The truth is always elusive, but perhaps we now know the real reason Democrats have been pushing so hard on a ridiculous Trump helped Russia Steal the Election” myth. Remember when the intelligence community allegedly said that Russia hacked the DNC servers. That would be the same intelligence agencies we now know were definitely running surveillance on people in the Trump campaign. Everyone ignored the huge red flags telling us to be very suspect of this conclusion for a lot of reasons.

Someone hacked the DNC, but it almost certainly was not Russia intelligence. This should be obvious, even to liberals. If, and that is a big if, Russia had hacked the DNC server, they would have left no trail and they would have been more likely to use the information to blackmail Hillary then to merely embarrass her. During World War II Great Britain had broken the German Enigma code. They learned that there was going to be a raid of Coventry. The decision was made to order no evacuation or give any advance warning. If the Germans were confronted with evidence that Great Britain had broken the Enigma code, they would have certainly changed it. That could have literally altered the course of history. When the intelligence agency of a country like Russia hacks your computer, they are extremely unlikely to leave a trace. That is the whole point.

For example, Russia almost certainly hacked Hillary’s e-mails but, as James Comey testified, we would never know for sure because they would have erased their tracks. Then we are led to believe the same people hacked the DNC e-mails, which they considered to be irrelevant, left bread crumbs proving they were responsible and leaked the information to WikiLeaks. If Comey really believed that he was too stupid to be Director of the FBI.

Now, after several months of work, a private investigator claims to have proof that Seth Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks. In other words he did the investigation that James Comey should have been doing rather than looking for the Russian hacking unicorn. To make things worse, we may have a real hacker going public, saying he (or she) can prove that Seth Rich was leaking DNC e-mails to WikiLeaks and is willing to testify before congress.

Breaking: ‘Complete Panic’ at Highest Levels of DNC Over Kim DotCom’s Seth Rich Announcement

Note:  This story is not fully sourced and may not be accurate.  However, there are numerous stories like this all over the web and the private investigator is definitely very real.

This anonymous source may be a dud, but the Seth Richard’s bomb is still about to go off. Congress and the main stream media may still ignore the story, but the DOJ is run by Jeff Session, not Loretta Lynch and odds are someone capable is going to get this assignment.

When you think about it, the docs leaked by the person who hacked into the DNC did not reveal any national secrets; they just showed that the DNC is full of lunatic self-righteous jerks openly colluding with the press. Most of the people who voted for Donald Trump already knew this about Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Why would we be surprised to learn that a DNC staff member, treated like crap by these people would be motivated to leak this to WikiLeaks? Maybe he wasn’t trying to elect Trump; he was just trying to warn people about the DNC scum pond.


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  1. A question for you Terry. If the Ruskies really wanted to fix the elections,wouldn’t they have pushed for a Hillary win?
    They wouldn’t even have to hit the ‘RESET’ button. Just continue to do whatever they’ve done in the past. No US interference as in the past.

  2. There is no doubt that the Hillary Campaign had more contact with Russia than the Trump campaign. However, there are a lot of indications that Putin absolutely despised Hillary. I think Putin was sick of dealing with a lightweight. If you look at pictures of Putin and Obama, the disgust is clearly present. He showed little if any respect for Obama. My best guess is that Putin thought Hillary would win, primarily because that is what every expert was predicting, so he was probably angling to deal with that reality. In fact we know that is true. He banned Michael McFaul, for U.S. Ambassador to Moscow under Obama immediately after the election. McFaul was planning on going to Russia to help Hillary Clinton prepare for her transition. Putin may have hated Hillary, but he also knew she could be bought. Based on history, Russia doesn’t try to get anyone elected, they just like to create chaos. If there was an attempt by Russia to influence the election it was with the release of that absurd dossier about Trump that has been thoroughly discredited.

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