I have read the transcripts of numerous depositions during my years managing litigation for a major corporation.  There is often testimony that seems very credible and it is hard to know who is telling the truth and who is lying.  I have seen some very convincing liars. But even the most skilled liar is often tripped up by things that seem trivial.  The problem is that they often make serious errors in answering routine questions.  People who are telling the truth do not have this problem, because they don’t have to remember a narrative, they just tell the truth.  People who are lying try to fit their response into a rehearsed narrative and they often make mistakes when answering a question they are not expecting.

This is exactly what happened to James Comey, on at least three occasions.  The first was when Senator Kamala Harris asked him what she clearly considered to be a softball question:

“So was there any kind of memorandum issued from the attorney general or the Department of Justice to the FBI outline the parameters of his recusal?”

Comey said: “Not that I’m aware of”

This should have been an easy question for Comey, but instead he claimed he did not remember seeing any kind of memorandum issued from the Attorney General or the Department of Justice. Comey’s answer doesn’t make sense and the DOJ quickly released an official press release to set the record straight.

It is impossible to read Comey’s testimony on this subject without realizing he was lying.

Another instance came when Senator Susan Collins asked him an important question.

Question: “did you show copies of your e-mails to anyone outside of the Department of Justice.”

Comey answered “yes”

That was bad enough, but then Comey tried to justify this by saying he did this in response to a tweet by President Trump.  The problem is that the New York Times published articles based on leaked information before the Trump tweet. In his haste to stick to a narrative that puts Comey in the best possible light, it sure looks like Comey got his facts wrong.

Comey also tried to justify his decision to document every conversation with Trump.  He testified that he did not do that with either President Obama or President Bush. That is demonstrably false.  This is well documented by Law Newz:

Comey has been crowing about his meeting with George W. Bush for years.  But in his haste to slam Trump he apparently forgot his prior testimony and said something that is simply not true.

On the other hand, Donald Trump is saying he is willing to testify under oath.  I doubt that Trump would have said this without clearance from his attorney and he would not have been given such clearance unless they know “exactly” what was said.

Although the main stream media constantly accuses Trump of sending tweets that are lies, I cannot find a single instance where Donald Trump was forced to retract anything he said in a tweet.

Most famously he tweeted that the Obama administration had wiretapped Trump Tower.  The main stream media went nuts, because in their opinion this proved Trump was a liar.  But Trump has never backed down from this claim.  When researching this it became obvious that the strongest evidence that Trump was lying came from public testimony by James Comey.  This is the same James Comey who was just caught lying under oath.

Perhaps someone in the main stream media will eventually figure out the obvious.  James Comey has been caught in several obvious and well documented lies.  Since he lies so convincingly how can they be sure he is telling the truth about anything.  Are they sure they want to continue riding across the political desert on this highly suspect horse?




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