While the main stream media was hyperventilating about the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, they missed something really big. Instead of looking at James Comey and Donald Trump, perhaps they should have been focusing on Andrew McCabe.  This is from Circa News which, unlike CNN, has a reputation for checking sources and verifying information::

It is alleged that McCabe personally told lower-level FBI investigators to “stand down” in their inquiry into whether illegal influence-peddling or financial crimes were being committed at the Clinton Foundation.

There are numerous reports that Jill McCabe’s losing campaign for a Virginia state Senate seat received $700,000 from Clinton allies.  McCabe was appointed Deputy Director of the FBI on January 29, 2016.  While James Comey was the face of the FBI, Andrew McCabe was the one actually running the show.  That means McCabe was the one responsible for managing the investigation of the Clinton e-mails and the corruption in the Clinton Foundation.  This looks like a case study with regard to conflict of interest.

McCabe is acting Director of the FBI, but Trump has not fired him.  If anything, Trump has been remarkably silent about him.  This reminds me of his response when Syria used chemical weapons.  He didn’t respond with a tweet, he sent cruise missiles.  Just Saying!.


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