We are missing something big.  Ten Russian spies were captured on June 28, after the result of a long investigation.

Obama’s only concern seems to be that this might distract from getting his new nuclear arms deal with Russia approved by congress.  No outrage at catching spies (pardon the pun) “red-handed.”  Nope, his sole concern was that it might slow down his “reset” agenda.  No concern whatsoever about the potential threat to our national security.   No other nation on this earth would have been so nonchalant with regard to foreign espionage.

The response from Russia was equally bizarre.   Alexander Khramchikhen, Deputy Director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis even claimed that this alleged spy ring was orchestrated to target President Obama:

Some of these spies apparently started singing like a canary right from the start.  Within hours there were reports of embarrassing contacts with high level democrats.   Cynthia Murphy, one of the spies, was a long time employee and VP for Morea Financial Services.  This company apparently manages the finances of Alan Patricof, finance chairman of Clinton’s Senate Campaign and apparently a close Clinton associate:

Wouldn’t you really like to know what Cynthia Murphy knew and when she knew it?  Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out if some of that convenient laundered money funded political candidates?  Perhaps some of that money even helped Hillary become United States Senator.  (Just because the Clintons allegedly took a record amount of illegal money from China is no reason to be suspicious!)

Suddenly, the same administration that took weeks to figure out a massive oil spill is a real problem, moved with lightning speed.  Clearly, action had to be taken!  Today we learn that all ten of the “innocent” spies will plead guilty and be swapped for some of our own currently in Russian prisons.  (We are not even sure our people were actually spies).  The speed at which this was done is remarkable.  It is already looking like a done deal.  The administration can sure fly when something matters to them.  The primary hold up appears to be some reluctance on the part of the spies to go to Russia.  Perhaps they liked “pretending” to be Americans.  At a minimum, apparently some of them would really like their kids to stay here.

But, these innocent doves are apparently all going to plead guilty.   They will then be given suspended sentences and shipped off to Russia.   How convenient, for the Obama administration! 

One would think that an administration that even pretended to care about national security would want to find out all the people who had relationships with these spies.  After all, these people were not exactly our friends.  In addition, some of these spies were apparently cut-outs.  They could be the tip of the iceberg with regard to the real spy network.  But, perhaps, the purpose of this deal is to make sure we don’t find out who was connected to these people.  I mean the connection with Alan Patricof is embarrassing enough!  Of course it’s not like President Obama has appointed communist sympathizers and even admitted communists to high level positions!   Who would even think that!

I wonder if anyone in the main stream media is even paying attention.  The odor of cover-up is overpowering, but those who continue to bask in the warm essence of hope and change are unlikely to notice. 

Just got an alert.  The deal is done.  They are on their way to Russian.  I feel warm and fuzzy all over.


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