Democrats have a serious Biden problem. In addition to the video of Biden embarrassing himself, and the country, again, at the G7 conference, there are reports that foreign leaders were shocked at his mental deterioration. While these types of rumors are impossible to confirm, in this case it would be hard to imagine any other response. One suspects that even people suffering from Stage IV Trump Derangement Syndrome can see this. That begs the question, what on earth is anyone going to do about this?

Keep in mind that it is never a good idea to assume actions based on logic and common sense by people who have never made decisions based on logic and common sense in the past. If wise people ran the Democratic establishment, they would have solved the Joe Biden problem months ago. Did anyone seriously think that Joe Biden would miraculously get his act together once the weather became warmer? Seriously? They went all in on frivolous indictments brought by delusional and hopelessly naïve prosecutors. They went all in on a snicker bar.

The first Presidential debate is scheduled for June 27th in Atlanta. Here are the debate rules:

What we know about how the CNN presidential debate will work (

Joe Biden did manage to get through the State of the Union address. Of course that was with the help of a Teleprompter. Some believe he was doped up. In any event, it is far from certain he can get through this debate. If he shows up, and Biden is Biden, it will eliminate any chance of him winning in November. What’s a mother to do? Desperate times call for desperate measures and this is beyond desperate.

I will be surprised if Joe shows up for this debate. This would be an excellent time for an international emergency. Sorry Donald, but the country comes first and Joe is too busy being President to take time off for a silly debate. But that could backfire. Biden is very unlikely to handle any real emergency well. If anything, a real national emergency might scare even hard-core Democrats into abandoning jolting Joe.

This caused me to speculate of what else Democrats could do. Remember, they are now in pure panic mode. What if they sent in Gavin Newsom, at the last minute, to take Biden’s place? Incredibly many naïve Democrats, not actually from California, think that Newsom is the golden boy who can lead them back to the Promised land. These people probably think Newsom won his debate with Ron De Santis. Those who believe that should check with Newsom’s wife, who dragged him off the debate stage before he wet himself further in public.

This would be a challenge for Trump. If he refused to debate Newsom, they would say he was terrified. If he debates Newsom and it is even close, the MSM will crown Newsom king of the hill. Newsom could replace Kamala Harris as VP and Kamala could run for Governor of California. California is the only state dumb enough to elect Kamala Harris to high public office.

This of course would be an impossible scheme and extremely unlikely, but it would be fun to watch. Expect anything but a decision based on logic, common sense, and sincere consideration of doing something in the best interest of the country.



The challenge with being caught between a rock and a hard place is that ignoring the problem is not a solution. I once had a highly successful business executive tell me that not making a decision is a decision, usually the worst decision.

The video’s from the G7 conference sealed the deal. Anyone watching video of this event, and this video was shown around the world, saw the current version of Joe Biden on full display. It was pathetic, but predictable. This happens every time Joe makes a public appearance. Sometimes his aides and nurse Jill attempt to cover for him, and the MSM always covers for him, but in Italy, they weren’t even in the picture.

The result is that the DNC and its fawning supporters in the MSM absolutely must make a decision. Keeping Joe Biden is not on anyone’s list of acceptable options. Democrats were hoping that they could generate enough hatred for Donald Trump so that no one would even notice Joe. Well, they noticed. Hatred for Donald Trump isn’t working anymore. Unless something changes, Donald Trump will win in a landslide and he is likely to bring a Republican House and a Republican Senate along for the ride. A united Republican Party, furious at the abuse of power put on full display by the Democratic Party and determined to implement real change. This is remarkably close to a worst-case scenario for the Democratic Party.

They could get lucky and Joe could get seriously ill or even die. But they can’t count on that. They also can’t count on him seeing reality and voluntarily departing the scene. Joe doesn’t think that way and Nurse Jill absolutely doesn’t think that way. To compound the problem, the only people more incompetent that Joe are the people he chose to be in his cabinet. Remember that even Kamala Harris looked good in comparison to them and right now she doesn’t even look good in comparison to Joe.

If Democrats had a viable alternative, they would have already done something. But they absolutely have no obvious options. Joe Manchin even left the Democratic Party. Gavin Newsom is a national joke. The problems with Kamala Harris are beyond obvious and if they try to bi-pass her, with anyone, she will not go down without a fight.

This is what happens when you rig the system to put someone like Joe Biden in the White House. There were no realistic options for correcting this mistake for at least four years and there are few realistic options for correcting this mistake now. If Donald Trump had been re-elected, he would be the ultimate lame duck President with no one in either party paying much attention to him. They would be focused on his replacement, in January 2025. But now they may have to endure four more years of him, followed by his hand-chosen replacement.

I expect something dramatic to happen and it must happen soon. Even a “Wag The Dog” scenario is possible, except that few people would unite behind Joe Biden, they would instead be screaming for a replacement.

Wag the dog – Wikipedia

“The act of creating a diversion from a damaging issue usually through military force.” 

When faced with the unthinkable, something equally unthinkable is sometimes the only option. One thing is certain, the most unlikely outcome is a continuation of the status quo. Another thing is guaranteed, Democrats will never ever even consider doing the right thing for the right reasons. That is simply not in their DNA.



Joe Biden has become the man who wasn’t there.

Hughes Mearns wrote about this in a poem in 1899.

Antigonish [I met a man who wasn’t there] by Hughes Mearns – Poems | Academy of American Poets

Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
I wish, I wish he’d go away…

When I came home last night at three
The man was waiting there for me
But when I looked around the hall
I couldn’t see him there at all!
Go away, go away, don’t you come back any more!
Go away, go away, and please don’t slam the door.

Last night I saw upon the stair
A little man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
Oh, how I wish he’d go away…

Joe Biden’s mental problems are getting worse by the day. The Hunter Biden guilty verdict didn’t help. Imagine spending about $200,000 per day to fly Nurse Jill back and forth from France, to put on a bold face for the jury, only to realize the jury did not care. More importantly, the infamous Hunter Biden laptop was confirmed to be legitimate, exposing a cover-up by the DOJ, the FBI, and the Intelligence Community colluding with the MSM. Almost every poll shows that if Americans knew about the Hunter Biden laptop in 2020, Trump would have easily defeated Joe Biden. Allegedly paying off Stormy Daniels for something that probably never happened is a lot of things, but if this is the best example of election interference by Donald Trump, then this is less than nothing. The MSM may not understand that, but it is really obvious to almost everyone else.

There have already been loud demands for Joe to drop out of the race. But Joe isn’t listening, and more importantly, Nurse Jill isn’t listening.

Those who want to sing “Goodbye Joe” have an enormous problem. There is literally no one next in line. You can’t beat somebody with nobody. Even his worse detractors realize that Donald Trump is somebody. Who’s going to beat him? Kamala Harris? Gavin Newsom? Michelle Obama? Robert DeNiro? George Clooney? Andrew Cuomo? Taylor Swift? Come on people, we are beyond desperate here. Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

“I saw a man who wasn’t there and looked around and saw absolutely nothing.”



Hunter Biden is on trial for allegedly buying a gun and lying on the gun application form. This happened in 2018. It was covered up for years, including allegations that Secret Service agents retrieved the gun from a trash barrel. Apparently, his girlfriend at the time, the widow of his brother Beau, was so concerned about him having a gun that she threw it in the trash. No one bothered to tell the police.

The facts are pretty clear. He did buy a gun. He was a drug addict actively involved in smoking crack. He was a lawyer, so the excuse that he didn’t understand the form is ridiculous. But no one was hurt, and most other rich people caught doing something like this would have walked.

The real problem here for Hunter is the coverup. Nothing happened until a Special Prosecutor was assigned. Even then the Special Prosecutor negotiated a plea deal regarding this, but the judge rejected it because it may have given Hunter immunity for almost anything. My guess is that if he had just pled guilty to a misdemeanor the judge would have accepted the deal and ended this. But instead, it was Hunter’s attorneys who turned an obvious plea deal into a trial.

It seems absurd to charge someone for illegally buying a weapon that was never used over five years ago. It would be easy to see a jury voting for acquittal, regardless of the facts, for exactly that reason. But that may not happen for several reasons. One is that the defense attorneys are trying desperately to win this case by discrediting the information and pretending that Hunter Biden wasn’t doing crack at this exact moment. In my opinion this falls into the category of “me thinks thee does protest too much.” In addition, the attendance in court of Jill Biden could backfire. Some jury members may consider this to be an obvious attempt to prejudice the jury. It doesn’t help that Joe Biden is so flagrantly self-righteous about the need for gun control legislation.

If I were on that jury, I would probably vote for conviction, but send the judge a note recommending an alternative to prison time. If the prosecution insists on demanding that Hunter go to prison, they may lose because of that.

Another problem for Hunter is that if you want to look at a prosecution for purely political purposes, well we just saw that. The jury there didn’t hesitate to find Trump guilty, without regard to the facts and the evidence. In addition, a lot of people are loudly demanding that Trump be sent to prison for a non-crime.

The result is that this is impossible to predict. Presenting Hunter Biden as an innocent drug addict is complicated by his extravagant lifestyle, his spending $50,000 on “something.” His brags about drug abuse in memos and, well, the pictures etc., from the laptop. Some of the members of the jury apparently have relatives with drug addition problems. But odds are they didn’t have $50,000 in loose change available to buy their way out. It is impossible to judge what percentage of compassion they will feel for Hunter Biden or possible outrage at what he has already gotten away with. Either way, this is not exactly going to help the Biden campaign. Even an acquittal won’t do much and a conviction would be a real nightmare. It is a lose-lose situation either way.

In the meantime, the airways are flooded with gun smoke. It was a great TV show, not so great in real life.



The second Civil War has already started. We all better pray that violence is not just around the corner. The issue here is not whether Trump did anything wrong. Most of us, who don’t have billions of dollars in spare change are appalled at famous people paying large sums of money on non-disclosure agreements solely to save themselves embarrassment. We also don’t like the filthy rich who seem to always spend significant sums to avoid paying taxes. We just realize that many, if not most, of the loudest voices trashing Trump have done the same, or worse. But even more importantly, these events happened years ago, and the only reason there even was a trial was for political purposes. Democrats are on a mission to use the legal system to punish anyone who gets in the way of their lust for total power. Power that they have already used to corrupt the system and mismanage everything they touch.

But this time, they did something we haven’t seen since Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor united the country against Japan and later Germany. This hush money case has united Republicans against Democrats. Even Republicans who don’t like Trump and who don’t really want him to be the Republican nominee understand that while Republicans were not at war with Democrats, Democrats were at war with Republicans. This trial made that beyond obvious and the results were instant and predictable.

Shortly after the “conviction” was announced, the Trump campaign set an enormous record for getting political contributions. While some, probably most, of these contributions came from individuals, some very prominent Democrats, who supported people like Hillary Clinton, have also donated to the Trump campaign.

Many Republicans immediately rose to Trump’s defense. This included most members of congress. If Democrats thought this would cause Republicans to abandon Trump, they made a horrible miscalculation. Ten Republican members of the Senate have declared they will oppose any increases to non-security related funding, Biden judicial and political nominations and “expedited consideration and passage” of Democratic Legislation.

It has been obvious for some time that the Democratic version of democracy is having Democrats totally in control. If given the chance, they would replace the current Supreme Court with clones of Judge Marchan. They obviously will not hesitate to use our courts to punish political opponents. Incredibly, this is being done at the same time real criminals are given a slap on the wrist and a cookie before getting released to attack someone else. Those who accuse Republicans of wanting to destroy our democracy are themselves doing exactly that.

Now is a time to remember when Barry Goldwater said: “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Tolerance in the face of tyranny is no virtue.” The good news is that Republicans seem to have figured this out. Republicans in congress must move quickly. This case has the potential for a lot of people to lose faith in the institutions that are necessary for our democracy to survive.

This insane trial and ridiculous conviction of Donald Trump for doing something that wasn’t actually a crime has already transformed at least some people from disappointment to outright anger. Fortunately, most of these people will respond by supporting their candidates and showing up in force in November. But this situation has also angered people who may show little or no such restraint. It would be no surprise if at least some of them take drastic and irresponsible action.  Those people who continue to support re-electing someone as obviously incompetent as Joe Biden despite his horrendous record regarding the border, the economy and national security, should take heed. Be careful what you sow because you are likely to reap the whirlwind. Shots have already been fired. Ignoring this is not actually an option.



The decision by the Biden Campaign to stage a news conference on the doorstep of the courthouse where Trump is on trial was incredibly stupid. Sending out Robert De Niro, wearing a face mask, surrounded by security, to read an irrational rant defies explanation. If there was any doubt that this was a politically motivated trial, sending out De Niro removed all doubt.

There are rumors that Biden intends to hold a press conference to celebrate Trump’s conviction and that his campaign is already preparing material to describe Trump as a “convicted felon.”

None of this, of course, changes any of the facts. It increases the probability of any guilty verdict being promptly overturned by a court. At a minimum this is almost certain to be declared a mistrial.

So why do this? Why do people do incredibly stupid things? Sometimes the primary reason is pure panic. What makes these actions most significant is that they provide proof positive that the Biden campaign knows it is losing and they are terrified at losing by an unprecedented landslide.

While there are always going to be some polls showing this to be a close election, most polls show that Biden is losing support of Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, and even younger voters. Democrats absolutely depend on these voting blocks to win any election. If they lose in these demographics, they will get trounced. Even if these people don’t vote for Trump, all that matters is that they won’t vote for Biden.

This leaves one final and equally obvious observation. If they are this desperate to do something this incredibly stupid, what on earth will they consider doing next? I am sure they would love to just replace Joe with somebody. But getting rid of Joe is not enough, they also need to replace Kamala and that may be a bridge too far. The result is that the DNC, which knows it has the ultimate losing hand in Joe Biden is equally terrified at playing the game using the Kamala Harris card. Kamala may be the only person capable of suffering a worse wipeout in November than Joe Biden. She was the first Democratic challenger to drop out of the 2020 Democratic primaries because she was polling lower than all the other candidates. This was after the MSM tried to promote her as the coveted Black Female Superstar candidate only to learn that absolutely no one was buying this. She came, they saw, and everyone immediately looked for an alternative, any other alternative. Eventually they settled on Joe Biden who’s only qualification was that he was less disgusting that the rest of the class. In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is King.

Incredibly, it is at least possible that this jury will not vote to convict Trump. If there is anyone on that jury paying attention, that is even likely. Granted they were carefully selected to guarantee a conviction and the personal pressure on them must be enormous. But all it would take is for one of them to say no and the result is a hung jury. If they all say no, it will be an immediate fatal blow to the Biden campaign. If they all say yes, it will have extraordinarily little negative impact on Trump. This is the ultimate lose-lose scenario to the Biden Campaign, the MSM and the DNC. That, and only that, explains the decision to let Robert De Niro faceplant in public.



Memorial day is a time to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice while defending our country. Those of us who served in combat are reminded of friends who served with us who did not make it back home. It is good that we do this, and this is one time when, briefly, partisan politics, are put on the back burner.

But there is another element to this story, expressed most eloquently by Abraham Lincoln during the Gettysburg Address. Here is what he said:

“But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate—we can not consecrate—we can not hallow—this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedomand that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”


Lincoln said it best, the only authentic way to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defending this country is to make sure they did not die in vain. That can only be achieved by doing whatever is necessary to preserve the freedom for which they paid such a high price. There is no substitute for victory.

As a Vietnam combat veteran, each memorial day I am reminded that after Richard Nixon was driven out of office, congress decided, after careful reflection, that the war they started and the war that sent so many of us into armed conflict wasn’t worth it. So, they not only just quit, but they also prevented President Ford from providing any assistance to our former allies in Vietnam. They handcuffed him so that he was powerless to prevent the predicable defeat of South Vietnam and in doing so cast the sacrifices made by those who fought and specially those who died there on the scrap heap of history. Not only did they do that, but they fostered an environment where those of us who fought there not only were never welcomed home, but we were also not even thanked for our service. We were instead mischaracterized as losers, who lost a war that didn’t matter. When I first arrived home, at LAX, after three tours of duty in Southeast Asia, I was greeted by some hippy looking folks who spit on me and called me a war criminal.

If we really want to honor those who fought and specifically those who died, we must demand that our leaders in Washington, D.C. are totally committed to the principles for which so many people have fought and died. We must demand that our youth are never again sent into battle without a full commitment to victory. Most of all we must demand that our elected official have the character necessary to make the difficult but necessary decisions to preserve “freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Putting up flags and having brief moments of silence is nice, but it is no substitute for the real meaning of Memorial Day.



The planned insurrection to defeat Donald Trump finally and totally is rapidly collapsing. None of the numerous lawsuits against him for alleged criminal activity have any hope of success. He may or may not be convicted by this silly farce of a trial in New York City. Incredibly the case is so bad that even a New York jury may not go along. But if he is convicted, there will be an immediate appeal, the case will be put on hold, and at some point, this silly exercise will be placed on the legal scrapheap of history.

The Jack Smith plot against the Presidency is also collapsing and it is Jack Smith who is increasingly under legal scrutiny. Now we learn that the FBI had written authorization to use force, if necessary, when searching Mar-a-logo. Now odds are the FBI always has similar authorization, but that does not mean there was any support for the FBI to show up in force, including directions to trauma centers, to search Mar-a-logo where the biggest obstacle would have been either the U.S. Secret Service, sworn to protect former President Donald Trump, or a locked door. It is beyond absurd to pretend this FBI raid was anything other than a stagged event designed to trash the image of the hated Donald Trump. Ironically, the administration that wants to take guns away from almost everyone is the administration most anxious to use them in a display of force. They may not understand the irony of that, but it is crystal clear to those not inflicted by Trump Derangement Syndrome blindness episodes.

As for the Georgia case, while Fani Willis was predictably chosen by Democrats in her district to continue in office, there are other people who are likely to end her career. In the meantime, that case is on hold until after the election, a point at which Democrats will cease to care. After all the only point of any of this nonsense was to prevent Trump from running for re-election. After the election, no one will even pretend to care.

Things are so bad that even CNN noticed. Odds are someone in charge figured out something important. Unless something changes Trump will be the next President of the United States and any MSM outlet expecting to thrive by regurgitating a daily dose of Trump Derangement Syndrome will suffer a similar fate to Bud Light after the Dylan Mulvaney circus.  No one in the MSM will like Trump any more than they do now, but they will need him, and they absolutely need readers and viewers if they hope to survive.

All of this is beyond obvious, which means it is also obvious to the real leaders in the DNC. They will try to do something, and consider anything, to turn this mess around. Zero consideration will be given to protecting Joe Biden. His only value was as a tool to defeat Donald Trump. Once that tool is determined to be worthless, his value will become less than worthless. He is extremely likely to be the designated fall guy. This will work because he is exceptionally good at falling.

Democrats are in full panic mode and people in this mode seldom make rational decisions. In addition, these folks haven’t demonstrated the ability to make rational decisions for an extraordinarily long time. Then, to create the perfect storm, they chose incredibly incompetent people to assume positions of party leadership. The odds of this working out well are extremely low.

We should be prepared for desperate people to try everything. Most people don’t realize that the reason Lyndon Johnson started bombing North Vietnam is that Barry Goldwater was rapidly gaining on him in the polls. Once congress backed LBJ with the Tonkin Bay Resolution, Goldwater never stood a chance. LBJ won but a lot of people, including me, paid an extremely high price for that victory.

The good news is that God is in control, He has always been in control, and he will be in control in the future. All the men who stupidly developed godlike complexes and tried to rule the world have one thing in common, they are all dead. Their power is totally gone. Only the naïve and liberal professors at Harvard even attempt to pretend they accomplished anything worthwhile.

After the smoke clears, more responsible people always show up to sort things out. Expect no difference this time.


Alternative Reality

I was in Boston, MA getting ready to testify in court. I picked up a copy of the Wall Street Journal and the Boston Globe. Both had front page stories about the “Hush money” trial in New York. If your only source of information came from reading these two articles, it would not be surprising if you thought Trump was heading for conviction and imprisonment. Both reported on Michael Cohen’s testimony as if it came straight from the lips of GOD. They pointed out that Cohen wasn’t promised immunity or anything in exchange for his testimony. Neither pointed out that he was testifying about things that weren’t actually a crime. They also glossed over his vicious personal attacks on Trump and his prior convictions for lying under oath and tax evasion. It was hardly a surprise to see this kind of article in the MSM, but it was extremely disappointing. It is increasingly obvious that many of the people we desperately need to trust are untrustworthy.

I do not know what will happen in this court. So much has already transpired that is legally indefensible that it is impossible to predict a rational response from the prosecutor, the judge or even the hand selected jury. But the intent of this trial was not to find Trump guilty of a crime, there is no crime. It was to convict him in the court of public opinion. To trash him personally to prevent him from winning the election in November.

So far, if that is the intent, it is failing miserably. It is not that some of these allegations about Trump, regarding his personal behavior, are not true, it is that this is hardly new information. Most people I know, who support Trump for President don’t like him. They consider him to be a jerk. They just realize he made good decisions as President and the country did well while he was in office. In addition, we are not naïve about similar actions taken by his most vocal opponents.

What this has done is highlight the hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of the DNC and its supporters in the MSM. Ironically, by using this farce of a trial to pretend Trump violated the law to interfere with a federal election, they highlighted their own willingness to ignore the facts and the rule of law to interfere with a federal election. The only thing certain right now is who absolutely cannot be trusted to uphold our most fundamental principles of justice and fair play. Democrats are the ones using the justice system to interfere in elections and they are doing so shamelessly. Perhaps they feel people who agree with them will accept anything that defeats Donald Trump. Perhaps they don’t care, in the world of Trump derangement syndrome, the ends always justify the means.

Most of the time when a politician says our democracy is on the ballot in November, they are either lying or exaggerating. But this time when Trump says that he is spot on. It wasn’t Trump who weaponed the DOJ and our courts, it was Democrats while Joe Biden was President. Recall that it was Barack Obama, not Richard Nixon, who directed the IRS to target political opponents. It was Democrats, not Republicans who demanded an election with all mail in ballots, drop boxes, missing authentication accompanied by loud shrieks of righteous indignation at anyone who dared point out that this could be a problem. They tried impeaching Trump for pointing this out. They are now trying to convict him and anyone else who saw this happen. They used the DOJ and the court system to lock up anyone remotely connected with January 6th, while totally ignoring far more deadly protests, including some specifically designed to obstruct congressional activity. You’ve been warned. If Democrats succeed in stealing another election, there will be no further legitimate elections. That is bad enough, but to see the MSM too stupid or too compliant to notice is beyond explanation.



On January 26, 1956, Curtis Schoon, from Sioux Falls, South Dakota was scheduled to perform in a Golden Gloves match against Dennis Mitchell, from Brookings, South Dakota. When Curtis took off his robe, he wondered why people were snickering. So, he looked down and quickly realized he had forgotten to put on his boxing trunks. He clutched his robe around himself and dashed back to the dressing room. When he returned to the ring, this time actually wearing trunks, he was beaten on a TKO. However, he was awarded the sportsmanship trophy. (I am not sure why)

Curtis Schoon, the boxer who forgot to wear his trunks (

The reality is that more and more people are seeing the naked truth about Joe Biden, and no one is snickering. The problem is that Joe Biden is the President of the United States, and this isn’t funny anymore.

When Mike Pence refused to allow state legislatures to investigate the results of the 2020 election, this made the election of Joe Biden inevitable. It also eliminated the only realistic chance for reversing this error, for at least four years, regardless of circumstances.

Those people calling for the impeachment of Joe Biden are living in a world almost as delusional as those dwelling in Trump Derangement Syndrome land. It doesn’t matter what Joe Biden does, it doesn’t matter what facts are produced, Democrats in the Senate will NEVER consider voting to convict him and remove him from office. Nothing will ever change that.

The reality is that Joe Biden is playing out the string and it is far from sure he will even make it to November. If the election were held today, he would lose in a landslide. It may be even worse in November. Yet, if Democrats remove Biden, the results could be even worse. Just imagine Joe being replaced with Gavin Newsom. I know it would be ridiculous to replace the worst President in American history with the worst Governor, but this is what happens when Democrats are allowed to make decisions that impact the rest of us.

Some are predicting that Joe will be forced to withdraw because of illness, probably around mid-June. That could easily happen, regardless of what anyone does. We can be sure there are a whole lot of people who would consider this a great outcome. But making this happen is far from a sure thing.  One problem is that Joe isn’t listening. More importantly, his wife isn’t listening. If they want to get rid of Joe, they will have to pry his cold dead fingers from the levers of power. Keep in mind that Joe believes he is doing great just like he believes these ridiculous stories about miraculous personal accomplishments by him that never happened.

Meanwhile, will inflation improve? NO! Will gas prices become lower? NO! Will international relations improve? NO!  Will protests against Israel stop? NO! Will illegal immigrants cease being a serious problem? NO! Will interest rates come down? NO! Will Joe get better mentally. NO! Will Trump be put in jail? NO! If you are a Democrat, what, exactly, is likely to change for the better in the next six month? I’m waiting. Still waiting.

Trump may not be perfect, but when he does remove his robe, odds are he will be wearing designer trunks. More likely shorts with the “Let’s Go Brandon” logo. The naked truth.