The Thursday night football game was pretty boring. So, I watched a few minutes of the DNC debate, just for giggles. Some of the things I saw were surprising. The moderators were a huge improvement over CNN’s cast of clowns. They included George Stephanopoulos, David Muir, Linsey Davis and Jorge Ramos. All of them are very liberal and they all are all anti-Trump. But they aren’t idiots and they actually asked tough questions and pushed back on stupid answers. David Muir really pushed back on the plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan without regard to the consequences. I guess none of the candidates remembered that the 18th anniversary of the World Trade Center attack was September 11, 2019, the day before the debate. Just after we were all reminded of the high cost of ignoring Afghanistan prior to that attack, virtually every DNC candidate promised to repeat the mistake. They asked what possible threat Afghanistan was to us? Duh, did you watch TV this week?

Linsey Davis asked Kamala Harris why, if she was so dedicated to implementing change, she accomplished so little while Attorney General for California. It exposed Harris’s biggest weakness. Everything is and always has been only about her. No one is buying her carefully rehearsed act anymore. Kamala Harris has basically self-eliminated from the competition. That won’t be obvious to some people for a long time, but it is reality.

Drudge thinks that Amy Klobuchar was the big winner, but no one else has that opinion. Remember that according to Drudge Tulsi Gabbard won the first debate, but she didn’t even make the cut for the second debate. For the record, Klobuchar is polling at .9% and some were wondering why she was on that stage. I actually like the Drudge Report, but realize that most people reading it will automatically vote for the worst candidate in hopes the DNC would stupidly agree.

The big winner was Joe Biden, primarily because he was not the big loser. The other candidates had to push him off the stage and they didn’t come close to doing that. Julian Castro tried the hardest and just made himself look small in the process. Even the little box he was standing on didn’t help. The big loser was probably Elizabeth Warren, because she had the most to gain, consequently the most to lose. This was her chance to outshine Biden and she didn’t come close. Bernie Sanders was embarrassed; by of all people Jorge Ramos, who asked Bernie about the great things socialism has been done for Venezuela. Bernie literally got red in the race trying to explain this. What could be more appropriate than a red face on a politician who adores communism?

Cory Booker was Cory Booker. He is entertaining but few would consider him to be a viable candidate for President of the United States. Saturday Night live, maybe, President of the United States: please! Mayor Pete looked small in comparison to all the other candidates, with the possible exception of Julian Castro. Beto O’Rourke crossed over into insanity and even the liberal moderators were appalled. He looks and smells of desperation. Andrew Yang wasn’t taken seriously by anyone.

So, after all the hot air, nothing changed. Biden is still way ahead, Bernie and Elizabeth are fighting for second place and everyone else is tied for last place on the train to nowhere invisible in the cloud of dust left by the leaders. Odds are someone like John Kerry is looking at this mess, seeing all the losers and wondering whether or not to take a shot at this. The Democrats need somebody to take on Trump and at least Kerry is somebody. But he is also 76 years old and is the epitome of white privilege. When you combine that this with his inability to speak without showing off his French level of arrogance and the lack of a human like personality he would quickly replace Biden as the target of choice by the liberal left. If there is a worse establishment candidate than Joe Biden, John Kerry is probably it.

To sum it up, they came, we saw, and they squandered. Hard to imagine why the Democrats aren’t making a better show at this, since they are competing against the most incompetence President in U.S. history. Never has an incumbent President been more vulnerable, in their minds and never have they been less capable of offering anything resembling an alternative. If Trump is “this bad” then the DNC is, well, no words will suffice.

By the way, the DNC was not the biggest loser last night. That would be the Carolina Panthers. Not because they stunk up the field, although they did. But rather because of the extremely weird post game press conference by Cam Newton. The attached picture of him at this press conference needs no explanation.

Imagine you are a Carolina Panther fan and this is the quarterback chosen to provide the leadership to win your team a Superbowl. Now imagine your are a Democrat and you realize Newton looks better than any of your candidates for President.

Go ahead and smile!



One of the problems with running a campaign for President promising to kill the Golden Goose is that in this case the goose can read. Elizabeth Warren is climbing up the polls in the race to be the DNC nominee by promising to stick it to big business. That would, of course, be the same big business that supported her during her run for the Senate. Big business is used to Democrats saying this; they just realize they have zero plans on actually doing this. But, in this case, Warren appears to plan on keeping these insane promises.

There are always private meetings between business executives and candidates for high office. I have actually been directly involved in some of these meetings. I will not mention names, to protect the non-innocent. A Democrat, running for the United States Senate from California, asked for a meeting with our company president. I was asked, by our president, to sit in on the meeting. This person was asking for contributions and was explaining the reasons we should provide support.

I did not say anything during the meeting. When it was over, the president asked me two questions. He asked me what I thought were the chances of this candidate succeeding. I said close to zero, because the opponent was very strong with much higher name recognition. He then said: if this candidate wins, how that will impact us. I said that I had personal interaction with this individual and felt that we would be treated fairly. Ultimately, we provided some support, but did not go all in on a candidate we didn’t expect to win. We were right by the way; the candidate did not win the DNC nomination.

The point is that virtually every CEO and/or Board of any major corporation will ask similar questions. What is the chance of this person winning? How will that impact us? In the case of Elizabeth Warren the answer to the first question is that she is very unlikely to beat Donald Trump. The answer to the second question is that if she wins and she keeps her campaign promises it will be a financial disaster for the entire American economy and that will affect everyone.

While Democrats like to pretend that big business supports Republicans and vice versa, the truth is that big business doesn’t care much about political parties. Regardless of which party wins, the people in power are going to be calling with their hand out and explaining how they can help. That is why major business owners, like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett support Democrats who make promises that would be devastating for their operations. They know this will never happen and that they will always have a seat at the table. But Elizabeth Warren is promising to deny big business a seat at the table and if they believe her the impact will be significant.

They will not make major expenditures on someone they believe is seriously out to hurt them. They may even spend a lot of money making sure that does not happen. The average person will not even know this is happening. Really big business has relationships with everyone that matters, including lobbyists and the main stream media. This would be subtle. A top executive at a network would be told that a story about the real impact of the proposals by Elizabeth Warren seems like a good topic. Since this would come from someone who spends millions in advertising, this advice would not be ignored.

No one should underestimate this. One does not have to be a fan of big business to win the Presidency, but it is extremely dangerous to run as an enemy of big business. The last President to do that was Theodore Roosevelt, but he didn’t exactly win an election running against big business. That election was won by William McKinley, who was much more attractive to business tycoons. Roosevelt became President when McKinley was assassinated. Then and only then did he take on the “Trust Busters.” What happened is that in 1890 congress passed the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. No one took that serious and for the first 12 years U.S. courts routinely sided with business. That all changed when Roosevelt realized that he had a sympathetic Supreme Court so he took on the biggest of them all, J.Pierpont Morgan. Morgan was shocked and furious. He demanded a meeting with Roosevelt who told him the lawsuit would continue and the courts would decide. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Roosevelt in a 5-4 decision.

After he did this, Roosevelt became very popular and easily won re-election. But, it might have been a very different story if he had tried to run the first time on this type of platform. During the time of Roosevelt, tremendous power was held by a very few people. Today, there are many very powerful companies and none of them has close to the power of a J. Pierpont Morgan. But they do have the same mindset. They will support almost anything, as long as they realize these are false promises. But if they start believing someone is serious about taxing wealth and destroying what she calls the free ride for billionaires, they won’t risk seeing her get elected. This is one reason that the only person likely to lose to Donald Trump in a general election by a larger margin than Joe Biden is Elizabeth Warren.

Smart Democrats know this, but the current Democratic Party is not run by these people. The current leadership is coming from people like AOC, who can’t even spell economics and has no clue with regard to how the world really works. It looks more and more like Democrats have developed their own perfect storm destined to leave an unbelievable amount of damage before it moves out to sea. If they set sail for the election on the U.S.S. Elizabeth Warren the results are likely to be catastrophic.

A side note. I was once asked by our company president, to attend a luncheon meeting with a very powerful United States Senator. This is a name you would all recognize. This meeting was set up by a major Democratic donor. I was positioned at the table, right next to this Senator, so we could have a one on one private conversation. He was proposing a universal health care plan that we thought would be devastating for our company. I was asked to explain exactly how this would impact us and to encourage him to make changes. He was extremely arrogant and considered himself the ultimate expert on the subject. I was actually stunned to realize that he had no clue with regard to how this worked in the real world. I can’t pretend that he agreed with anything I said, but I can confirm that he did modify his proposal when he became aware of the strong opposition to it.




The definition of insanity is making the same mistake over and over again and expecting a different result. That has never been truer than the record of the MSM in dealing with Donald J. Trump. During the 2016 primary season they ran multiple stories about Trump, most of them negative. The result of this strategy was that none of the other Republican candidates could get a word in edgewise. The coverage of Trump sucked all the oxygen out of the room, resulting in him coasting to the nomination. They then doubled down on this strategy during the 2016 general election, which had the same effect. All of the coverage, mostly negative, centered on Trump with the result that few people even noticed what Hillary was doing. Ultimately, she lost, partly because few people really cared about her, one way or the other.

Since the 2016 election, the MSM has double, tripled, and quadrupled down on this strategy. By some estimates over 90% of the news coverage is directed at Trump and about 90% of that coverage is negative. Actually, based on my own observations, it is close to 100% negative. Last week Trump was literally slammed for daring to try and warn people about Hurricane Dorian by using NOAAs own forecast chart. The people in charge of the news in the MSM considered this to be the crime of the century. The rest of us just turned them off in disgust. Give me a break! How about those Miami Dolphins, oops, they suck too.

Tomorrow there is a special election in North Carolina. Trump is appearing at a Rally tonight and people have been lined up for about 48 hours to attend. This rally will be covered extensively by the MSM. Fox will probably show more of the actual rally, CNN will report sound bites followed by harsh criticism. In the meantime, no one really knows where any of the Democratic challengers are today. If they are smart they are as far away from North Carolina as they can get to avoid being lost in Trump’s enormous shadow. The media says this is a must win for Trump. They miss the point that if this is a must win for Trump, it is also a must win for his opponents. I haven’t followed any of the polls in North Carolina, but my gut says go with the guy who has people waiting 48 hours in line to hear him speak.

One of the problems for democrats this year is that Trump is getting 11 times the media attention of all of the DNC challengers combined. They are left to explaining why they are better than Trump. This reminds me of a Xerox commercial. The customer asks why this copy machine is better than a Xerox. The salesman just smiles and says: “it is a Xerox.”

Trump is the real thing. You may love him, you may hate him, or you may be somewhere in the middle, but you can’t possibly ignore him. Neither can the MSM, because they are incapable of learning. If this continues Trump will coast to re-election and people will have trouble remembering who, exactly, ran against him.



The performance by MSNBC and CNN last week, during Hurricane Dorian was unprecedented. What happened is beyond obvious, except to the liberal left. Donald Trump showed a hurricane projection map, obviously prepared by NOAA. Trump pointed out that Alabama could also be hit hard. As a result of that, the Alabama National Guard started to take steps to prepare. That is, after all, the whole point of those maps showing the projected path of a hurricane. For a long time, even after the storm stalled over the Bahamas, no one seem very confident of what would happen next.

When the storm veered north, CNN and MSNBC ran non-stop coverage falsely claiming that Trump was either stupid or incompetent. They literally accused him of showing a fake forecast map. Trump was and is, justifiably, furious. No other President has ever been second guessed like this, particularly during a major emergency. Unlike most RINOs, Trump does not take this crap lying down. He called them out on this, and they naturally responded by saying he is incapable of admitting error. This is beyond obvious.

Here is what caused all the grief. Trump wrote the following tweet at 7:51 a.m on September 1, 2019.

In addition to Florida – South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama, will most likely be hit (much) harder than anticipated. Looking like one of the largest hurricanes ever. Already category 5. BE CAREFUL! GOD BLESS EVERYONE!

Please remember that this was when Hurricane Dorian was stalled over the Bahamas and no one knew for sure where it would go.

At 8:11 a.m. September 1, 2019, the Birmingham NWS sent out the following tweet:

Alabama will NOT see any impacts from #Dorian. We repeat, no impacts from Hurricane #Dorian will be felt across Alabama. The system will remain too far east. #alwx

Now ask yourself a very simple question. Have you ever seen the NWS issue an urgent message saying there is zero risk from an existing storm? The NWS issues warning and they let warningS expire but they never say: There is zero risk. What, exactly would be the point of that? To make sure that no one in Alabama did any storm preparation. It is clear that the motive for this tweet was solely to contradict and embarrass Trump.

The NOAA finally responded with the following:

The NOAA statement said: “The Birmingham National Weather Service’s Sunday morning tweet spoke in absolute terms that were inconsistent with probabilities from the best forecast products available at the time.”

Naturally the MSM is pretending that NOAA threw the Birmingham NWS under the bus. That is actually accurate, what they missed was the fact that they deserved to be thrown under the bus. This was a purely partisan tweet from an organization that has a duty to be non-partisan.

I think the liberal left and particularly MSNBC and CNN blew this big time. I suspect that a vast majority of the American people understand exactly what happened and they are unimpressed with the hysterical rants by CNN and MSNBC.

This reminds me of someone who has been asked to leave because they are disrupting everyone else. They are furious at the responsible person trying to calm things down and say something like: “Don’t tell me to calm down.” Most people watching this quickly realize who is out of control and who is acting like an immature child.



There are a lot of people terrified at the prospect of Joe Biden leading the DNC ticket next fall. None of them are named Donald Trump. It is increasingly clear that the liberal media is out to destroy Biden. Everyday there is another negative report about Biden and it is not coming from Fox News. It is coming from places like the New York Times and the Washington Post.

They certainly have a lot of ammunition. Unlike with Trump, they don’t have to make things up. All that is necessary is honest reporting and Biden has serious problems. Today, David Axelrod piled own. Axelrod, famously, was the campaign manager for Barack Obama. Here is what he tweeted:

David Axelrod:  It’s one thing to have a well-earned rep for goofy, harmless gaffes. It’s another if you serially distort your own record. @JoeBiden is in danger of creating a more damaging meme

Slate piled on:

“When did Joe Biden start believing he had opposed the Iraq War?

Biden voted to pass the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution on Oct. 11, 2002.* Though Biden now tells NPR that this was an intermediate step and that he had not expected it to lead directly to war, the possibility of invading Iraq to instigate “regime change” was explicitly under discussion at the time. In fact, the first article I found in a Nexis search for newspaper articles that included the words “regime change” in the months before the vote was an Aug. 1, 2002, New York Times piece that begins with the words, “In the first public hearings on the administration’s goal of ousting Saddam Hussein from the Iraqi presidency, an array of experts warned a Senate committee today that an invasion of Iraq would carry significant risks.” The chairman of that Senate committee was Joe Biden.”

I am not sure this will work. In fact, these types of attacks may actually help Biden. It is quite simple, if these people are against Biden, then he can’t be all bad. The problem is that all of the alternatives to Biden are certifiably insane. By what stretch of the imagination is Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Pete or Kamala Harris a better choice for President than Joe Biden. Granted, the problems regarding Biden are real, and serious, but he is still a better option than any of the above.

Assume Biden is elected. He would be surrounded by competent people, who would just ignore him. That would not be ideal, but it also wouldn’t be fatal. On the other hand, electing someone like Elizabeth Warren could be terminal. Her ideas are so far left that one has to swim several miles west from the California coast just to get a glimpse.

I have no idea how to predict this. I can just observe the obvious. For the Democratic Party this is the political equivalent of Hurricane Dorian. No one knows where it came from, no one knows where it is going, the damage is horrific and every prediction, so far, has been wildly inaccurate. I suspect hurricane Biden is stalled over the DNC primary process and until he moves on, one way or another, the damage is guaranteed to be catastrophic. No matter how this ends, the debris left behind will be monumental.

A lot of people realize this. They are all leaping on board the “anybody but Biden” (ABB) train. That’s nice, but so far the ABB train is running empty..



James Comey reported in a memo that Trump had asked him to go easy on Michael Flynn. This was cited several times in the Mueller report as justifying an investigation into obstruction. However, the IG report just proved that this was completely bogus from day one. The problem is that when Comey had that interview with Trump, Flynn was not charged with colluding with Russia. He was not even being investigated for that. He was only charged with violating the Logan act, which is working for a foreign government without registering as a foreign agent. I can find no record of anyone ever being prosecuted for this, probably because Washington D.C. would be empty if that happened. So when Trump asked Comey to go easy on Flynn, assuming he even said that at all, it had nothing to do with Russia, it was with regard to Flynn’s work for Turkey. Comey knew that, he just lied about it, just like he lied about almost everything.

I believe we are very close to the point where the entire Russian collusion investigation and all legal action taken as a result of that investigation is thrown out of court. If you doubt that, do a little research on William Ayers. He was a member of the Weatherman Underground and it is indisputable that he was guilty of terrorist acts.

Why, you may ask, did he and other obviously guilty people walk? The answer is very simple. Government authorities had failed to get a warrant for some of their surveillance. What government agency you ask? Why that would be the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover.

William Ayers summed this up perfectly: “Guilty as sin, free as a bird, American is a great country.”

At least in the case of William Ayers, there actually was a crime to investigate. In the case of Donald Trump, there was no crime. Even if he had colluded with Russia, it wasn’t a crime. Even if he had obstructed the investigation, it would not have been a crime. It is not illegal to obstruct government officials from violating the law. The DOJ reports to Donald Trump, not vice versa. It now clear there was nothing to obstruct.

There is increasing evidence that there is and was zero justification for any of this. Not for the Comey memo. Not for starting the Russian collusion investigation. Not for the FISA warrants. Not for the search warrants. Not for the Grand Jury investigations. Not for sending in FBI informants to entrap people. Not for anything. What makes this worse is that the people involved were the same people who pulled the same stunt regarding Arthur Anderson and had the charges overturned by a 9-0 Supreme Court decision.

While the MSM has been foaming at the mouth over the Mueller investigation, they missed the forest for the trees. But William Barr did not miss this. Neither did John Durham or Michael Horowitz. Comey was not indicted, yet, for a crime, but his misdeeds were thoroughly documented. Horowitz documented the facts surrounding this entire investigation and those facts will ultimately be the deciding factor. Comey gloated about not being indicted and he slammed Trump but he did not dispute one single fact developed by Horowitz. That really matters and soon the reason will be beyond obvious.

I think, at a minimum, the Mueller investigation is about to be tossed to the curb. But, it may not end there. It is looking more and more like there will be more than just throwing out the fruit of the poisonous tree. This time there are going to be criminal indictments for people who in their haste to destroy Trump may have ended up destroying themselves.



There are a lot of reasons for optimism today. I will point out just a few.

  1. The liberal left’s attempt to con people into thinking we are heading toward a recession has failed. Consumer confidence is at a 19 year high. The Fed is likely to cut interest rates, which will make the economy even stronger. China has blinked big time on the trade war.
  2. The Queen of England took an unprecedented step to back Boris Johnson in his efforts to implement Brexit. She literally ordered Parliament to drop the nonsense and concentrate on getting this done.
  3. James Comey was humiliated by the DOJ IG report. In many ways, this is the worst possible outcome for Comey, at least with regard to these issues. The DOJ is not going to indict him, so he will get no trial. He has no chance of coming out of this as a martyr. Instead he has been exposed as an incompetent and unscrupulous Director of the FBI who allowed his personal animosity toward Donald Trump to cloud his judgement. All of the shame, none of the glory. Jail might have been a welcome alternative. He,of course, remains too stupid and arrogant to realize this.
  4. CNN has been publicly humiliated, again. Seldom has a news story been so thoroughly and quickly discredited as that by Lawrence O’Donnell. The fact that Rachel Maddox was involved just sweetens the pot.
  5. The CNN fake news story about the Amazon fires just added to the growing pile of evidence that the global warming (climate change) alarmists day is drawing to an end. Trump didn’t even bother to show up for the G7 meeting on this. NASA just issued a report showing U.S. temperatures haven’t risen since 2005.
  6. There is a good chance that the newest hire by CNN, Andrew McCabe, is about to be indicted.
  7. Joe Biden continues to lead in all the Democratic primary polls, because no matter how bad it gets, he still looks good in comparison to the others. He actually is exactly that bad. They are just demonstrably worse.
  8. Tom Steyer spent $12 million and still couldn’t buy a place on the DNC debate stage.
  9. There is a recall petition for Governor Gavin Newsom.
  10. James Mattis, who clearly does not like Trump, gave him the strongest possible endorsement:

“You don’t endanger the country by attacking the elected commander in chief, and to further weaken him when we’re up against real threats –I mean, we could be at war on the Korean peninsula every time they start launching something.”

Mattis reminded the Atlantic, and the world, of the dangers of trashing a President of the United States for political purposes.

I could do more, but ten is enough.  Have a great Labor Day weekend.



It is now official. Google is hopelessly biased and corrupt. If this document is authentic, this is absolutely mind numbing. Even if the document is not real, then Google is merely hopelessly incompetent. Which would you prefer, hopelessly corrupt and biased or merely stupid. Everyone involved in this fiasco, with the exception of Donald J. Trump looks like an idiot. He looks absolutely brilliant.

On May 31, 2017, after returning from Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump issued the following tweet:

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe”

CNN ran an article by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large with the title: “Covfefe tells you all you need to know about Donald Trump.”

“To be clear: This is on its face, dumb. Trump seemed to be trying to type ‘coverage’ and misspelled it.  As he often does (No examples). Then he fell asleep and didn’t correct the mistake until he got up in the morning. We’ve all been there!”

When Trump responded to the criticism with the following tweet, Cillizza came unglued:

First the Trump tweet:

“Who can figure out the true meaning of ‘covfefe’??? Enjoy!”

Finally, Cillizza said, proof that Trump is hopelessly dumb:

“While spending time trying, as Trump suggested, to figure out what ‘covfefe’ means is a waste, it is far more worthwhile to take a big step back and look at the situation that leads to the President of the United States, tweeting, poorly, at 12:06 a.m. about the bad press he gets.”

Cillizza drones on and on about how Trump is totally hopeless. He never even considered the possibility that Trump was right and he was the idiot.

Well now we know the rest of the story and it turns out that Google scrubbed all reference to “covfefe” from its search engines so that anyone searching for the word would come up empty. That worked brilliantly and the entire MSM swallowed this hook line and sinker. But, the last laugh is on Google and on those left wing liberals stupid enough to trust it. It turns out “covfefe” is a real word. It is an Arabic expression Trump probably picked up in Saudi Arabia. Gee, CNN, ever consider that possibility? It turns out that while Google can and did scrub the internet, it was unable to destroy all Arab dictionaries. It is really easy to find the truth about “covfefe”, unless you work for CNN or you rely on Google. Incredibly, even when Trump challenged them to look it up, they still missed it.

The truth about “covfefe” at last.  It is an Arabic expression that means “I will stand up.

After deleting the real definition, Good replaced it with an Easter Egg, or in other words, nothing. (Actually it was a shrug emoji)  But the egg is now on the face of Google, because they apparently neglected to scrub their internal documents. Here is what a leaked Google document says:

“We currently translate the query “cov fe fe” from Arabic to English into “I will stand up.” This created some confusion this week as users tried to translate Donald Trump’s tweet from Wednesday night which had the word “covfefe” in it. Since the word has no real meaning, we want to do an Easter Egg that translates “cov fe fe” and “covfefe” into ”(\_?/)_/)” on Translate properties.

Wow! It does not get worse than this.

If you need any further evidence of how far the liberal left will go to hide the truth from you, look no further. If you need further evidence of the stupidity, arrogance and incompetence of people like Chris Cillizza, look no further.

Of course, you will almost certainly never see this reported in the MSM. They would much prefer to continue the myth of Donald Trump making a stupid spelling errors at 12:06 a.m. No one one did any real research regarding the meaning of “covfefe” other than perhaps searching for it on Google. As is now obvious, Google is hardly a trustworthy source, scarcely more credible than CNN.

How bad and how obvious must this get before people get it?  (\_?_/)



Sometimes there are events that result in major changes in society. One such change took place about a week ago in New York City. Policer Officer Daniel Pantaleo was fired and stripped of his pension because of the use of a choke hold during the arrest of Eric Garner. It is important to note that Officer Pantaleo was never charged with a crime.

To the liberal left, this was not enough. Check out the following quote from Salon:

Every cop in that video was involved in Eric Garner’s killing; they have innocent blood on their hands.  The only difference is that Pantaleo just lost his job, which is not justice. The rest of them are still working, which is criminal.

The police have a very different view of this. They saw a man resisting arrest and a police officer trying to take him under control. By the way, Eric Garner was 6’3” and weighed 395 pounds. Any of you want to volunteer to get in a wrestling contest with him? The liberal left only saw an officer grab him from behind with what looked like a choke hold. But, if you have ever watched an MMA match you quickly learn the difference between what looks like a chokehold and what actually is a chokehold. If a fighter actually gets a chokehold on an opponent the fight is almost immediately over. In addition, the MMA fighter in the chokehold never says “I can’t breathe.” That is because if you actually can’t breathe, you can’t talk. Instead they tap their hand on the canvas.

But facts are irrelevant to the left. They never miss the opportunity to exploit tragedy. They never resist the chance to demonize the police. Here in California liberals passed AB392, which was gleefully signed by Governor Newsom. It will take effect January 1 and will modify the conditions under which a police officer can use deadly force from when it’s reasonable to when it necessary. That seems like a minor change but it is not.

For example police will be able to use lethal force on a fleeing felon only if that person is threatening violent harm to the officer or someone else. This is easy to understand. A police officer stops a vehicle. The officer pulls his fire arm and demands the driver to show his or her hands. If the person fails to do that and particularly if they reach for something, the police officer may shoot them. The reason for that is that there is an enormous risk that this person is reaching for a gun. Now, however, the person in the vehicle knows that the officer cannot shoot them. They must wait until there is an imminent threat. They must actually see and gun and they must be positive it is a gun. Then, when there is a threat, they must try to use non-lethal methods first.

Here is Sacramento this all arose out of the Stephen Clark case. A neighbor reported someone breaking into cars. When police arrived, they spotted Clark leaping fences and running through backyards. When they followed him into a backyard, with poor lighting, he apparently pointed his cell phone at them. They thought it was a gun so they shot him. This happened to be the backyard of his grandparents, but police had no way of knowing that.

The locals, led by Black Lives matters, went nuts. Even though the police were not charged, this is still viewed by Black Lives matters as murder. They succeeded in persuading the current Governor, Gavin Newsom, to sign legislation that even the pathetic Governor Brown would have vetoed.

Now, with the Pantaleo decision, even if you don’t shoot someone, using the wrong level of force will get you fired, if not arrested. The response to this decision by the New York Police commissioner was instant and dramatic. In less than one week arrests are already down by 27%. The number of criminal summonses issued fell nearly 29%.

Here are the instructions given to police by the police union:

“We are urging all New York City police officers to proceed with the utmost caution in this new reality, in which they may be deemed ‘reckless’ just for doing their job,” he said. “We will uphold our oath, but we cannot and will not do so by needlessly jeopardizing our careers or personal safety.”

In other words, police will start enforcing the law exactly the way the liberal left wants this done. The results will be beyond catastrophic. Crime rates are guaranteed to skyrocket, not just in New York City, but everywhere. Any smart police officer, familiar with this case, is going to hesitate before confronting a criminal under anything less than ideal situations. When in doubt, back off and call for back up. You have already seen how this works. The police eventually show up, with an armored vehicle, body armor, helmets and face shields. They surround the suspect, but do not take any immediate action. Instead, they negotiate. Only when the suspect is talked into surrendering is an arrest made.

Criminals are also well aware of this. They also understand that if they run, the police cannot shoot them. It won’t be long before police pursuits will also be banned. Criminals now know that police cannot even attempt to physically restrain them, unless they represent an imminent threat to the police. Tasering someone is out of the question. If the police try to restrain them, they will start yelling: “I can’t breathe.”  Previously they would have yelled “hands up don’t shoot,” but even that is no longer necessary. Criminals know that police can’t shoot even if they don’t have their hands up. There will be more and more serious injuries and deaths of police officers who hesitate at the wrong moment. Police will be increasingly hesitant to confront criminals. This will result in a catastrophic rise in crime. The most devastating impact will be on minorities living in Democratic controlled cities with gun control. People who can no longer count on the police to intervene also cannot have a gun available to defend themselves. Criminals will have no problem getting guns.

This will happen at the speed of light. By this time next year, the results will be horrific and impossible to ignore. Donald Trump will cruise to re-election, not just because of a booming economy, but because there will be a universal demand to restore law and order. CNN will never quite figure this out.



Many of us, who actually did some research and looked at the raw data, were extremely skeptical about the Global Warming Alarmists. There were several red flags. One of which was that none of their predictions ever proved to be accurate. In retrospect, I should have followed my instincts and wagered big bucks on the exact opposite of any prediction. For example, the Global Warming crowd was predicting a dramatic increase in the number and severity of hurricanes. In reality there were fewer hurricanes and they were actually weaker.

This didn’t take much research on my part. You can just google “hurricanes hitting the U.S.” and the pattern is very easy to see. We have periods with lots of hurricanes and we have periods with few hurricanes. This has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

None of these problems were noticed by the liberal left and the MSM. Neither was any attention paid to the incredible amount of money generated by the global warming scam. Let me explain. You buy thousands of acres of wilderness, say in Brazil, and dedicate it to be open space. You buy this dirt cheap because no one lives there, and nothing can ever be built there. Actually, some people do live there, but they have little contact with the rest of society. You get an enormous tax break, meaning you get the land for less than nothing. Now, you arrange to sell carbon offsets on the land you have never seen. Brilliant. Every time someone in California buys gas, they pay a carbon offset tax. That tax goes to you, to compensate you for not using your worthless land.

Previously greedy men and women made money by exploiting workers and over charging for goods because of a corrupt monopoly. That still works, but this is better. It is like perpetual motion. The less you do, the more you earn, and the more praise you receive for helping save the planet. Life is good.

But there is a problem. Other people, the MSM calls climate skeptics who should be exterminated, are using real science and real data to research this. They quickly discover that the real data does not support global warming at all. Even the global warming alarmists get this, so they change from global warming to climate change. Climate change is perfect, because any change is considered proof. Remarkably, an extremely cold winter in New York is equal proof of climate change (we mean global warming) as a hot august night. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, actually two things. One of them is a billionaire who ran for President and admitted he was skeptical about all this crap. The other was that real scientists were getting royally pissed. They were tired of being arrogantly dismissed by people who couldn’t tell their rear disposal mechanism from a hole in the ground. They were particularly annoyed when people were using falsified information to discredit real science. So, they ignored the MSM and sued in a court of law. You know a place where one is required to provide actual facts. When confronted with the requirement to provide facts, the global warming alarmist crowd just took their ball and went home.

Unfortunately, for them, the courts noticed. Michael Mann, who developed the famous Hockey Stick global warming chart so adored by the liberal left, just lost bigly in court. He not only lost; he has to pay big bucks for his opponent’s legal fees. There are few things more painful in life than to have to pay expense incurred by someone to humiliate you.

The MSM will still fail to notice. They will still pretend the Amazon is burning even after NASA laughs this story off the front page. The G7 will still meet to discuss climate change, but one chair will be empty. That is the chair reserved for Donald Trump, who just quietly said he has better things to do.

The end is very near for these clowns. Unfortunately, one reason for that is that it is about to get colder. Much colder. The Sun actually is the primary factor in global temperature and the Sun is headed toward a period of lower activity and less energy output. It is going to get colder. Every scientist, including the global warming alarmist crowd recognizes that this is happening. The global warming alarmist crowd is just hoping and praying to the God they ignore that increasing C02 levels will offset enough of this so people won’t notice. It won’t work. Don’t sell your coat.

And, by the way, it won’t be long now before global cooling is caused by rising C02 levels.