One can learn a lot by listening to what people say and sometimes what they don’t say.  Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein briefed the Senate.  All of the Senators who commented said the briefing was serious.

Democrats were not exactly singing Rosenstein’s praises after this briefing.  All he told them is that Trump is not personally under investigation, he has no evidence of any interference with the Russian involvement in the election and by the way, this is now a criminal investigation.

Don’t assume that Mueller will spend much if any time investigating alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  The only justification for investigating this is as a counter intelligence operation.  No one has even alleged anything even hinted at remotely resembles a crime.  CNN make think it’s a crime that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, but causing indigestion on the part of liberals is not the legal definition of a crime.  Alan Dershowitz figured this out and he is very frightened:

“It would not be criminal, even if it happened, for the Trump campaign to have collaborated with the Russians in an effort to get their candidate elected. It would have been wrong but not criminal.”

Dershowitz goes on to admit that NOTHING Trump has done is even potentially a crime.  Then he writes the following:

“A special counsel has a very different goal: deciding whether to prosecute particular individuals. At this point in our history, learning the truth may be more important than prosecuting questionable cases” 

In other words, Mueller was hired to prosecute people suspected of a crime.  The only crime we know of right now is the leaking of the phone call between Michael Flynn and the Russian Ambassador.  I doubt that Mueller was brought in to prosecute Michael Flynn for anything.  The FBI could have done that and no one in either party would have said a word.  So, odds are that Mueller was brought in to investigate someone or something so toxic that Rosenstein felt a Special Counsel was required.

Mueller can and will tell congressional hearings to back off because they are interfering with a criminal investigation.  That is how Eric Holder got congress to back off on investigating Fast & Furious.  He is not going to be holding press conferences; he is going to be empaneling secret grand juries and conducting a criminal investigation.  People who have been illegally leaking classified information to the press should be very afraid.  People who leaked the names of U.S. citizens illegally unmasked because of counter-intelligence surveillance programs would be wise to lawyer up.  There are a lot of people who should be very afraid.  I doubt that very many of them had any connection to the Trump campaign.


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