Democrats just folded like a cheap umbrella.  The government shutdown is over almost before it began.  McConnell gave them nothing other than the chance to vote on a DACA bill in the future.  That means nothing, because any legislation has to pass both the House and the Senate and the House ain’t drinking the Kool-Aid.

Republicans know they won and will be energized.  Democrats know they lost and will be demoralized.  The main stream media knows who won and while they probably won’t ever admit that, they know and it will influence their reporting.

FOX News is running a documentary on the numerous Clinton scandals.  The result is amazing.  So far we have only seen installment one.  There are five to go.  By the time this is done, everyone who lived through this will ask themselves one question:  “How could we have been so stupid?”

Then, to create the perfect storm, the FISA scandal is going nuclear.  Senator Ron Johnson sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray on Friday that contained several bombshells.  One is that the FBI apparently failed to preserve numerous text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.  Following is a link to that letter:

In addition to the missing texts, Johnson quoted from several text messages already disclosed between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page that are absolutely stunning.  The bias and corruption we expected.  What we didn’t expect was that people who thought they were so brilliant and sophisticated could be so incredibly stupid.  Everyone who reads this will immediately hate both Strzok and Page.  They basically slam everyone and everything including Attorney General Lynch, FBI Director Comey, and fellow agents Rybicki and McCabe and with the expected snide remarks about Donald Trump.

Romans 1:22

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools

For example, the last text shows how Lisa Page felt about Attorney General Lynch’s announcement that she would accept the recommendation by the Director of the FBI with regard to Hillary’s e-mail scandal:

any yeah, it’s a real profile in couragw (sic), since she knows no charges will be brought.”

This is beyond bad.  In addition to the obvious abuse of power and obstruction of justice, this has to be humiliating to the main stream media.  McCabe, Rybicki, Comey, Lynch, Hillary Clinton and a lot of other people will read this with absolute horror.  They probably have a knot in their stomach that feels like a 5 pound weight.  Time to lawyer up.

This makes the contemporary reporting by the main stream media look insanely inaccurate.  Now the only question is whether the main stream media was willingly complicit or merely incompetent.  Either way a lot of people in the main stream media are probably embarrassed and filled with rage.  As President Kennedy once said: “Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.”  Even if they agreed with what the FBI and DOJ officials were doing, they must be stunned that this was documented by a chain of silly text messages between two lovers.  The only safe move, at this point, is to distance oneself as far as possible from the scene of the crime.  Expect a whole lot of people in the main stream media to immediately jump on the get me out of here bandwagon.

By the way, these were two of Mueller’s top investigators.  If he is smart, he will resign.  If he doesn’t resign, he will be removed.  Either way unless he produces smoking gun evidence of Donald Trump colluding with Russia within about 24 hours it will be impossible to support this investigation any more.  Even if he does come up with something, the question is will anyone believe him?  I suspect not.



Democrats may have arrogantly stumbled into a major mistake that could have devastating consequences. It is clear, to anyone with an ounce of objectivity, that Democrats tried to use the threat of a government shutdown to intimidate Republicans into signing off on DACA. Even the main stream media has figured that out. That is a brilliant idea, if it works, but it is a major blunder if it doesn’t.

If Republicans fold, Democrats will pull the same stunt at regular intervals until they pass every single coveted piece of radical leftist legislation. But, if Republicans stay the course and Democrats fold, they are the ones who will win a major victory.

The usual suspect RINO Republicans tried, once again, to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. But this time things are different. Predictably several RINOs voted against the Continuing Resolution, but five Democrats crossed party lines and voted for it. That is clear evidence that Schumer’s control of Democrats in the Senate is slipping. RINO are no longer is control of the Republican party and Schumer is losing control of Democrats in the senate. Most importantly, Donald Trump is President of the United States and it is not easy to intimidate Trump.

McConnell says he will not pass any bill unless he has assurance that Trump will sign it. Trump says he will not sign a bill unless it is approved by Tom Cotton. Trump has publicly said there will be no negotiation on DACA until a clean Continuing Resolution is passed. If that doesn’t change, Democrats are in serious trouble.

I just got off the phone with a survey conducted by the DCCC. The questions were carefully designed to encourage people to blame Republicans for the shutdown. But, the survey itself is evidence that the DNC is terrified. They probably didn’t like my answers.

This was an unforced error. Anyone who watched the televised negotiation between Trump and a bi-partisan ground of legislatures realized that Trump was ready to sign a deal including DACA, increased border security including construction of a wall and an end to chain migration. He was even willing to negotiate on comprehensive immigration reform. During the public meeting, Democrats appeared to be equally wiling to negotiate on this. However, shortly after the public meeting, negotiations full apart as soon as the television cameras were turned off. Dick Durbin leaked alleged comments by Trump and literally accused him of being a racist. If Durbin thought this would intimidate Donald Trump into making a deal it was a major miscalculation. As pointed out earlier, Trump is not that easy to intimidate. He denied the allegations and declared that he was no longer willing to negotiate with Democrats because they cannot be trusted.

This could get even worse for Democrats. A four-page classified memo documenting abuse of FISA has now been seen by 180 Republicans. So far, all of them have expressed shock and outrage at what they saw. We can expect the House Intelligence Committee to vote to release this memo to the public. Unless Donald Trump objects, which is unlikely, that is likely to be released next Friday.

Devin Nunes was given evidence of this last March. But he did not leak details to the press, instead he waited for the results of at least four investigations. For months, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy District Attorney Rod Rosenstein have repeatedly referred to ongoing investigations and have promised to take appropriate actions when they were complete. They were hammered by conservatives who were demanding immediate action. Several called for Jeff Sessions to resign. My guess is that Sessions, Wray and Rosenstein were all equally outraged. But, they were not looking for a short term political score, they were working toward indictments and prosecution.

It is very simple. If Republicans are right about this memo, the American people will also be shocked and outraged, and they will demand answers. If they are wrong, then it will be Republicans who have made a huge blunder. We will soon know.



On July 8, 2010 I wrote a blog entitled: “RED SPY IN THE MORNING.” The United States had captured ten Russian spies after years of investigation. All ten spies plead guilty and were immediately swapped for four U.S. citizens imprisoned in Russia. This all happened at light speed and few people noticed. It seemed pretty bizarre to me, which is why I wrote my blog:


I wrote a follow-up article on July 27, 2010. This included an article posted in Accuracy in Media.


I had forgotten all about this until I watched a report by Dick Morris. He made reference to this and he connected it to the Uranium One deal.

One thing Morris definitely got right is that this all took place during the Uranium One deal. In June 2010, Bill Clinton gave a speech in Moscow for a $500,000 fee. The following article in gives a timeline of the Uranium One deal:

This seems impossible to believe. It is hard to imagine such blatant disregard for our National Security by a former President and a Secretary of State apparently with the cooperation of the Obama administration. Yet, there sure are a lot of interesting “coincidences” here. Numerous people are alleging that the FBI, the CIA, The NSA and possible other federal agencies appear to have been colluding with the Hillary Clinton campaign to destroy her political opponents. If they are right, then Dick Morris sounds a lot more rational. I sincerely hope this is not true, because the implications of this are mind-numbing.

A lot of people thought that it would take a miracle for Donald Trump to beat Hillary Clinton. Perhaps it really was a miracle. Maybe this is just how God works. Horribly flawed people, with tremendous ability, seem to surface at just the right time to save the day. If one watched “Darkest Hour” it is hard to explain Winston Churchill becoming Prime Minister in May 1940, other than as a result of divine intervention. No one, other than ordinary citizens, thought that Churchill, with his all too obvious idiosyncratic habits was remotely qualified to be Prime Minister of Britain. Yet he may literally have been the only person capable of standing up to both the British establishment and Adolph Hitler. Donald Trump’s flaws are more than obvious and few, other than ordinary citizens, thought he was a good choice to be President of the United States. Yet, he too may have been the only man really capable of beating Hillary Clinton and cleaning the swamp.



The House Intelligence committee is going to vote to de-classify the document summarizing the findings regarding the Trump dossier. Every Republican will vote yes. Every Democrat will vote no. Once that happens, the President of the United States has 5 days to say no. If he does not object, the memo becomes public. I doubt that Donald Trump will say no. Some credible people believe that this memo will result in loud demands for an abrupt end to the Mueller investigation. Many are predicting indictments of top officials, with the obvious candidates working for the FBI. Everyone who has seen the memo acts like they have found the Holy Grail.

If Trump says no, then the entire House must vote on the subject. Perhaps that is why the House Intelligence committee is showing this to every congressional representative, including every Democrat. Democrats would be committing political suicide if they vote against disclosing this document.

I think the only question at this time is how long Democrats will risk continuing to support the cover-up. Every minute they delay releasing this document the more damage, potentially permanent, to the Democratic Party. That only way that could be avoided at this point would be in Republicans have got this all wrong or Democrats have some bombshell smoking gun evidence no one knows about. At this point I don’t even think it would help if Democrats did have smoking gun evidence because it would be close to impossible to believe them.

What would make this even worse for Democrats is if they shut down the government so that 3.6 million illegal “DACA” people could instantly become citizens and vote to keep Democrats in power. I think they are totally misreading the American people on that subject. That is particularly true when Democrats simultaneously refuse to secure the border. Regardless of how one feels about the DACA people, if this passes without securing the border, people from all over the world will rush to our borders in a desperate attempt to somehow get their children across the line. That should be obvious to everyone. Europe is paying a terrible price for opening their borders to unscreened refugees. There is a report today that Italians in Italy are now a minority. Nice!

This week was FISA week for congress. Next week will be FISA week for the rest of us. Next week is very likely to be a week that rocks our world.



It is now clear that Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have received documents that are extremely disturbing.  While we do not have access to the documents we do know that several Republicans are describing this as much worse than Watergate.

Today Representative Matt Gaetz released a very strong statement:

“The House must immediately make public the memo prepared by the Intelligence Committee regarding the FBI and the Department of Justice. The facts contained in this memo are jaw-dropping and demand full transparency. There is no higher priority than the release of this information to preserve our democracy,”

The House Intelligence Committee voted today to allow all congressional members to view a summary report of classified documents behind the “Clinton Dossier.”  Let me correct that.  Every Republican on the committee voted for this.  Every Democrat on the committee voted against it.

This clearly is a bombshell document.  Look at the controls that are in place to allow House members access to this document.

“There will be no copies of the report handed out to House members.  Instead, a copy will be made available for them to read in a secure room in the Capital.  They won’t be able to take the report out of the room, but they will know the answers to the questions.”

Democrats on the House Intelligence committee are clearly desperate to prevent anyone, in either party, from seeing this. That is confirmation that both Republicans and Democrats view this document as a political bombshell.  It is extremely disappointing and unacceptable that Democrats are stonewalling this.  The House Intelligence committee is one of the most important institutions in congress.  Both parties are expected to only appoint members to this committee that are dedicated to putting the country first.  That is why this committee, and in many cases ONLY THIS COMMITTEE, is authorized access to highly classified documents.  Sadly, it is hard to argue that the Democrats on this committee come close to meeting this standard.

The delay tactics by those Democrats on the House Intelligence committee are doomed to failure.  It is no longer a question of whether or not this information goes public, but rather when it goes public.  There are 193 Democrats in the House of Representatives.  All it will take is for one of those 193 Democrats to have the same opinion of this as Republicans.  It is hard to imagine someone like Senator Joe Manchin ignoring this.  I think it is only a matter of time and when it blows it will blow sky high.

It is often said that the cover-up is always worse than the crime.  People may forgive someone for doing something wrong.  They are not nearly as forgiving when one is caught trying to hide the truth from the public.  A lot of Democrats may learn this the hard way.



The main stream media cannot come to grip with the reality of President Donald Trump. Perhaps Trey Gowdy said it best when he pointed out that the liberals in the main stream media don’t know anyone who voted for Donald Trump, so they can’t believe this really happened. The entire main stream media lives in a self-created, narcissistic alternative universe oblivious to the real world. Yesterday, we saw that on full display live on National Television. This reminds me of the James Jones cult where over 900 people committed mass suicide by drinking cyanide poison mixed with Kool-Aid. Everyone who drank that Kool-Aid died. When we talk about people drinking the Kool-Aid, we are talking about the Jonestown, Guyana mass suicide. The main stream media has clearly drunk deeply from the cup of poisoned liberal leftist Kool-Aid. They literally committed mass intellectual suicide in an unprecedented public display of mass hysteria. Ironically, they are probably too stupid to realize they just embarrassed themselves.

The main stream media has been determined to destroy Donald Trump since day one and they lurk from one ridiculous Don Quixote attack to the next. Each one more ridiculous, each one more desperate, each one completely divorced from reality. Finally, when nothing else worked, they decided that since they cannot understand Donald Trump, he must be suffering from dementia. They convinced themselves that he is too mentally unstable to be President of the United States. They laid awake nights dreaming of rational people recognizing the sad reality and joining together to remove this nightmare from office. Countless experts, particularly on CNN, have waxed ineloquent on this ad nauseum. The entire White House news corps had managed, without any evidence, to convince themselves of the ridiculous. They never even considered the possibility that they were wrong.

Donald Trump authorized the White House physician to give a press conference and to answer any questions about his physical and mental condition. The White House press corps went nuts. One of them even asked if Donald Trump had dentures, as if that somehow was relevant. They asked if he was addicted to drugs. They asked how he could possibly be in good health eating fast food, drinking diet coke and doing very little exercise. They asked numerous questions about his mental health and his cognitive functions. It soon became apparent that the White House Physician was the only adult in a room full of slobbering snowflakes unable to grasp the reality that Donald Trump is a real person, he is in good health, and by the way, he is very smart and fully rational. If one was looking for delusional emotionally immature hopelessly naïve Kool-Aid drinkers incapable of accepting reality, well they were the ones asking all the idiotic questions.

I have never seen anything like this and hope to never see it again. Actually, I probably will watch it again, because it is so bad it is actually funny. If they weren’t serious in their mission to remove a U.S. President, this would be hysterical.

Every one of these so-called news reporters should be fired on the spot and replaced with real people who have at least some grasp of reality. But that would require logic and common sense from those who run the main stream media, so this is the least likely outcome. The main stream media has become an embarrassment to the country.

Then I had a glimpse of the future and found it hard to suppress a giggle. These are the same clowns predicting a blue wave that will restore Democrats to power in the House and the Senate, so THEY can impeach Trump and save the universe. In case some of you were worried about that prediction take a moment to reflect on everything they got right during the last 18 months. I rest my case.

Trump flew over the Cuckoo’s nest and the cuckoos went insane.


This is going to be FISA week in Washington, D.C. One of the reason Democrats ran wild accusations of racism against Donald Trump is that they are terrified of the story about to hit. The Trump scandals have been based on poorly sourced leaks that never seem to hold up to scrutiny. If there was anything resembling a smoking gun the media would have gone stark raving nuts. But the opposite is true with regard to alleged collusion between Russia and the Hillary Campaign, the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, the State Department and a cast of thousands. There are also ongoing investigations into the Clinton private e-mail server and Uranium One. While you’ve been sleeping the CIA, the FBI and the NSA have been investigating. Those investigations are now over and documents are being delivered to congress. As I write this, teams of highly skilled and focused investigators are digging through a mountain of evidence in a lucrative hunt for pure gold. They are bound to find pay dirt. There has already been an indictment with regard to Uranium One.

Liberals believed that Hillary Clinton was the most qualified candidate to ever run for President while Donald Trump represented the Sum of all Fears. They convinced themselves that Putin must have wanted Trump to win, because he hated Hillary. That is why they were so willing to accept the Obama administration absurd conclusion that Russia tried to interfere in our election to help Trump. Obama even ordered sanctions on Russia to make this look real. When you hear or read that 17 Intelligence Agencies all agreed with this assessment, keep in mind that this means John Clapper, DNI said this. We now know that Clapper may have been part of the problem. The Russia was trying to help Trump theory was and is nonsense.

All of this is based on the alleged hacking of the DNC e-mail server by Russia. The main stream media swallowed that myth hook, line and sinker, because they wanted to believe, but the evidence is beyond thin. DNC server security was pathetic. It could have been hacked by an eight year old. For example; John Podesta allegedly used “password” as his password. Seriously? WikiLeaks, which published the DNC e-mails, says they did not come from Russia. Russia says they did not come from Russia. Neither the FBI or the NSA was allowed to do a forensic investigation of the DNC server. Everyone is relying on reports from a company hired by the Hillary Clinton campaign. It’s not like they had an incentive to blame Russia, course not.

In addition, this all assumes that Russia wanted to help Trump beat Hillary. Granted Putin, like a lot of other people, probably hates Hillary. But he also knows that her Russia Reset thingee was a joke. If the rumors about Uranium One are accurate, he also knew that Hillary was for sale. We definitely know that a Russian company, with alleged ties to Putin, invested big time in a biofuel firm that was guaranteed to make a killing if Hillary was elected and she maintained President Obama’s insane global warming initiatives. One could argue that Putin “needed” Hillary to win. That is consistent with Russia intelligence helping Fusion GPS create that Russian Dossier that was clearly intended to help Hillary defeat Donald Trump. If Putin really wanted Trump to win he would never have allowed Russian intelligence to participate in that dossier.

While the liberal left and the main stream media was running wild with what they considered to be an uninterrupted succession of victories, in reality they achieved nothing other than to destroy their own credibility. Trump is still standing tall and he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The main stream media, on the other hand, is reduced to weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth while lurking in his gigantic shadow. In the meantime, truly serious people continued their investigation:

Operation Condor – How NSA Director Mike Rogers Saved The U.S. From a Massive Constitutional Crisis…

Admiral Mike Rogers, Director of the NSA ordered the NSA compliance officer to run a full audit on 702 NSA compliance. One issue was the use of “About Queries.” This allows queries or searches of the content of e-mails and phone conversations on any subject matter put into the search field. Rogers immediately ordered the “About Query” activity to stop, he reported the activity to the DOJ and then personal reported this to the fully FISC assembly. He informed the FISC about the 702(17) violations and permanently stopped “About Query.” Shortly after this the head of DOJ – National Security Division, John P. Carlin resigned. We know that both Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and DNI John Clapper asked President Obama to fire Mike Rogers.

Unless all the reports are wrong, those FISA documents are about to explode. Devin Nunes has announced publicly that he intends to brief all 435 congressional representatives on these documents. That includes every Democrat and every Republican. Unless he is irredeemable stupid, he believes these documents will shock people in both parties.

At some point, probably sooner than later, the main stream media has to cover this story. Once they start we are likely to see an unprecedented feeding frenzy. Just think about how quickly everyone joined in the hunt for men who sexually harrass women after they just ignored the problem for decades. A lot of people are going to be very embarrassed that they missed the story of their lifetime that was right under their noses all the time.’s_none_so_blind_as_those_who_will_not_see

“There’s none so blind as those who will not see.”



The conventional wisdom is that Kim Jong Un is a dangerous psychopath on an insane mission to obtain nuclear weapons.  It is undeniable that he is very dangerous and he definitely is determined to get nuclear weapons.  A nuclear armed North Korea would constitute a risk that no President could ignore.  However, when evaluating him, it is important to realize that the history of the Korean War looks very different to us than it does to Kim Jong Un.  Our version of the Korean War is that North Korea attacked South Korea.  South Korea was quickly over-run.  Douglas McArthur saved our bacon and turned things completely around.  He routed the North Korean Army all the way to the border with China.  China invaded North Korea and pushed us back to the DMZ.  While there is a cease fire, technically the war never ended.

The part that most Americans do not realize is that during the war the United States soon established air supremacy by destruction of North Korean aircraft in the air and on the ground.  The U.S. Far East Air Forces (FEAF) used B29 bombers to conduct massive aerial assaults on transport centers, industrial hubs and to some extent cities.  In November 1950 FEAF began an intensive firebombing campaign that incinerated multiple North Korean cities:

A report by an international fact finding mission from East Germany, West Germany, China and the Netherlands stated: “The members in the whole course of their journey, did not see one town that had not been destroyed and there were very few undamaged villages.”

The following article provides estimates of the Korean War Casualties.

These estimates are probably too low, particularly with regard to civilian casualties in North Korea.

The point is that the government and people of North Korea experienced first-hand the impact of a massive bombing campaign by the United States with little or no capacity for defense.  Prior to the war the population of North Korea was estimated to be 9 million.  The death toll in North Korea is estimated to be 1.5 million.  That is over three times the estimated number of deaths in South Korea.  I have seen other estimates suggesting two million civilian deaths in North Korea.  By any measure, a significant percentage of the North Korea population died during the war and many of those casualties were civilians killed by U.S. bombing raids.

We have a long history of fighting wars with massive bombing campaigns.  North Korea knows that if there is a war, the pattern will be repeated, only with even more destructive results.  North Korea reportedly has close to 1 million active troops with another 5.5 million in reserve.  They could do a lot of damage, but when Kim Jong Un says only a nuclear weapon will enable North Korea to defend itself against a super power like the United States, he actually has a point.

We also have a bad habit of changing our mind.  For example Qaddafy was told we would stop trying to remove him from power if he stopped his nuclear arms program and started helping us capture terrorists.  He kept his part of the bargain.  So did we, while Bush, was President.  Barack Obama changed his mind.  NATO bombed Libya into submission. Qaddafy was killed and Hillary Clinton gloated saying: “We came, we saw, he died.” Qaddafy is gone but Libya, by all accounts, is a total mess. Many people argue that removing Saddam Hussein was also a huge mistake, but at least Saddam Hussein was considered a threat to us.  No one even argues that Qaddafy was a threat to the U.S.  He just paid a terrible price for trusting us.

While we would be insane to trust Kim Jong Un, one could argue that he would be equally insane to trust us.  Perhaps we can put him in a position where we can make him an offer he can’t afford to turn down.  So far that hasn’t come close to working.  Every day there is a delay we are one day closer to the point of no return.  If we wait until he is capable of hitting us with a nuclear weapon, we will have waited too long.

A lot of people are forgetting something very important.  Donald Trump is President of the United States and he has a duty to defend us.  When you undermine his credibility, particularly to our enemies, you put us all at risk.  They used to say that politics stopped at our borders.  Unfortunately, that is far from true today.  I don’t know if Donald Trump or anyone else can fix this.  I do know that if the main stream media continues their daily attempts to discredit him it will be increasingly difficult to even imagine a good outcome. If Kim Jong Un believes the main stream media reports that Trump is a liar who cannot be trusted, then the situation moves from hopeless to beyond hopeless.  If that happens the only predictable outcome is that the main stream media will blame everything on Donald Trump.



The following article by the Conservative Tree House is mind-numbing. It is hard to imagine it really being this bad. The problem is that several things on this timeline are already documented by facts and I am unaware of any documentation disputing a single item on this timeline:

Before reading this, pay close attention to the following report about what Devin Nunes is telling his Republican colleagues in congress:

Nunes says he intends to read all 435 members of Congress into major abuses with other areas of FISA. That means he intends to give his information to Democrats and Republicans. Everyone assumes that Nunes is focused on the Russian Dossier. But that is not actually what Nunes said. He said he has clear evidence that shows abuse of government surveillance programs by FBI and Justice Department officials. He did not limit this to actions taken against the Trump campaign or the Trump transition team. He may be showing this to Democrats because they may have been targets too.

On May 25, 2017 Andrew McCarthy wrote an article alleging that the illegal surveillance of Americans goes back long before the Presidential election. It was only disclosed in October of 2016.

The FISA Court made a finding on May 24, 2017 that the NSA under President Obama ROUTINELY violated American privacy protections.

Note the following quote from the FISA court. It seems clear:

“NSA analysts had used U.S.-person identifiers to query the result of Internet “upstream” collection even though NSA’s section 702 minimization procedures prohibited such queries…this disclosure gave the Court substantial concern.”

The report also showed that the frequency was higher than previously disclosed to the court. In other words, they were lying about it. The court referred to this as an institutional lack of candor on the part of the NSA. The report indicated that investigations by the NSA had yielded preliminary results that the problem was widespread during all periods under review.

In April of 2016, techdirt reported that FISA court had uncovered more abuse by the NSA and FBI. Note: this article was from APRIL 2016. It makes references to findings from November 2015. This goes back a lot farther than the presidential election.

The FBI claimed it had put in procedures (April 2016) to prevent further abuse. Based on what we know now, about the Russia Dossier and Fusion GPS, that clearly did not happen.

Mike Rogers was appointed Director of the NSA in April 2014. At some point Rogers became aware of this an ordered an investigation. We don’t know the timeline, but we do know that by October of 2016, he had notified the FISA court of a pattern of violation. Almost immediately James Clapper, DNI and Ashton Carter recommended that Rogers be fired from the NSA. On November 17, 2016 Rogers briefs Donald Trump regarding surveillance. Trump immediately moves his transition team out of Trump Tower. James Clapper and Ashton Carter again recommend that President Obama fire Rogers.

We don’t know why Obama didn’t fire Rogers, but we suspect part of the reason is that he was terrified of what Rogers might say. To put it bluntly, Rogers knew where the bodies were buried.

Democrats ignored all this because they were too concerned about a silly meeting between Donald Trump, Jr. and a female Russian attorney with dubious connections to anyone. This is clear evidence of how Democrats always zoom in on issues material to our national security, but only if they suspect Republicans.

I don’t know if this timetable is accurate. I suspect some of it is true, and some of it is speculation. It does appear to be well-sourced. If it is true it appears likely that Nunes is going to have an earth shattering meeting with Democratic members of congress. He just may be getting ready to confront them with irrefutable evidence that President Barack Obama had weaponized the intelligence agencies against his perceived enemies and at least some of them were Democrats. In other words, Obama was spying on everyone about everything.

It is hard to imagine the main stream media being oblivious to this. But they were either too stupid to notice, too biased to care or part of the cover-up. Which explanation do you prefer? These are not minor allegations. They strike at the core of our democracy.

If Hillary Clinton had been elected, as expected, we would probably wouldn’t know any of this. Odds seem high that Hillary Clinton, with what appears to be a lifetime record of corruption and abuse of power, would have taken this to a new level. We may have really dodged a bullet here.



In 2013 Governor Edmund G. (Jerry) Brown signed AB 340 and AB 197 enacting the California Public Employee’s Pension Reform Act of 2013. Few people noticed that the intent of this law was to allow California to cut pension benefits, for existing retirees. Currently there are three lawsuits regarding this law headed toward the Supreme Court. Governor Brown personally intervened to encourage the Supreme Court to rule in favor of those this law.

Here is what Brown just said:

“There is more flexibility than there is currently assumed by those who discuss the California rule,” Brown said during a briefing on the budget in Sacramento. He said that in the next recession, the governor “will have the option of considering pension cutbacks for the first time.”

What Brown knows, and dare not tell you, is that it won’t take a recession to have the problem. The problem is already here and the economy can’t possible grow fast enough make a difference.

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (“CALPERS”) doesn’t have nearly enough assets to cover its liability. CALPERS reports about $344 billion in assets. If we assume that represents 68% of what is required, as reported by CALPERS, it is underfunded by $161 billion.

Unfortunately that estimate is almost certainly too low. Sanford did a study published in December of 2016 and it showed that the market value of California’s pension debt was $1 trillion dollars. That amounts to a cost of $93,000 for every California household. If that is true, then CALPER was underfunded by $656 billion in 2016. It is almost certainly worse today.

Let’s put that in perspective. According to the Los Angeles Times, the total budget for California during the 2017-18 fiscal year is $190.3 billion. Of that amount, the General Fund budget is estimated at $131, billion. If CALPERS cannot pay the pensions due, you and I have to pay them. There have been attempts to require public sector union employees to contribute a little more, like everyone else. The unions fought them tooth and nail. Courts have consistently ruled that these benefits are guaranteed.

When Jerry Brown talks about flexibility, he means the ability to make any cuts at all. Right now, retired Public Sector employees are guaranteed the first bite of the California apple.

If CALPERS is underfunded by a mere $161 billion, that is 122% of the entire general fund budget. If the Stanford estimate of $656 billion is accurate, that is 5 times the general fund budget. This is why Governor Brown is beyond desperate to change the law. But even if he succeeds, that won’t solve the deficit problem. It will just include cutting existing pension benefits as one of the many painful things that will be required for the state to stay solvent.

Imagine paying; say $10,000 more per year in Tax. Imagine K-12 Education spending, Health and Human Services, Higher Education, Corrections and Rehabilitation and everything else, including any spending on infrastructure cut to the bone. You are paying much higher taxes and getting next to nothing in return except a degrading educational system, poor health care and lousy roads. Everyone, except your former neighbor who used to work for the state, is feeling the pain.

That former neighbor is now living the high life with his generous California pension, including free lifetime health care. He sold his home and moved to Nevada, where he purchased a better home for a lot less money. He loves Nevada, because now he doesn’t have to pay California Income Tax, which he considers to be too high. Any attempt to reduce his pension, even by a small amount, will be met with outrage.

Even if Governor Brown gets his way and is able to cut pensions, by a little, at some distant point in the future, you will still be paying much higher taxes and all or most of that increase in taxes will be going to people like your former neighbor. This is what happens when you keep electing Democrats, totally under the control of public sector unions, who make promises with your money they can’t possibly keep.

The only question is when this will happen? The California workforce, like the rest of the country, is aging rapidly. Public sector workers can retire at a much younger age than the rest of us, and that makes the problem even worse. Perhaps, just perhaps, politicians in California will be able to kick this can down the road, a little farther, but we are rapidly running out of road.

There was an article in the Sacbee published in March 2015 that explains what is happening:

I love the following quotes from Joe Beck, who now lives in Las Vegas: “You could see it coming in California, the big tax increases, the poorer quality of life. You know what the difference is between the people on the Titanic and people in California who voted for Brown? The people on the Titanic didn’t have a choice.”

Beck left out the part that he is very happy collecting his California pension and his primary complaint about Brown is that he is trying to cut his pension even a little.
Sadly, as bad as this is, Jerry Brown was probably a better choice for Governor than any other Democrat.