Earlier I observed that the speed with which the Obama administration moved to get the 10 Russian spies out of town was suspicious.  This article provides some very interesting insight with regard to this issue.  I have no means of confirming this information, but if this is true, it is even worse than I thought.

One thing is certain, there is at least a potential that this involves national security issues.  For years the liberal left downplayed the threat of soviet spies in the FDR and Truman administrations.  We paid a terrible price for that mistake.  The Soviet Union was able to develop an atomic bond because of information gained from these spies.  Ironically the spies at that time were focused on stealing the information needed to develop a nuclear bomb.  It appears these spies were focused on getting us to just willingly destroy our nuclear arsenal.  Obama’s own policy in this regard seems to be remarkably consistent with Russian goals, just like some of FDR’s decisions were remarkably similar with Soviet Union goals.  Coincidence?


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