There are four stages to recovering from a traumatic event: denial, anger, depression and acceptance. Liberals confronted with the trauma of President Donald Trump are caught in a Ground Hog day cycle of denial.  They cannot bring themselves to acknowledge the fact that Donald Trump is President of the United States, so they engage in fantasy after fantasy in a desperate search for a different tomorrow.  They have literally become insane and as a result they are making irrational choices with long term deadly consequences.


This reminded me of the Panama Canal and the problem with Yellow Fever.  Carlos Juan Finlay, a doctor from Cuba, figured out that Yellow Fever was spread by mosquitos.  The medical establishment did not take him seriously.  The French literally lost thousands of people because they could not bring themselves to believe Finlay.  Major Walter Reed, yes that Walter Reed, showed up in Panama with an assignment to investigate the cause of Yellow Fever.  Finlay met with Reed and tried to convince him to kill the mosquitos.  Reed was skeptical, but at least he decided to test Finlay’s theory.  He needed volunteers so he started with Spanish immigrants figuring they would be unlikely to be immune, they were desperate for money and if they died it wouldn’t matter all that much.  Incredibly American Soldiers were pissed that they were denied the chance at glory, so they volunteered too.  One group of volunteers was locked up for 20 days in a poorly ventilated building full of clothes and sheets saturated with the blood of people who died from yellow fever.  These incredibly stupid folks actually survived, since this Garden of Eden didn’t include any mosquitos.  In another building he put in one volunteer in a room with 15 mosquitos that had bit yellow fever patients and another room with no mosquitos.  The guy that got bit by the mosquitos predictably died hard.

It still wasn’t enough.  They tried fixing the problem by injecting people with blood from yellow fever patients who had miraculously survived.  Those people stupid enough to volunteer for this program quickly died.  Eventually they followed Finlay’s original advice and killed the mosquitos.  Yellow fever went away.

It seems obvious that the liberal left’s approach to defeating Donald Trump was copied from the French and American playbook on how to defeat yellow fever.  I predict similar results.  Donald Trump is and will be President for the next four years or more, if Democrats are lucky.  If something happens to Donald Trump or a member of his family as the result of some crazed lunatic inspired by liberal lies, the backlash will literally destroy the last remaining shreds of the late great Democratic Party.  If they find some other excuse to get rid of Trump, welcome President Mike Pence who makes Donald Trump look like a flaming liberal in comparison.

In the meantime someone is consistently leaking highly classified information to the main stream media and they are rushing to report it.  This was great fun when it could be used to embarrass Donald Trump.  Now this have blown up in their face.  CNN is routinely reporting highly classified information regarding the Manchester terrorist attack.  Great Britain is royally pissed because this is hampering their ability to stop the next terrorist attack.  This is the same CNN that brutally criticized Trump for allegedly telling Russia secrets about how terrorist attack airliners.  By carelessly releasing this classified information the entire main stream media is openly aiding and abetting terrorists.  Whether this is done deliberately or solely because of stupidity the result is the same.  The response of Great Britain not only gives Trump cover for going after the leakers, it frankly demands that he go after them.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions is already on it and there is no way the main stream media can spin this as some vague attempt by Trump to silence critics.  Game on!

There are rumors that the White House has already identified some of the leakers and is preparing to take action.  Watch for entertaining videos of people led off in hand-cuffs.  This story is about to go nuclear and a whole lot of self-righteous liberals will be desperately seeking to distance themselves from this nightmare.  This is what happens when people are too stupid to realize that when you resist a duly elected President of the United States you endanger all of us.  Like I said, results a lot like the French attempt to defeat yellow fever.



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