Imagine that when Donald Trump, Jr. met with a Russian attorney on June 9, 2017 he committed to spend between $4 and $6 million to fund opposition research regarding Hillary Clinton.  Suppose that this research would consist of conversations with known Russian agents, with direct connections to the Kremlin, who were paid for information while fueled by alcohol.  Suppose that this research resulted in a salacious and dubious document providing details of alleged sexual misconduct by Hillary and or Bill Clinton.  Supposed this document suggested that it was Bill and Hillary Clinton who were colluding with Russia to impact the election.

Suppose that the plan was to dump this document on the public about a week before the election, so that Hillary would not have any time to respond.

But wait, this actually did happen.  Only it wasn’t the Trump campaign that financed this opposition research, it was the Clinton campaign.  The document alleging sexual misconduct was about Donald Trump, not Bill or Hillary Clinton.  And it is Hillary Clinton who is on the record saying she was disappointed this wasn’t leaked to the press before the election.

Imagine that Russian business people closely associated with Putin contacted a firm owned by a close associate of Donald Trump.  The plan was to invest in coal mines, with the assumption that President Trump would loosen the regulations on coal resulting in massive profits for coal mines.  Suppose that the amount invested was $35 million.  This is viewed as smoking gun evidence that Putin not only wanted Donald Trump to win the election, he gambled millions on a Donald Trump Presidency.

But wait, the Russian business people connected with Putin didn’t invest $35 million in coal mines; they invested in Joule Unlimited, a producer of alternative energy.  Joule Unlimited was expected to prosper when President Hillary Clinton continued President Obama’s insane war against Carbon Dioxide.  John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager, by pure coincidence, was on the board of Joule Unlimited.

If the Trump campaign had done this, it would be the top story on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, Fox News, and MSNBC and every major Newspaper in the country.  This would be referred to as a constitutional crisis. There would be a bi-partisan demand for Donald Trump to either resign or face impeachment.

But it wasn’t the Trump Campaign, so ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, Fox News and MSNBC are trying to determine if this story is even worth covering.  Even if one assumes that the Clinton Campaign did all this, it is understandable, because the most important thing was to stop Donald Trump from becoming President of the United States.

The only question is:  Are people really going to buy this?


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