The ACLU has apologized for tweeting a racist picture. It is important to understand how pervasive racism is in our society today, so I am providing a copy of the offensive picture:

This was made even more racist by adding the following commentary:

“This is the future that all ACLU members want.”

The problem is that this young toddler is so white. The liberals who follow the ACLU on twitter exploded with rage. The ACLU recognized their grievous error, took the post down and posted the following apology:

“When your Twitter followers keep you in check and remind you that white supremacy is everywhere, ”That’s a good point.”

They then posted a picture of Kermit the Frog. Unfortunately, the ACLU didn’t realize that Kermit the Frog is actually a racist symbol. Kermit was invented by Jim Henson in 1955. While Kermit is green, I think, Jim Henson who is the original Kermit is white. Even worse, when Henson died, he was replaced by Steve Whitmire, who is also white. More recently, Steve Whitmire was fired and replaced by Matt Vogel, also white. Does anyone see a pattern here? While people may think they are seeing a green frog, they are really listening to a white man, who by definition is racist.

It gets even worse. Kermit the frog was reportedly named after Kermit Scott, a white childhood friend of Jim Henson from ,gasp, Mississippi. Jim Henson was born in 1936 and he invented Kermit in 1955. That was 9 years before Southern Democratic Senators finally stopped filibustering the Civil Rights Act. It was one year before both Democratic Senators and six Democratic congressmen from Mississippi signed the Southern Manifesto to counter desegregation of our schools. A couple of white kids growing up in Mississippi during that time period, well need we say more?

In addition, Kermit was the “straight man” which by itself is so unfair to the LGBT community. He also is famous for singing about being “green” which is definitely racist and make no reference to Black Lives Matter. Most insulting of all he sang “The Rainbow Connection” in 1979, four years before the Rainbow Coalition was even formed, meaning that “The Rainbow Connection” couldn’t possibly refer to LGBT rights.

I am not sure that the ACLU is capable of sending out any image of anything that won’t be offensive to someone. Perhaps Twitter itself should also be shut down because it was invented by four white guys. Anything created by four white guys has to be racist, right? After careful reflection, nothing is safe unless it has the seal of approval by Maxine Watters, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Kamala Harris and most importantly, Don Lemon. Even prominent black people, like Ben Carson and Clarence Thomas are not acceptable, because although they are black, they are also Republicans which means they are by definition, racist and not black enough.


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