The following report from CNN shows what is happening with early voting. This is very bad news for Hillary Clinton. CNN is trying to spin this in the most possible way for Hillary, but they are ignoring the obvious.

In every state, there are more Republican early ballots than in 2012. The only state that looks good for Hillary is Nevada. Hillary may be ahead in Colorado, but as more ballots are counted, the Democratic lead is shrinking. The bottom line is this; there is zero evidence of a Hillary wave and a lot of hints at a Trump wave.

The following article from Real Clear Politics is interesting:

The title is why early voting results aren’t predictive of final results. He is right about that, but what he is really saying is that Democrats are the ones who assume early voting always helps them and this year that ain’t happening. All of the polls showing Hillary ahead or even close were relying on high Democratic turnout and much of the advantage was expected to come during early voting.

No poll is ever completely accurate and we will not know anything until votes are counted Tuesday night. What we can report is that, so far, the anticipated wave of Democratic voters hasn’t shown up yet.

One more thing, Trump is starting to look more relaxed while Hillary seems to be losing it. According to the Daily Mail, she started screaming at protestors yesterday:

Real Clear Politics has released a new Electoral Map and incredibly it shows Trump in the lead. The article and the map are below:

Almost every poll shows Trump surging and Hillary sinking. Since Republican states are colored red and Democratic states are colored blue, it is really easy to see a massive Red Tide developing.


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