Donald Trump is the duly elected President of the United States.  Democrats do not believe that he is up to the job.  Democrats didn’t think Abraham Lincoln was up to the job either.  RINO Republicans don’t think Trump is up to the job.  RINO Republicans didn’t think Abraham Lincoln was up to the job either.  Democrats are more than willing to remove a President of the United States they despise.  They tried with Abraham Lincoln during the civil war and they succeeded with Richard Nixon during the Vietnam War.

They are trying to overthrow the government of the United States without regard to the law, without regard to the constitution and with even less regard to the facts.  Sadly, RINO Republicans are not only refusing to defend Trump, they are often pouring gas on the fire.  So far, the only known criminal acts are being committed by those people entrusted with our national security illegally leaking classified information.   Instead of being prosecuted, these people are viewed as heroes by the elite media.

The Washington Post printed the entire transcript of a phone call between Donald Trump and the President of Mexico along with the entire transcript of a phone call between Donald Trump and the Prime Minister of Australia.  There should be outrage by both political parties.  If this had happened to Obama, CNN would have called it treason.  They would have been right.

Consider the consequences if during an emergency a foreign Chief of States is afraid to talk to the President of the United States on the phone because he or she fears this being reported on the front page of the Washington Post.  This is a very legitimate fear.  This is beyond dangerous.

Suppose, for example, Mexican official learns of an imminent terrorist attack against the United States.  The President of Mexico is afraid to call Donald Trump, because he cannot be assured of confidentiality.  If you think this is unlikely keep in mind that Great Britain cut us off from intelligence regarding the Manchester bombing because our media irresponsibly leaked the name of the suspected terrorist?

This isn’t going to stop anytime soon.  Democrats and the main stream media think they have Donald Trump on the ropes and they are determined to remove him from office.  Nothing else matters. They are literally attempting another coup, similar to the one removed Richard Nixon from office.  Richard Nixon won re-election in 1972 by a landslide.  Democrats with the help of the main stream media went on a mission to destroy him.  W. Mark Felt, an FBI Agent, started leaking highly classified information to Woodward and Bernstein.  That’s right, another FBI Agent violated his oath of office and the main stream media gave him hero status.  After all, he also hated Richard Nixon and that justified anything.  They kept investigating Richard Nixon until they eventually found a crime.  He ordered a cover up of the Watergate Robbery.  This was more than enough for the liberal left to remove a President they despised from office.  The result was the loss of the Vietnam War, the abandonment of the mission for which over 55,000 American troops gave the ultimate sacrifice and the death of millions in South Vietnam and Cambodia.

What do you call it when there is an organized resistance movement dedicated to the overthrow of our government?  The only word I can think of is treason.  If we allow this to continue, the results will be very similar to what happened in 1974.  Only this time we live in a far more dangerous world and the consequences could be far worse than just losing the Vietnam War.


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