Joe Biden is consistently wrong on every issue.  In some ways, he is the archetypical political canary.  When Biden speaks, it almost always works out to be the exact opposite.  He did it again, only this time he accidently spoke the truth.  This is something very rare and extremely dangerous for a liberal Democrat.

He is actually repeating lines he has used many times before.

“Silences, is complicity, Silence is consent.”

This is almost identical to what he said this with regard to “his life-long dedication to protecting Jews and Israel.” This of course, was while serving as Vice President under Barack Obama who could hardly be described as a friend of Israel.  Of course Biden also didn’t notice the sexual assaults by Bill Clinton or any other Democrat.

By the way, this is the same Biden that liked to swim nude, apparently in a failed attempt to impress Female Secret Service Agents.  If you need proof of main stream media bias, this is how The Atlantic responded to this:

If ever there was a revelation about a senior government official that has no civic value, it’s that Biden swims naked in his own pool. Yet the article never even considers that the scandal is a Secret Service agent violating Biden’s sphere of personal privacy, not that multiple female agents purportedly find this offensive (which seems questionable given that just one in 10 agents are female—it’s hard to imagine finding someone else to handle swimming sessions is undoable.)

So far no main stream media outlet is bothering to report on the explosive allegation that Russian bribed Bill and Hillary Clinton to get access to our uranium.  Incredibly, Joe Scarborough slammed Donald Trump for “trying to politicize this.”  The problem for the liberal left is that thanks to Harvey Weinstein, covering up for liberal Democrats is so yesterday.  For the first time, in a very long time, some very left wing people have actually looked into a mirror and they saw the same disgusting self-righteous hypocrites we have been seeing for years.  They are embarrassed and more and more of them are pulling a Howard Beal.  They are clamoring for the first Microphone desperate to scream:  “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

Biden is right, silence is complicity, silence is consent and it is about time people start being held accountable.



  1. Can you hear me now ??!! No? I didn’t think so! I’m just a conservative republican.

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