It is time to remove all racist symbols.  Any symbol of a racist politician must be removed and they must be exposed as racists.  That includes buildings, statues, roads, colleges, universities, bridges etc. I also includes scholarships. This is the only way to purify our history.

Here is a list of documented racists so that we can start at the top:

J. William Fulbright

I started with J. William Fulbright, because this is the man who inspired Bill and Hillary Clinton to a life of public service.  Ever hear of a Fulbright scholarship…this is the guy!

J. William Fulbright was Bill Clinton’s mentor. That would be the same Bill Clinton who ran for President with Al Gore standing in front of a confederate flag as “Sons of the South.”

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton used Confederate flags during their campaign, Hillary as recently as 2008.  If they weren’t Democrats this would be a problem.

Hillary Clinton’s name is proud to have her name on the J. William Fulbright-Hillary Rodham Clinton Public Policy Fellowship.

J. William Fulbright was a busy man. He signed, perhaps even edited, the Southern Manifesto. He opposed Brown vs the Board of Education.  He filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  He voted against the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  He voted against giving Hawaii statehood because he wanted to keep its large non-white population out of the union.  He went on national TV in 1973 to warn Americans about “Jewish influence” in congress.

How did Bill Clinton describe J. William Fulbright.  The following article in the LA Times details this:

Clinton closed his eulogy with:  “We owe a lot to Bill Fulbright, some of us more than others, Let us all remember the life he lived and the example he set.”

Good idea, just don’t forget the part about him being a racist White Supremacist.

This is just a start.  If we start writing details on the personal history of Democratic racists it would be very long, so I just provided a list with names of people who by their actions clearly exposed themselves as racist.  There are some Republicans who make the list but they are much harder to find:

Democratic Senators who signed the Southern Manifesto (No Republican Senators signed)

Congressional Representatives who signed the Southern Manifesto (Two of them were Republicans from Virginia)







North Carolina:

South Carolina:


Texas: Signatories:

Virginia: Signatories:

Democrats who filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act

Hill and Sparkman of Alabama

Fulbright and McClellan of Arkansas

Holland and Smathers of Florida

Russell and Talmadge of Georgia

Ellender and Long of Louisiana

Eastland and Stennis of Mississippi

Ervin and Jordan of North Carolina

Johnston and Thurmond of South Carolina

Gore Sr. and Walters of Tennessee (Yes, that is Al Gore’s dad)

H. Byrd and Robertson of Virginia

R. Byrd of West Virginia

Members of the KKK who served in congress:

Robert Byrd – Democrat

Hugo Black – Democrat

Theodore G Bilbo – Democrat

Rice W. Means – Republican

Clifford Walker – Democrat

George Gordon – Democrat

John Brown Gordon – Democrat

There are many more, but this would be a good start.  If we wipe out our racist history, the Democratic Party will be virtually non-existent in our history books.  I am sure we will lose a few Republicans too, which is fine with me.  Racism is racism and it should not be limited to any particular political party.  Let the purge begin!


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