I subscribe to Sports Illustrated by accident. I tried to non-renew it but missed the deadline. It has become utterly worthless. The current edition is a classic example of what is wrong with sports today. The title is “Fashionable 50.” It lists all these athletes, not by their accomplishments on the field, but rather by how they dress. For example this is what they say about Russell Westbrook:

“He’s the most provocative eccentric, enigmatic dresser and player in the NBA.”

 Here is how Westbrook earned this acclaim:

Sorting through racks of ripped jeans and graphic tees at Topman in lower Manhattan in March, Westbrook—sporting a full gray Adidas sweat suit, fresh off a flight from Oklahoma City to New York City—is focused, calmly tuning out the gathering group of photo-grabbing, Snapchatting fans. …He slithers between the maze of mannequins and stacked shelves, stopping to find his size, when an item catches his eye. (His 6’3”, 200-und chiseled frame easily fits into off-the-rack styles.)

I cannot type any more of this because I don’t want to risk ruining a good computer by throwing up on the keyboard. In a bizarre way this article is brilliant, because it is a case study in how delusional and ignorant the cultured elite has become. Perhaps this really does appeal to millennials. If that is true, it explains a lot about what is wrong with millennials.

This is not a new development, but it has now reached the point where it simply cannot be ignored. I doubt that Sports Illustrated will even survive. I know many people who are sports fans. None of them care what Russell Westbrooks wears on his trip to Manhattan.

This also does a good job of explaining why the main stream media is self-destructing in its failing mission to destroy Donald Trump. These people are so self-absorbed by the illusion of their own superiority that they don’t even realize they are embarrassing themselves. Fox News has now starts a lot of shows just by showing video clips of the main stream media and they are hysterically funny.

This reminds me of a study, I believe done by Harvard, of incompetent people. The number one characteristic of incompetent people is that they don’t know they are incompetent. This explains why someone who cannot sing auditions for America’s Got Talent convinced they will win it all. It also explains why the main stream media thinks it is winning the media war with Donald Trump. They literally do not realize that they are humiliatingly incompetent. Fortunately more and more people have figured this out which is why CNN now ranks somewhere between 13th and 14th right behind reruns of 50 year old cartoons.


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