Let’s assume, for a moment, that Hillary Clinton had foolishly been elected President of the United States last November.  Let’s assume that in response to the latest horrific mass murder in Las Vegas she managed to get congress to ban “Assault: rifles” and to begin a program to confiscate all those in existence.  Let’s assume this was limited only to AR15 rifles which are foolishly considered by the naïve idiots who know nothing about guns to be assault rifles.  What, exactly, would happen if liberals actually realized their dream?

Let’s assume that CNBC is right and that there are just over 5 million Americans who own an AR-15 type rifle. (I am pretty sure that estimate is very low)  If the average cost of these rifles is at least $500, (good luck trying to buy an AR15 for $500), that would cost $2.5 billion to buy them.  Since the government is notoriously inefficient, it would be safe to assume it would cost another $2.5 billion for processing.  Now we are up to $5 billion.   That is assuming everyone would just willingly cooperate.  They won’t.

Lawsuits would be inevitable.  This puppy would be headed straight to the Supreme Court.  Wait, not exactly “straight.”  It would have to filter through several federal courts.  Some courts, like the Ninth Circuit Court, would cheer and rubber-stamp this confiscation.  Other courts would issue restraining orders.  Even the ACLU might resist this, although predicting responsible behavior by the ACLU is a suckers bet.  It would take years for this to come close to the Supreme Court.  The legal expenses alone will probably exceed the value of the guns.  .

This is assuming that everyone just willingly cooperates.  They won’t.  The black market for untraceable AR15 type rifles will skyrocket.  In addition, some percentage of people will fight back.  I still remember when a friend of mine, who had never owned or fired a weapon of any kind, showed up wearing a tee shirt that said:  “You can take my gun when you pry my cold dead fingers off it.”  Imagine how real gun owners think.

What if “only” 1% of people who own AR15 type guns decide not to cooperate?  The police are going to have to forcibly take away guns from only 500,000 people who all happen to be armed with AR15 rifles.  Good luck with that.  If you think the shooting in Las Vegas was bad, just wait until the police start trying to confiscate all those AR15s.  Most people won’t resort to violence, but some definitely will do exactly that and the results will be beyond horrific.  Anyone want to apply for that job?  Before you fill out the papers, check out Ruby Ridge.

By the way, contrary to what you hear on CNN, an AR15 type rifle is not significantly different in performance that any other semi-automatic rifle.  They just look scary.  There are at least 40 million semi-automatic rifles owned by Americans. So even if you get rid of every AR15 type rifle, you haven’t begun to solve the problem.

If liberals actually passed their dream gun control legislation, it would be a financial and logistical nightmare.  The cost would be so enormous that cuts would have to be made to entitlement programs.  How on earth would liberals ever win another election?

Even if banning AR15 type rifles would actually reduce the number of mass murders, which is far from true, this is an insane idea.  I suspect even the usual suspects like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi know that.  But they will continue to propose insane ideas because there are so many Kool-Aid drinking liberals cheered on by intellectuals like Jimmy Kimmel too filled with self-righteous indignation to realize that this is utter nonsense.  Unfortunately just because something is insanely stupid does not mean that congress, including sadly a lot of Republicans, won’t do it anyway.


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