The Senate Judiciary Committee sent a bi-partisan letter to Comey asking him to answer seven questions and to provide his notes regarding his conversations with Trump and others.  Comey refused because he “is a private citizen.  That makes no sense.  In my opinion, it is very close to Comey refusing to answer the questions based on the 5th amendment.  It totally destroys his credibility.


Comey also refused to testify in closed session.  One has to ask why?  We already know Comey loves the spotlight.  But perhaps another reason is that testifying publicly allows Comey to decline to answer questions he doesn’t like because of “classified information.”

Comey has already testified, under oath, that Trump did not interfere with the Russian investigation.  If he thought Trump was obstructing justice and he didn’t inform congress, he committed a crime.  The best he can say now is that upon further reflection, he now believes Trump was trying to influence him.  If he says that at least one Senator is going to ask him about those memos.

Comey also has another problem.  He was fired on May 9th.  Less than one month later, the FBI has already arrested someone for leaking classified information.  This begs the question: why didn’t this happen while Comey was director of the FBI.  The leaking of the Michael Flynn conversation was a crime.  Comey never seemed interested.  He was so obsessed with seeking the Russian collusion rainbow that he ignored the clear and present danger to national security going on under his nose. The Washington Post and the New York Times reported that the real reason Trump fired Comey was because he would not investigate leaks of classified information.  Based on the arrest yesterday, it looks like Trump got it right.

I predict the hearing will be a major bust.  Comey will say very little and he will be caught in numerous contradictions.  He will spend more time avoiding questions than giving answers.  The main stream media, in their lust for a bombshell are likely to grossly exaggerate the slightest hint that Trump might be investigated for something.  For example Comey is very likely to refuse to answer a question because it involves an ongoing criminal investigation.  The main stream media will assume that means Trump, because they want to believe that.  That will, of course, be nonsense, but this is what we have learned to expect whenever Comey opens his mouth.

In the meantime more and more people, in both political parties, want both James Comey and Hillary Clinton to do the same thing.  Sit down, shut up and go away.


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