It is official.  The Presidential election of 2016 has been reduced to a cheap and totally unbelievable soap opera.  Except that this is all too real and no writer could come up with a script this improbable.

There is obviously something seriously wrong with Hillary.  The people who know are not talking and the only thing certain is that the Clintons are incapable of telling the truth.  I don’t know what happened to her yesterday, but I know it was bad.  We can be pretty certain it is definitely not pneumonia, for the simple reason that in any situation the least likely option is that the Clintons will tell the truth.

If Hillary stays off the campaign trail for an extended period of time, she will appear to be too weak to be President.  Yet if she returns to the campaign trail, it could be even worse.  These episodes are happening more frequently and it is only a matter of time before one happens live.  Democrats are already desperately trying to avoid having Hillary participate in any debates.  Her performance in the “Command in Chief Forum” was so pathetic that her supporters literally tried to blame this on bias by Matt Lauer. No one even pretends she did will. Trump, in the other hand, was calm, cool and collected and did not resemble the out of control irrational image promoted by the MSM.  The DNC double secret probation committee is admittedly in full session preparing a contingency plan to replace Hillary Clinton as the candidate, if necessary.  The problem is that the DNC has no bench.  If there was a legitimate alternative to Hillary Clinton she wouldn’t be the nominee.  She was nearly taken out by a wild-haired 74 year old Socialist who has even fewer accomplishments than her.

Just in in case you are in serious need of indigestion, following is a list of potential replacements: Tom Kaine, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Cuomo, Jerry Brown and, wait for it, Michelle Obama. There is zero chance Hillary will do the right thing and quit. If Hillary is replaced, it will be done in secret, released in the middle of the night with the MSM media all poised to run a desperate misinformation campaign to save the day. This is unlikely to work.

In case you are wondering if Barack Obama can just postpone the election or the Democrats can pull some stunt to change the results keep this in mind.  When push comes to shove the House of Representatives gets to decide who will become the next President.  Republicans have a majority in the House and Paul Ryan is Speaker of the House.  Even if Democrats were to miraculously take back the House this fall, the current House of Representatives would still decide the issue.  No one in their right mind wants this result, but it is an important safety net.  Keep this in mind because we are about to hear some very weird and downright scary theories.

All this will take place in about a week to ten days because there is less than sixty days before the election.  That is why I decided to name this soap operate “Search for Tomorrow.”


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