The first 2016 Presidential debate is scheduled for Monday. Incredibly, it is not entirely clear that the debate will even happen. If Democrats aren’t terrified at the thought of Hillary debating Donald Trump, they aren’t paying attention. At least some Democrats are secretly smarter than this and privately they even display a fair amount of common sense. They were willing to put up with the Clinton nonsense, as long as she looked like a winner. But she doesn’t look like a winner.

Hillary disappeared from the campaign trail today, again, after people noticed some serious weirdness in her eye movements during a recent event. When you combine this with the collapse on September 11, it is clear that Hillary’s health is deteriorating. Odds are high that she is being evaluated by doctors to evaluate the possibility of her having another incident during the debate. Just imagine her having one of her spells during the debate. She can’t get away with wearing blue glasses or even prism glasses this time and everyone is going to be on the lookout for an ear bud. With regard to the ear bud, perhaps Republicans should let her go ahead and use one, because it sure wasn’t much of a factor during the Commander in Chief Forum.

No one could have predicted this. No one could make this up. Donald Trump remains a hugely flawed candidate totally unqualified to be President of the United States. Yet the problems with Hillary Clinton are so enormous that Trump looks almost normal in comparison. The only good news is that there are strong hints that the American people have finally had enough of the Clintons. Bill Clinton is looking very old and out of touch. Hillary is a has-been who never was. I am not sure that Donald Trump will be much better, but anything will be better than enduring the stench of another Clinton administration.

Expect Democrats to throw the kitchen sink at Donald Trump over the weekend. They will try desperately to seize the day with regard to the riots in Charlotte and blame everything on Republican racism. But there is a problem. The Black Lives Matter people have truly jumped the shark this time. When a black cop is accused of murder because he shot a black thug waving a handgun, it becomes increasingly difficult to sustain the racist white cop myth. A whole lot of people in North Carolina, both black and white, responded to this mess by standing in line to buy a gun. Sounds about right! My guess is that in about six weeks they are going to stand in line to vote for Donald Trump and the world will never be the same.


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