The Obama Presidency is now a complete failure.  It turns out that even the most liberal lefties have recognized that Obama is leading us toward economic disaster.   When your a left-wing radical liberal and you’ve lost Barbara Streisand, the end is near.   They will quickly switch over to their other dream candidate, Hillary, but they have deserted Obama:

In addition, his source of funds has been shut off.  There are numerous reports that contributions by Wall Street to the Democratic Party have been cut in half.    Today the Democratic Governors challenged the White House with regard to the lawsuit against Arizona

The Democrats are deserting the ship.

He is in far more trouble than is being reported in the press, including Fox News.  Republicans and Conservatives are afraid to report the truth because they don’t want to jinx it.  But it is becoming more difficult for them to restrain their glee.  Democrats are close to desperation.  They fear a wipeout in November, but they can’t bring themselves to admit it.

Currently Obama’s approval rating are in the 40% range.  It won’t be that high by November.

Right now the only thing the Republicans need to do is to sit down, shut up and vote no.  They need to stop the Kagan nomination and stop anything proposed by Obama.   At this juncture, just saying if it is acceptable to Obama it is not acceptable to me, is more than enough.

One more thing.  If you think Obama is in trouble now, just wait.  It is going to get worse, much worse.


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