The Donald Trump, Jr. meeting with the female Russian lawyer was politically naïve and stupid.  It is another unforced error and will again distract this administration.  However, the main stream media, including Fox News has this all wrong.  The problem for the self designated cultured elete is that they continually over estimate their own intellect and underestimate the American people.  This may be difficult for the experts to understand, but for the rest of us this is really simple.

Donald Trump, Jr. got an e-mail saying Russia wanted to help the campaign and this person could provide documents and information regarding Hillary’s connections with Russia.  Need I point out that if Donald Trump, Jr. or anyone else in the Trump campaign really had secret channels with Russia, they wouldn’t need this kind of meeting?  On the other hand it sure looks like Hillary is the one with some questionable Russian connections.

Of course Donald Trump, Jr would have loved to get some good dirt on Hillary.  What is remarkable is that Donald Trump, Jr, unlike the main stream media, quickly realized there were no facts here, so he moved on.

If that is not enough, it turns out that this lawyer has already been interviewed on TV and she clearly has zero relationship with the Russian government.

The truth is really obvious to those who are not dazzled by the illusion of their own brilliance.  Senator Tim Kaine has already accused Donald Trump, Jr. of treason.  Seriously? The main stream media will over-react and just expose themselves to another round of self-inflicted wounds.  In the meantime the rest of us, who can see this for what it is are wondering, once again, “are they really this stupid or do they just hope we are this stupid.”



  1. They are really this stupid!!!!!! This fact becomes clearer daily. Unfortunately these people are elected reps of the general public!

  2. The good news is that their ratings are plummeting. There is more evidence that the public is not buying this and that they are sick of hearing the media kicking the dead Russian horse.

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