After every shooting liberal democrats make a mad rush to the nearest microphone to scream out demands for more gun control.  Gun control is not a solution to this type of violence.  Gun control only takes guns away from people who are not a problem.  The only reason this didn’t turn into a real massacre is that GOP Rep Scalise had armed security and they took action.

In order to fix the problem we need to fix the blame.  It should be no surprise that someone would respond to the hate speech on CNN, MSNBC, CBS and ABC every night by acting violently.  We have already seen this on the streets of Berkley and Portland, Oregon.  We have seen it all over the country.  This is why Kathy Griffin thought it would be cool to pose with the severed head of Donald Trump.  This is why Fareed Zakaria praised the mockery of a Shakespearean play clearly showcasing a mock assassination of Donald Trump.

Unlike liberals, our solution must not be to become intolerant and suppress free speech.  The only real solution is to confront those who are inciting violence with the fruits of their deception.  My suggestion is that we launch a Gum Control campaign.  We can start by setting up a go-fund-me account to buy mirrors for the folks at CNN.


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