North Korea is a huge problem.  We have a mad man literally threatening to launch nuclear missiles against us.  Thanks to the failure of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama to deal with this, Trump has been handed a mess.  If the threat is not already here, it will be here tomorrow.

There are limited options.  We can try to stop him with increasing sanctions.  That, of course, has never worked.  In 1941 FDR tried that with Japan.  The result was Pearl Harbor.  We can try to negotiate a diplomatic settlement with the help of Russia and China.  Does anyone think that will work?  We can try to buy him off.  That was tried by Clinton and we just funded his nuclear weapons program.  We can do nothing and hope this somehow works out.  That was the Obama approach.  Or, we can attack him and destroy his ability to make war.  North Korea would definitely lose, but the cost would be beyond horrific.

There is another more option.  It is the only strategy that has any chance of working. That is for Donald Trump to convince North Korea that if they do not stop, he will destroy them.  This is like when cops confront violent criminals.  Sometimes the most violent people surrender when confronted with certain destruction.  That does not always work, but it at least has a chance of working.

Donald Trump sent a blunt warning to North Korea. This just may be our last chance of avoiding a truly horrific outcome.  Sadly the main stream media is still trying to push the ridiculous Russia collusion myth and RINOs like Graham and McCain continue to undermine the President.   If Joe Biden was still in the Senate he would probably be making a speech promising to impeach Trump if he attacks North Korea.  That is exactly what Biden did to George W. Bush with regard to Iran and it is exactly why Iran is well on the way to having a nuclear weapon.

We better pray that North Korea ignores Democrats, RINOs and the idiots in the main stream media.  Sadly, that seems unlikely and the most likely outcome is that Donald Trump will be forced to choose between the unthinkable and the truly unthinkable.

Barack Obama warned North Korea that we could destroy them.  They did not believe him.  No one believed him.  I believe Trump.  I pray North Korea believes Trump.  We better all pray that North Korea believes Trump.


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  1. Terry, I think your option and Trump’s option is the only way. As he said yesterday, Fire and Fury the world has never seen.

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