Sometimes the most important question is the one no one bothers to ask.  Like when Nixon was asked whether or not there was any kind of recording device in the oval office.  Yesterday, someone asked a simple question that was ignored.  Who leaked the Donald Trump Jr. e-mails to the New York Times?  Unlike Hillary Clinton, the Trump organization seems to have pretty good internet security.  We aren’t exactly seeing a lot of private Donald Trump e-mails being published in WikiLeaks.  It also seems unlikely that anyone close to Donald Trump Jr. would be in a position to gain access to those e-mails, particularly after more than a year. Yet obviously the New York Times obtained access to them, somehow.  It has been widely reported that Donald Trump Jr. released those e-mails ONLY after he learned that the New York Times had a copy.

In view of this, I came up with five questions I think should be asked over and over again until someone comes up with an acceptable answer.

  • How did the New York Times get a copy of Donald Trump Jr.’s e-mail?


Was this done by the NSA?  If they did, who authorized them to unmask this e-mail?  Is this further evidence that Trump Tower was wiretapped?

  • If this was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, why did this Russian lawyer spend so much time with Democrats?


She has numerous contacts with the DNC dating back years.  She was escorted around Washington, D.C. by Ron Dellums.  Her visa may have been personally approved by Loretta Lynch.  She is sitting in the front row, behind Obama’s ambassador to Russia, McFaul, days after the meeting with Donald Trump, Jr.

  • Which is worse?  Saying you would like to get dirt from Russia regarding your opponent.  Or actively working with Russia to leak dirt on your opponent.


The Russia dossier, thoroughly discredited, appears to have been generated with significant input from the KGB.  The person who created this report, Christopher Steele, was funded by anti-Trump Republicans and later by Hillary supporters.  John McCain sent an aide to England to pick up a “hard copy” of the report and gave it to that pillar of integrity, James Comey.  Comey may even had paid Christopher Steele to keep up the good work.  This fake document, so bad even CNN wouldn’t touch it, appears to be the sole basis of the Russia collusion investigation.

  • Why is no one in the main stream media even considering the possibility of collusion between the Clinton campaign and Russia?


The following article by Investor’s Business Daily is stunning:

None of this is disputed, it is just ignored.

  • What is the purpose of a free press if it ignores well documented scandals when they involve Democrats and rushes to judgment on a daily basis with any story that criticizes Donald Trump, without regard to any actual facts?


Donald Trump may be right when he says this is worse than fake news, it is fraudulent news.


One thought on “QUESTIONS

  1. If it wasn’t for the time involved to sue some of the media for slander,fake news and fraudulent news ,Trump, who is no longer just a private citizen but POTUS, has more important things to do. As a simple billionaire, he could have lots of fun with these people. Especially the ones inserting their opinions as facts.

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