritage?

Here’s the deal folks.  You put on a good show and you showcase good athletes. That does not mean the rest of us are required to worship at your feet. We admire athletic performance, that does not mean we consider you to be direct descendants of God intellectualy and morally superior to all of mankind.

It’s not just the NFL. We are also sick and tired of arrogant self-righteous liberal celebrities telling us how to feel.  Do we really need to explain why no one wants to attend your movies or watch your shows anymore?

We are tired of the hopelessly biased left-wing liberal press lecturing us on every issue.  Who elected you guys God!.  Heck, most of you don’t even believe in God, you just believe in your God Given right to put down anyone who dares disagree with you.  .

Anyone who dares disagree with liberalism is treated as pond scum, without regard to the facts.  How dare we have a different opinion than you, the cultured, morally superior elite.  You literally try to silence anyone who dares disagree with you, sometimes with violence.  We are all lumped into Hillary Clinton’s basket of deplorables.

Now, inspite of the systemic coverups, the truth is coming out about you and it stinks to high heaven.  Those self-righteous NFL players weeping for social justice sure seem to get arrested a lot, for beating up on their wifes and girlfriends among other things.  But it doesn’t really matter, does it, because they are really good ball players.

Those self-righteous Hollywood celebrities have been too busy lecturing us about woman’s rights to notice that they were embracing a culture of sexual harrassment, pedophilia and out right sexual assault that staggers the mind.  This is so bad that even Jane Fonda, was embarrassed, a little.

The elite sophisticated cultured elite in the main stream media has been suckered into a desperate search for the myth of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia while too stupid to realize the real collusion was between Russia and the Clinton campaign.  We are far from shocked that the Clintonians lied to everyone, we are just shocked that so many supposed smart people bought this crap.

At some point, when your cozy little world has disintegrated into utter chaos, primarily because of self-inflicted mass insanity, you will probably with join Hillary Clinton in asking:  “What Happened?” We’ll give you the same advice.  You might start by buying some mirrors and then ask real people, you know the people you used to refer to as viewers, or listeners or fans, what they think.  You just might find out that the basket of deplorables is a lot smarter than you think.  We certainly have been on to you for a very long time.



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