Sudan is believed to be the last living male northern white rhino. He lives in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in central Kenya. There are also two female northern white rhinos, named Fatu and Najin. These are the last three northern white rhinos left in the world. White rhinos aren’t actually white, they are gray. The term “white” came from the Afrikaans word “weit” which means wide and describes its mouth. English settlers thought that “weit” was “white.”

Rhinos have sensitive skin. It appears to be thick, but is sensitive to sunburn and insect bites which is why rhinos are famous for wallowing in the mud. Compared to their body size, rhinos have very small brains. They also have poor eyesight but they are good at smelling and hearing. They communicate with each other by pooping. Rhino poop apparently has a distinct odor for each individual rhino. The actual name for these creatures is “rhinoceros” which means “nose horn.” Rhinoceros was shorted to rhino.

RINO is a term used to describe “Republican in Name Only.” The similarities with rhinos are obvious. They also are known for their big mouths. They pretend to be thick skinned but are actually very sensitive to the slightest criticism by the main stream media. When threatened they tend to wallow in the mud. They have difficulty seeing the world as it is and rely more on their sense of smell. They communicate with each other by pooping and they have incredibly small brains. RINOs also like to blow their own horns.

They have one other thing in common with rhinos. They are on the verge of extinction.

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