It turns out that Newsweek published a special “Madame President” souvenir edition and shipped it out to stores ahead of the election.  They didn’t bother to print a “Mr. Trump Goes to Washington” souvenir edition because all the pundits said Hillary had this all locked up.  Oops.

Some will recall that I predicted that Democrats would turn on Hillary Clinton if she lost this election.  The following article in the New York Post shows that this has already happened:


This article quotes Democratic insiders.  All agree that they are done with anything Clinton.  Tuesday morning, the world was at their beck and call.  Today, the world does not care.  The problem for the Clintons is that deep down they were always and only about themselves.  It was all about their personal power.  That power is completely gone and so are they.

Last night Bill O’Reilly was brutally blunt about Hillary Clinton.  He said she is a liar and good riddance.  O’Reilly did not say that before the election.  He was afraid to say that before the election.  There are a lot of other people who have secretly despised but feared the Clinton’s for decades. Hillary did shatter a glass ceiling, but not the one she expected.  She shattered the Clinton protective shield and I predict that within a very short period of time we will all be stunned by the vile and vitriol that surfaces.

The person likely to pay the highest price is Chelsea Clinton:

“How’s Chelsea going to live?” another insider asked The Post. “Is she going to give speeches, go on boards? No one wants her anymore . . . You think NBC’s going to hire her now? Because she’s good on camera? Give me a break.”

Right now the MSM is in full meltdown because they clearly believed the nonsense they were reporting about Donald Trump.  They took Donald Trump’s disregard of political correctness and deemed it the equivalence of the Nazi regime.  This is clear evidence that the MSM cannot distinguish between impolite honesty and tyranny. While Donald is no saint and at times he has said things that are indefensible in a lot of other cases he was merely speaking an inconvenient truth that liberals cannot or will not understand. He is not anti-Hispanic but he understands the problem with the people flooding across our border.  He is not anti-Muslim but he understands the threat from ISIS type terrorists trying to use the flood of refugees to infiltrate our country.  He is not anti-Black but he understands the problem of black on black crime and he understands that law and order protects everyone.

We are about to learn another inconvenient truth.  There are many personal stories about Donald Trump.  They frequently involve acts of spontaneous kindness and generosity.  What you don’t hear are stories about him erupting in anger, throwing things and stomping on people when they are down.  You don’t hear stories of people who dared to oppose Donald Trump conveniently dying under strange and bizarre circumstances.  Those stories are out there, and they are about to become public, but they will be about Hillary Clinton not Donald Trump.  I think the lid has been lifted off the sewer and before Donald Trump even takes the oath of office a lot of people are going to realize that this country just dodged a very big bullet.


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