Anyone who watches President Obama speak and does the slightest amount of research, quickly realizes that he is a habitual liar.  Sadly the main stream media rarely notices.  But Fast & Furious is a scandal that is not going to go away and this time we have some very serious people asking some really important questions:

In March, during an interview on Univision, when discussing Fast & Furious, Obama said that neither he nor Attorney General Holder authorized it.  That statement is creating serious problems for Obama.  The problem is that about a month later Erik Holder, testifying under oath before congress, said that he had only learned about Fast & Furious a few weeks ago.  We already know that there are e-mail copied to Holder discussing this program as early as July of 2010.  Obama could literally be called as a witness to show that Holder committed perjury.  Someone must have told Obama that Holder had not authorized Fast & Furious, otherwise how did Obama know that.  It’s pretty hard to believe that Obama will ever admit to knowing about it before Holder.  This is the kind of smoking gun statement that cannot be ignored.  According to this report, Representatives Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy wrote the following question in a letter addressed directly to Obama:

To that end, if you knew the Attorney General did not authorize “Fast and Furious” how did you learn that and when did you learn that?” Reps. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., wrote. “If you knew Attorney General Holder did not authorize it, inherent in that response is knowledge of who did authorize it.”

There are numerous reports that Fast & Furious involved a lot more than the ATF. According to the following article, there was full cooperation between ATF, ICE, the DEA and the IRS.  They are described as full partners by William Newell, the former head of the Phoenix office of the ATF:

The main stream media is way behind the curve in reporting on this story, but that is likely to change.  The stench has become overwhelming and thanks to Obama’s interview on Univision, it is now tied directly to the President of the United States.  No news agency can continue to ignore a story of this magnitude.  No one from either political party is even hinting that Fast & Furious was a good idea. 

Keep in mind that Obama didn’t need to authorize this to have a problem; he just needed to have participated in the cover-up.  Suddenly, the question:  “what did the President know and when did he know it” becomes extremely important.  It is increasing clear that there has been a major cover-up of this fiasco.

Anyone who has ever worked for any branch of the Federal Government quickly learns one simple truth.  The agencies are loath to work together.  That is one reason for the success of 9-11.  It is extremely unlikely that the ATF, ICE, The DEA and the IRS just got together and created this puppy.  Instead this was such an obviously bad idea that a more likely outcome would be for any agency approached by ATF to recognize a chance for glory and blow the whistle.  This kind of cooperation, particularly for such a really dumb idea, is only possible when orders come from the very top.  At a minimum, that would involve both Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano.  Guess who both of them report to?

Keep your eye on the birdie.  The White House needs a major distraction and they need it now.  There are reports of our troops massing at the Pakistani border with Afghanistan.  Obama recently ordered troops into the Sudan.  The administration is suddenly making a lot of loud noise about Iran.  Gaddaffi’s death is convenient, but it won’t solve the problem.  If this administration was willing to authorize something like Fast & Furious to solve an embarrassing mistake, what would they be willing to do to escape the consequences?


3 thoughts on “GOOD QUESTION!

  1. If the congress could impeach Nixon for something trivial as lying to congress about the 14 minute gap in an oval office tape re spying on opponents in a political race, why can’t they do the same for a blatant liar who can’t tell the truth about anything?

  2. This is just a guess from connecting the arihcved News Dots; there was a News Story which broke some months earlier, and then just vanished from the airwaves, which stated that Obama was looking to the UN to pass a resolution that would make it unlawful for private U.S. citizens or gun shows to sell or trade guns. I would not put it past him to deliberately try to create an International incident to further this agenda; if this was the case, then it was there intention for the guns to get into Mexico, but not for anyone to know who, when, or why it happened. Since they would know that the Mexican Government would easily identify where the guns came from, and that would create the perfect International incident for the UN to act upon. Shalom!

  3. Irnha:

    There certainly appears to be an effort by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to sign a UN treaty with some elements of gun control. After reading the actual treaty, it is not clear to me that this specifically address private gun ownership, but I have zero faith in the UN with regard to these type of treaties. The good news is that any treaty has to be approved by the Senate and that seems extremely unlikely, no matter what Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama want.

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