The liberal left is still desperately seeking some evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.  They have less than nothing.  Now in a desperate search to trash Trump, for something, they are criticizing him for calling the widow of a fallen soldier.  This caused me to wonder what is going on.  Why engage in an attack not only destined to fail, but guaranteed to backfire.  This is nothing short of insane.   Even Trump Derangement Syndrome is an insufficient explanation.

It is always risky to understand logic by those who seldom display the capacity of logical thought.  But one wonders if liberals are attacking Trump because they are terrified that he is going to attack them.  The Fusion GPS story is blowing up.  High ranking officials are pleading the 5th Amendment to avoid self-incrimination.  In addition, this firm is trying to squash a subpoena.  I don’t know what they are hiding, but they are either really stupid or it is so devastating they will do anything to keep this covered up.

The Uranium One scandal points directly toward Bill and Hillary Clinton.  One would think that this would be the really important story, because it literally involves potential treason.  But, there is another story, just breaking, that is far more significant.  The following is from Salon, not exactly a right wing rag.

NBC is reporting that special prosecutor Robert Mueller has been investigating Tony Podesta.  That is John Podesta’s brother.  John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager, was on the board of a Russian alternative energy company called Joule.  Dmitry Akhanov, an associate of Putin, was directly connected to Joule.  They were apparently gambling that they would gain access to a Clinton White House.  Now that this did not happen, Joule Unlimited has folded.

The Daily Caller provides more important details.

Akhanov has allegedly confirmed to the Daily Caller News Foundation that his company invested and lost 1 billion rubles when Joule closed.  That would be about $35 million.  So Russia literally invested at least $35 million in a Clinton Presidency. It is impossible to reconcile this with the theory that Putin wanted Trump to win.  No wonder the main stream media wanted everyone to focus on alleged collusion by the Trump campaign.  They were desperate to distract from the real collusion by the Clinton campaign.  If Hillary had been elected, Loretta Lynch would have been Attorney General and all of this would have been covered up.  This is the real reason liberals are so terrified of Donald Trump. The truth is that liberals and the Democratic Party can’t handle the truth.


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