I used to love fishing for bass. My favorite lure was called a jitterbug. It traveled on top of the water, made a louse noise and wobbled. Since it traveled on top of the water, it rarely snagged. But the real beauty was the way fish responded to it. It would drive the bass crazy and they would literally leap out of the water in an attempt to deliver a lethal blow. The usual result was a dead bass and a delicious supper.

When reflecting on this it suddenly dawned on me that President Trump is using his tweeter account as an electronic jitterbug. I suspect that Trump sends these out deliberately; laughing because he knows the main stream media simply cannot ignore the bait. They launch into furious attacks desperately trying to destroy the jitterbug and end up just exposing themselves as irrational and out of control.

This is actually hysterical if you think about it. Trump lured Mika and Joe into postponing their vacation and putting on a rebuttal show that was beyond pathetic. These silly people were shrieking insult after insult at Donald Trump about his inability to restrain himself. Think of the irony here. Trump sent out a 140 character tweet and the Morning Joe puts on an hour shriek fest in a failed attempt to prove that Trump is the one out of control.

Now Trump forwarded an obviously fake video and liberals are convinced the end is near.  It showed an obviously fake Trump punching out an obviously fake CNN logo. It was stupid, but that was the point.

There are people who can and should tell Trump to tone it down. None of them work at CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC or NBC. None of them work at the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times or the Washington Post. If you don’t like the jitterbug, stop attacking it, because the whole point of the lure is to get people to set the hook on themselves.

Trump will stop using the jitterbug when it stops working.


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