The following story is a classic example of what happens when God is replaced by secular humanism. Warning, the story is horrific in every way possible. What makes it more horrific if that the same evil logic is being promoted by the supporters of Planned Parenthood in the United States today.

An 18 year old Chinese woman became pregnant, but didn’t tell anyone until she was 35 weeks along. She went to have an abortion and was told it was successful. But somehow the baby miraculously survived. The midwife who performed the abortion saved the baby. Then she sold it to a cousin who wanted a baby. The woman who went for an abortion was outraged that the child was allowed to live. She sued the midwife for medical costs, lawyer’s fees and support costs. The court did not give her any money, but they did sentence the midwife to two years in prison for abduction of the child. One will note that if she had killed the baby, no one would have cared.

The story does not mention what happened to the child. Apparently no one in the Chinese legal system thought this mattered.

Sadly, this same type of logic is displayed by the supporters of Planned Parenthood on a daily basis in the United States today. The rising star in the Democratic Party is Kamala Harris who prosecuted the people who filmed Planned Parenthood officials trying to sell body organs from aborted fetuses. That is like prosecuting someone in Germany who filmed the holocaust without permission from the Nazis. It is the same logic used to sentence a woman to prison for daring to save a child a pregnant woman desperately wanted to abort.

If we do not recognize pure evil when we see it, we are doomed. Abortion is a complicated subject and there are circumstances where may argue that it is the lesser of two evils. That I can understand. What I cannot comprehend is how anyone can be so indifferent to the rights of a baby who miraculously survived an abortion, against all odds. If this is not evil, then evil doesn’t exist. Some people wonder how the holocaust was possible. How could people bring themselves to tolerate the extermination of millions of people? Show them this story. It explains everything.


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