If you are a police officer and you are involved in any encounter with a black man, you are at risk. It doesn’t even have to be a black man. One recent case involved a sixteen year old black female. It doesn’t even matter if you are black. You are a cop. That is all that matters.

Suppose you encounter someone who appears to be high on something, like angel dust. That person is very aggressive and refuses to respond to commands. If you are smart, you will just back off; get in your patrol vehicle and leave. At best you will wait in your car and call for backup. You will make no attempt to arrest this person or even interfere with that they are doing. There is no possible good outcome for you. There is a significant risk that this person could seriously hurt you or someone else. However if you Taser this person, use pepper spray, fire your weapon or even use a choke hold, you will be putting yourself in legal jeopardy. At a minimum, you will lose your job. You will be vilified in the press. Colin Kaepernick will know your name and will be thinking of you as he disrespects our national anthem. The circumstances will not matter. It won’t even matter if you are also black. All that matters is that “excessive force” was used against a black suspect. That is the lesson of the riots in Charlotte.

The results will be devastating, for honest black citizens. Even liberals will quickly decide to avoid any place where black people live, work or play. It won’t be obvious at first, but the results will be there for anyone paying attention. Black neighborhoods will become increasingly black. White neighborhoods will become increasingly white. There will be fewer police, of any color, willing to work in black neighborhoods and black on black crime will skyrocket. There will be no shortage of cops, of any color, willing to work in white neighborhoods, where they are welcomed, even by liberals. Rich white liberals will move into safe enclaves where they can put up fences, road blocks and hire private security to keep the undesirables away. That security, by the way, will definitely be armed. Then they will concentrate on what is most important. How to blame this on George Bush?




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