Justice Ginsburg passed way today. Talk about the ultimate October surprise. Suddenly the election will be highly impacted by this. Donald Trump believes that most people approve of his Supreme Court decisions. Democrats consider this the worst-case scenario. All of them are missing something important.

Ginsburg voted wrong on every issue. She has been the most extreme liberal on the Supreme Court. It will be hard to find someone more extreme than Ginsburg. Even a bad choice by someone like Joe Biden is unlikely to be worse that Ginsburg. The point being that regardless of what happens, this is a huge problem for liberals. If Trump replaces her with a conservative, it will take Democrats decades to recover.

There is another issue, that Democrats fail to understand. Many of the worst decisions by the Supreme Court and other Federal Courts has been where courts made decisions that could never be passed through legislation. That is one reason liberals want activist justices, they want people who will accomplish things they can never accomplish through legislation. But there is a reason they can’t achieve this through legislation. It is because this is not what voters want. So, if Democrats openly promote an activist justice, they will be playing straight into Donald Trump’s capable hands.

Ironically, it would probably help Democrats if Trump got someone approved before the election. That is because that choice would probably be more tolerable to Democrats than someone appointed AFTER Trump was re-elected. So, the only way Democrats avoid disaster, is if Biden is elected and Trump doesn’t get to approve anyone. But the certainty of a Supreme Court appointment increases the chance of Trump getting elected. Biden will have to produce his own list of potential appointees and the opposition research will be world class. Trump, on the other hand, already has his slate of candidates.

There is a reason Trump released his list of candidates. He knows this is a winning issue for him. One suspects that he knew this was coming because of the timing of this release. On the other hand, Biden must be extremely careful in producing his list, because if there is just one extreme radical on that list, Trump will seize the day. On the other hand, if Biden doesn’t include someone at least as radical as Ginsburg, he is going to have a real problem with his base. This is a lose-lose situation for Biden.

I believe Trump will try to pick a female candidate acceptable to Murkowski and Collins. That could help Collins win re-election. She needs Trump’s help.  He doesn’t have to make this official until after the election. That would be perfect.

If Trump does nominate someone, there will be hearings in the Senate. Kamala Harris on the Senate Judiciary Committee. She would have to attend. That would make it nearly impossible for her to campaign. Yet, she can’t be a no show either. This is lose-lose for Kamala Harris.

Biden, on the other hand, is between a rock and a hard place. He can’t appoint anyone; he can just produce a list. Anyone on that list acceptable to someone like AOC will not play well in middle America. Anyone who appears to be slightly moderate will infuriate the liberal left. Biden will try to avoid preparing a list at all, which will satisfy no one.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will demand Trump wait until after the election. They will do everything possible to obstruct the process. All of that helps Trump, particularly with his base. The more Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are tied to the Joe and Kamala fiasco, the better for Trump. Yet they must resist this because their base will demand that. It Trump appoints someone, and the Senate confirms. The liberal base will be furious. But they will be more furious as the leaders in their own party than at Donald Trump. They already hate him. That won’t change. The more they hate Trump, the more they underestimate him.

One thing is certain, the Supreme Court vacancy will be topic one between now and election day, and Trump must love that. No matter what happens, he wins. Right now, the Supreme Court has a 5-3 split. If Trump does nothing, conservatives already have the votes on any issue.  The best liberals can hope for is a return to a 5-4 split. But if Trump appoints someone, the 5-3 split will turn into a 6-3 split. Democrats know that. Their base knows that. This is a huge loss for the liberal left, no matter what happens.

One serious problem for Democrats is that the extreme left will go off the rails if Trump nominates anyone. Unfortunately, that is likely to include loud protest and potentially riots. What these people fail to realize is that if they do this, it will benefit Donald Trump. The louder these people scream, the more they riot, the more they promote violence the more people realize they must never be given power. If we see widespread violence, demanding the appointment of a radical left-wing justice, that will benefit Trump and hurt Biden.  Democrats are already in trouble for failing to deal with the riots following the George Floyd death and the Jacob Baker deaths. If there is a repeat of that, demanding a liberal supreme court justice, Democrats will be at great risk of experiencing a landslide loss of unprecedented dimensions. The Biden campaign is already in serious trouble. This has the potential to push it completely off the ledge.

This is impossible to predict, but I sure wouldn’t bet against Trump.



All the polls show Biden leading Trump, but with a much narrower lead. This is exactly how the polls looked in 2016, regarding Hillary Clinton and  Donald Trump. Once again, the polls are wrong, for the same reason. All these polls are based on assumptions that are simply not true.

For example, look at who Fox talked to during their recent poll. Now one would assume that Fox would at least try to get this right, but that would be a wrong assumption. Fox News provided the political affiliation of the people surveyed. This is typical of their previous polls. Democrats were 49% of people polled, Republicans were 46% and Independents were 5%.  This pattern has been consistent since October, 2019. Then they surveyed 48% Democrat, 40% Republican and 12% Independent.  As you can see, they have increased the number of Republicans, but reduced the number of Independents.

The problem is that no one supports this demographic split of voters by party affiliation.  Gallop has an average of 28.75% Republicans, 30.75% Democrat and 37% independent. Other reports like Rasmussen show democratic party registration declining. But, let’s assume that Gallop is close.

This is easy to understand. To make the math easy, assume that 100% of Republicans will support Trump and 100% of Democrats will support Biden.  That is not accurate, but a higher percentage of Republicans support Trump than Democrats support Biden, so it is fair.

Every poll shows Trump leading among independents by about 10 points. If that is true, then right now Trump is leading by at least 2 points. But there are also polls showing Trump getting 40% of the Latino vote and an incredible 25 plus percent of the black vote. Every poll assumes that Democrats will get 75% of the Latino vote and 90% of the black vote. So, if these polls are correct, the only possibility is a lower percentage of Democrats supporting Biden.  If that is accurate, Trump is headed toward a landslide.

The truth is that no one knows. We just know the data is bad, beyond bad. We don’t know who is right, but we can be certain these polls are wrong. So, look at how the campaigns are going. Who can drum up a crowd of about 25,000 people in Minden, NV? Have you been to Minden?  It is nice place, but wow! Biden, on the other hand, has trouble filling a phone booth. If he campaigns one day, the next day he is too exhausted to move. He has been caught reading interview answers from a teleprompter. The other day he bragged about Corvettes, while speaking at a Ford plant. Anyone who has ever lived in Michigan knows that this was beyond dumb. Kamala Harris is not much better. She isn’t exactly drawing big crowds and she makes Biden look like a gifted campaigner in comparison.

There are about 50 days before election. Anything can happen, but right now it is the Biden campaign that is showing signs of panic, and Trump is clearly feeling his oats.

One final thought. Election night is guaranteed to be a mess, like the Iowa Caucus results. The only thing certain is uncertainty. Hillary Clinton has already told us the game plan. Regardless of results on November 3, Democrats plan to keep on counting until they find a way to win. But this assumes something not in evidence. The assumption is that the democratic base is capable of properly completing a mail in ballot. That may be a false assumption. Just look at the results in recent primary elections. Thousands of ballots have been disqualified and that problem may be insurmountable. Democrats may plan on winning this at the Supreme Court, with the election turning on a world class amount of hanging chads. But even the Roberts Supreme Court is unlikely to do that. The one thing certain is that no one on the Supreme Court wants to decide the results of a general election. The liberals on the court are biased enough but not dumb enough to do that. Regardless of how many mail-in ballots are used, if you can’t fill them out properly, your vote won’t count. Democrats will resort to fraud and vote harvesting, but they don’t have the logistics to pull this off nationally. Yes, they can swing results in a place like New Jersey or even Orange County, but they can’t pull this off nationwide. Even with widespread mail-in ballots, Lincoln got this right. You can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time. November 3, 2020 will prove Lincoln right again.



One again the MSM is totally misreading the American public. Bob Woodward’s book will not damage Trump, to anyone who reads or listens to the actual Trump quotes. Trump acts and sounds like a President of the United States, determined to make good decisions. The comparison between him and Joe Biden could not be starker.

But it also proved something else. There are people, at the very highest level of government, who believe they are the cultured elite chosen by God to lead the rest of us. When someone challenges them, they become outraged. Anyone who dares disagree with them is dangerous and must be removed. General Mattis should be tried for treason. He openly admits to campaigning to remove a President of the United States from office. There is a reason the military reports to the President and not vice versa. This book is a stark reminder of that. It is incredible that Mattis accuses Trump of deliberately dividing people when the opposite is true. It was Barack Obama and the Democratic Party that has divided us by race, sex, gender, gender preference and the flavor of the month. Candidates in the DNC are chosen solely by their diversity credentials rather than any hint of actual qualifications. That is why Joe Biden is the nominee and Kamala Harris is his choice for VP. All the diversity candidates proved to be horrible campaigners. Joe won because everyone else failed.

Trump told the truth about people crossing our borders. He told the truth about radical Islam and the need to screen people from countries where radical Islamists are developed. Trump has promoted a gay man to be DNI, not because he was gay, but because he was good at his job.

If you check out the quotes by Mattis, he opposed Trump because he didn’t want to bomb Iran when he realized it would kill more civilians than soldiers and there seems to be no plan for what came next. But his primary concern was pure politics. He didn’t like the President’s style. There should be an immediate and sustained outcry. This is totally unacceptable. It is also proof that much of the Washington Elite lacks respect for the American people. They cannot get over the fact than an outsider like Donald Trump is President of the United States.

What makes this more galling is that the same people ignored the obvious and far more serious problems with the Obama administration.  Talk about blatant abuse of power. It was Obama who encouraged the IRS to target political opponents. It was his Attorney General, Eric Holder, who was held in contempt of congress by a near unanimous vote for lying about Fast & Furious. It was Obama who sent Susan Rice out to lie about Benghazi. It was Obama who allowed the weaponization of our intelligence services and the FBI against a political opponent. And it was Obama who allowed ISIS to thrive and directed the military toward expanding efforts in Afghanistan while simultaneously saying this was only for a limited time. It was Obama who said he would leave Iraq regardless of circumstances and regardless of consequences. ISIS was the consequence. It was Obama who gave billions to Iran and allowed the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world to continue a path toward nuclear weapons. Why wasn’t Mattis worried about any of that?

This is insane. What is sad is that he will probably get away with this. The MSM will either fail to notice the significance of this or they simply will not care. We should all be outraged by Woodward’s book, not because of anything Trump said or did, but rather because Woodward documented the unwarranted and potentially treasonous resistance to Trump. What makes this even worse is that Woodward was too blinded by his own bias to realize that.

It is increasingly obvious that electing Trump was an absolute necessity. We had to bring in someone new, a total outsider, or we would never have learned the full extent of the swamp. We needed him then, we need him more now. He is not perfect, but he is beyond necessary. We absolutely must have someone ready, willing, and able to take on these people. Our freedom is literally at stake. It took the election of Donald Trump to alert all of us to the full extent of the problem.  It is obvious that it took Trump himself a long time to determine who he could trust and who he absolutely could not trust. He now has surrounded himself with a lot better team and it is likely to improve even more in the future.

Necessity is the mother of invention and we desperately needed someone to invent a Donald Trump.



“They sow the wind
    and reap the whirlwind.
The stalk has no head;
    it will produce no flour.
Were it to yield grain,
    foreigners would swallow it up. Hosea 8:7

I first wrote about this in an article titled “Liar’s Leap” on December 31, 2014.  Many of the things I predicted have unfortunately come true. But the price we are paying is now even higher.

My closing paragraph read: Since most liberal policies are based on absurd lies, they are destined for failure. Unfortunately, the damage is not usually limited to those people foolish enough to believe liberals. This is a reminder that when liberals resort to liar’s leap, there is no need for anyone to follow.

I believe that liberals have sowed the wind and are about to reap the whirlwind. Virtually everything they are proposing is based on things that are demonstrably false. But they have told these lies so many times that they have convinced themselves that these are true. Following are just some of the things that liberals believe, that are not only false, they are absurd.

  1. There are more than two genders.
    1. If you watch any gender reveal party, you will notice that they only use two colors. That is because everyone is born either male or female. Even the idiots who started a wildfire, only used two colors. They are least realized that obvious reality.
    2. Like everything else, they are some extremely rare exceptions but even these people are not born with two full sets of reproductive organs.
  1. The recent police shootings of black males are proof of systemic racism.
    1. Any objective study shows that policy shootings of anyone are quite rare. They are certainly less than in previous decades. I don’t know of a single case where someone was shot solely for walking while black. In many, if not most, cases the person shot had a long criminal record.
    2. White men get shot by police all the time. You just never hear about this, because there are no protests or riots alleging police brutality if the suspect is white.
    3. Some of the people raising the loudest voices defending the police are black people who are all too aware of black on black crime.
  2. Appeasement is the best solution to reducing violence
    1. One would think that Nevil Chamberlain would have destroyed this theory once and for all. Appeasing Hitler only resulted in more violence. The same is true for the violent protestors. If you appease them, you are rewarding them for bad behavior. That never works.
  3. Climate change is an existential threat to mankind.
    1. One will note that this used to be “global warming.” They never use global warming anymore because global temperatures didn’t rise for over 20 years. They switched to climate change. That is perfect, because anything that happens proves the theory.
    2. Every prediction by climate change analysts has been wrong by huge margins.
    3. Ice records from a core sample in Antarctica proved that rising CO2 levels always lags a rise in temperature. Al Gore’s famous chart showed the same thing, but most people didn’t notice.
    4. The biggest impact of rising CO2 levels is bigger and healthier plants. That is why they pump CO2 into greenhouses growing marijuana. They also pump in heat, because adding CO2 reduces the temperature.
    5. Many of the heat records being broken date back to the 1930s or earlier. That is because it was hotter then. DUH
    6. The climate is always changing, and it will always be changing. These patterns go back thousands of years.
  4. Alternative energy does not work and has no chance of working.
    1. Solar Panels in places like Michigan don’t work because the sun doesn’t shine for about 8 months.
    2. Solar panels don’t work anywhere at night.
    3. Wind turbines only work when the wind is blowing. The next time you drive by a large wind farm, look to see how many wind turbines are even moving. You will never see them all moving, because turbines are only effective for a narrow range of wind speeds.
    4. Natural gas just may be the cleanest and more environmentally friendly fuel available.

The result of this type of logic has resulted in the promotion of people clearly incompetent or far more radical than mainstream America. Even Democrats, when asked off the record, realize that Joe Biden shows signs of senility and looks increasingly frail. Kamala Harris is showing, again, why she is a horrible candidate. Yet, this is the best they had available. If this is their best, wow!



The U.S has a long history of good general, mediocre generals, and bad generals. Abraham Lincoln went through several generals before he finally found Ulysses Grant. Many of these incompetent generals tried to blame Abraham Lincoln for all the problems. One of them, General McClellan, was so sure of this he ran for President trying to defeat Lincoln.

Being a general, particularly a high ranking general, has always been very political. It is the nature of the beast.  If you want to see an example of how this works, watch “Once An Eagle.” That was an NBC miniseries that ran in 1972-77. Or you could read the book upon which it was based, Once An Eagle by Anton Myrer. The story is about two army officers, Sam Damon who puts courage, honesty, and selflessness first, and Courtney Massengale who is only interested in his own career. Massengale, despite a lack of talent, honor and character knows how to make the right connections in the Washington corridors of power. He is the one who makes rank and gets the posh assignments, Damon is too busy fighting the enemy.  The book was a warning of the power of politically motivated generals. Always remember that Eisenhower warned us about the dangers of the military industrial complex.

Keep this in mind when you hear about anonymous sources, assumed to be high ranking officers, meaning generals or admirals, slamming President Trump. In addition to realizing that none of these guys had the courage to say this on the record, it is important to understand when and how they were promoted in the first place. It was brutal during the Obama administration. Many strong commanders ended their careers because they could not tolerate the Obama administration rules of engagement. For example, Obama demanded that troops wait until the enemy opened fire first. That resulted in a lot of unnecessary U.S. deaths. Soaring to the top as a military commander, when the Commander in Chief is someone like Obama, is not necessarily a compliment.

Unfortunately, our best commanders are seldom recognized unless there is a war. Then, and only then, does the politically elite stop playing games and start letting the military make decisions purely on talent and results. During peace time, someone like George Patton was considered a nuisance. When there was a desperate need for a general who could defeat the German Army, he became priceless.

Those of us who served in combat treasure a Commander in Chief like Donald Trump. When I first went to Vietnam, the Commander in Chief was LBJ. Like JFK, he tried to micromanage the war from Washington D.C. Decisions were often made for pollical purposes, not to win the war. It was horrible. When Richard Nixon took office, he changed that immediately. All the game playing stopped, perhaps because the Washington elite despised Nixon. He just focused on winning the war, despite idiotic restrictions put on him by a Democratic congress. Incredibly, he succeeded in doing exactly that. The North Vietnamese signed a peace treaty. The war was over. I thank God daily that Richard Nixon, not Hubert Humphrey was elected president in 1968. Richard Nixon, for all his faults, was the president who brought me home.

Democrats removed Nixon from office, for doing the same thing Democratic Presidents had done. When Nixon was replaced by Gerald Ford, Democrats immediately took action that ultimately resulted in the loss of South Vietnam. Under the provisions of the 1973 War Powers Act, no American combat troops could be reintroduced in Indochina without Congressional Approval. As soon as the North Vietnamese heard about this, they began their plans for invasion. Few things are more harmful to a country than telling an enemy we will not fight back.

Then, to make it worse, that Democratic congress cut off all military and financial support to South Vietnam. The results were inevitable. The North Vietnamese seized the day and invaded South Vietnam. The U.S. did absolutely nothing to even slow them down. It was disgraceful. Democrats literally snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

The point is those unnamed sources were all political senior officers who rose through the ranks during the Obama administration. They saw us leave Iraq in disgrace. Under their watch ISIS took control of huge swaths of territory. They focused on Afghanistan and made everything worse. Thousands of American troops died fighting a war for which these senior officers could not even define victory. Now they are lecturing us, with anonymous statements supported by no facts and we are supposed to believe them. Perhaps the best advice is to always do the opposite of what they recommend. Trump figured that out. That is why ISIS is defeated, Israel is signing peace treaties and he is ending the war in Afghanistan. A place foreign army have tried, and failed to control since Alexander the Great.

Trump allegedly said Vietnam veterans were suckers. There is no actual quote and certainly no context. Trump is often quoted, out of context, when what he actually said was very different.

I am a Vietnam combat veteran and yes at times I do feel like a sucker. Not because of how we performed in combat, we were the best military combat force in the world at the time. I feel like a sucker because feckless Democrats in Congress threw it all away without a shred of concern for the sacrifices made by so many. President Trump has a simple philosophy that every soldier understands. Don’t get into a war unnecessarily, but if you do fight, fight to win. Abraham Lincoln talked about that in the Gettysburg address:

“But, in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate — we cannot consecrate — we cannot hallow — this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember, what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Every combat veteran will tell you the same thing. The only real way to honor us is to do whatever it takes to win. Anything else is meaningless.

Joe Biden, on the other hand told the world that it was Seal Team Six that killed Bid Laden. That irresponsible act, for purely political purposes resulted in the death of sixteen members of that team. It was despicable  Biden and Obama pounded their own chests taking credit for killing Bin Laden, when Biden actually opposed the raid and Obama only approved it only because it he was informed about it when it was too late to stop it.

The choice is clear. The consequence of getting this wrong, unsurmountable. Trump is not perfect, but his opponents are perfectly awful. Generally speaking, the incompetent generals who oppose him are instead giving him the ultimate endorsement. If you are opposed by people like this, then you must be doing something right.




The Atlantic published a clearly false article today claiming Trump bad mouthed dead U.S. military veterans. This story was so obviously false that no credible news organization should have even reported it. Joe Biden said he didn’t know if it was true and then slammed Trump anyway. The story has been completely debunked by everyone. Even John Bolton who hated President Trump, said it was BS.

That begs the question: “why would the Atlantic do this?” Better yes, why would Biden take the bait? The answer is they are beyond desperate. Even the guy writing the article had to know this was BS. He clearly didn’t even attempt to get clarification from numerous people who were obvious witnesses. I really can’t remember a story that was so thoroughly discredited in such a short period of time.

But don’t be surprised if the Biden campaign continues to bring this up as possibly true. They will say the problem is that this was so easy to believe. Utter nonsense. We can expect CNN and the rest of the MSM to run with this as long as they can. Some will even sigh and say the problem is that this is believable. But even that won’t last long. We can be certain that none of them will have the character to admit they were wrong. They will never admit they should not have reported on the story in the first place. They will never admit the obvious, that nothing Trump has ever done supported this nonsense. They won’t even consider pointing out the depravity of a political campaign that would stoop this low.

But the real story here is the level of panic in the DNC and the establishment media. They don’t believe the polls showing Biden ahead. They recognize the significance when thousands of people show up, in the rain, to wait for Trump, in an overflow area in Pennsylvania. They saw the thousands of people who showed up to see Trump in Kenosha, a city that is 65% democratic. They also saw Biden greeted in Kenosha by one blue haired lady wearing DNC buttons.

Biden looked feeble and frail. His staff even gave written questions for people to ask. He still got confused. The same thing happened today in Delaware. When he was asked about the Atlantic article. He should have said: “has that been verified.” Instead he read his teleprompter attack on Donald Trump as if this were straight from the lips of God. This had no chance of working. Granted, some Trump haters will buy this, but they will buy anything. Anyone with an ounce of objectivity will be appalled. Appalled that any political campaign would stoop this low to try and gain an advantage.

The rest of us should smile. If they are this desperate, it is because they have run out of options. This had deteriorated from grasping at straws to grasping at imaginary straws. It is how people act when they are losing, they know they are losing, and they are willing to try anything in a desperate attempt to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. It did not work. Instead, it just showcased the level of panic and desperation.

Happy Labor Day.



I don’t remember who exactly told me this story but do know it was based on a real incident. (It may have been Ron Luciano) A major league baseball player was trying to score from second base on a base hit. When he went into his slide, he ended up about a foot short of home plate. The umpire called him out, then whispered: “pretend you’re hurt.” The player caught on and did exactly that, which saved him a lot of embarrassment.

I believe Joe Biden is about to develop an illness or injury, non-life threatening and not related to his mental health, which will prevent him from campaigning.  Sadly, he will not be able to participate in debates. They must do something because he is botching every public appearance. This is going to become more obvious and more serious. The only chance Democrats have is to keep Joe in his basement with some excuse for him being there. They tried to use COVID 19, but that isn’t working anymore. Partly because Joe has ventured out on occasion. It is too late to replace him on the ticket. Kamala Harris is an even worse campaigner than him. She is on the record with so many radical left positions that the campaign needs to hide her too. So, a desperate campaign must do something, well, desperate.

Incredibly many people in the MSM, including Fox, believe that Biden is ahead in the polls. However, these same polls show Trump getting more than 25% of the black vote. If that is true, Biden is far behind and we are looking at a potential Trump landslide. The good news is that liberals suffer from a mental disorder resulting in them believing things that are obviously not true. They simply ignore any facts that conflict with what they “know” to be true.  This makes them vulnerable to gigantic mistakes. The Biden campaign may even believe that he is ahead and if they can hide him and spend enough money, they can beat Trump.

The good news for us is that those who are wrong about everything else, are wrong about this too.



If you listen to liberals, the DNC and the MSM, you probably believe there is a serious problem with systemic racism demonstrated by cops shooting black men without just cause. There are many people who truly believe this happens on a regular basis. They are making decisions based on this. The NBA has gone all in assuming their support of Black Lives Matter will be a huge success. The NFL, MLB and other sports have kneeled in protest, during the National Anthem, because they believe this.

But the real question is whether this is even true? So far, I have seen no examples of where a black man was shot because he was black. George Floyd was intoxicated on alcohol, methamphetamines, cocaine, and fentanyl. The autopsy suggest he had taken a fatal dose of fentanyl and likely would have died with or without the police doing anything. But few people know this, they just saw the video and said: “look at the cops picking on the black guy.”  Even Fox News missed the point. Yes, the cops may have handled this poorly, but there was nothing racist about this.

Then Jacob Blake was shot in the back seven times. The news media constantly talks about him being shot in the back, in front of his children, but never mention that he had been charged with sexual assault. They ignore the part where his ex-girlfriend called the police, begging for help, because he wouldn’t leave, and he apparently stole her car keys. They ignore the fact that he resisted arrest, may have put a headlock on a police officer, was tasered twice and finally shot when he may have been diving into his car in search of a weapon. The police may not have acted properly, but, again, there appears to be nothing racist about this.

Both events resulted in wide-spread, loud screams protesting systemic racism. They were screaming far too loud to listen. They repeat distorted facts accompanied by loud demands. They scream “No Justice, No Peace.” But they don’t really want justice. They want the police convicted of a crime without regard to the facts and the evidence.

What is racist is the public outcry based on the suspects skin color. In October, 2019, Isaiah Murrietta Golding was shot in the back by Fresno police. He was 16 years old. He was unarmed. But, he was also white. So there were no protests. There were no riots. There was a lawsuit, but no public outcry. If this kid had been black, we would still be rebuilding downtown Fresno. So, who are the racists here? The police or those who rush to the defense of any black man with little or no regard to the facts.

Far too many politicians are too intimidated to do their job and have allowed the angry mob to overcome their duty to act responsibly. These people have a duty to evaluate these cases on the facts and the merits, but instead they have made decisions solely for political purposes. No one has acted more irresponsibly than the Mayor of Portland, Oregon. The results are beyond obvious. He, of course, is too busy blaming Donald Trump to look in a mirror.

Every smart parent learns this quickly. Sometimes you need to let your child cry themselves to sleep, because if you pick them up every time they cry, they will just cry more. The same is true is your child throws a temper tantrum. Smart parents never reward bad behavior. Failure to do that results in serious problems. We have all seen examples of this with a child throwing a temper tantrum in a store with an embarrassed parent trying and failing to bribe them into stopping. It seldom works.

We, as a country, are on the verge of rewarding people for bad behavior. Fortunately, the person who understands this best is Donald Trump. His trip to Kenosha focused primarily on helping repair the damage and supporting the police. He suggested we investigate and let the facts decide. That, of course, is unacceptable to those who want a quick response, regardless of facts, that suits their pollical agenda. But it is music in the ears of people who welcome someone strong enough to push back against the insanity.




Joe Biden came out of his basement. He spoke to a small crowd, made ridiculous false claims about Donald Trump, got confused, and went home. This is consistent with what I wrote about in WHIRLED WITHOUT END.  Although CNN failed to notice any of this, a lot of other people saw this very clearly. We can guarantee that the double secret probation committee is working overtime in desperate search of a solution. We do not know what they will do, but we can be pretty sure that Joe Biden will be put on the shortest possible leash. They will try to blame this on COVID and Donald Trump, in a desperate attempt to justify Biden continuing to hide out in his basement. It has zero chance of working.

If you watched the Democratic spin doctors on the news shows lately you could literally see the panic in their eyes. They have well-rehearsed spin arguments, based on obvious falsehoods, that are presented at the speed of light. They never answer any questions. While both parties are guilty of this, the RNC has a lot more facts and a far more convincing argument.

Today Kayleigh McEnany destroyed the Democrats logic by saying: “That’s like the arsonist blaming the firefighter.”  

Democrats have a losing candidate and a losing argument, and they know it. Lawyers are taught that when they have the facts, pound the facts. If they don’t have the facts, pound the opponent. If they can’t pound the facts or the opponent, just pound. If you watch Democrats on TV, you are going to see more and more pounding.

This cannot continue long. Remember that the Democratic primary ended in about 24 hours once the establishment realized Bernie was likely to win. If you think they were panicked then, well they probably consider those the good ole days now. I do not know what they will do, but I know disaster is imminent, they know it is imminent and they are running out of time. Almost anything is possible.



The incompetence of the Democratic establishment is unbelievable. There could be few things more important than choosing a nominee for President of the United States. That used to be done in smoke filled rooms and while the result was often a poor candidate, it was usually someone competent to be President of the United States.

The Republican establishment is equally incompetent. They would have chosen anyone but Donald Trump in 2016. But anyone but Donald Trump probably would have lost to Hillary Clinton.

This year, Democrats kept digging deeper and literally ended up with a candidate hiding in his basement. Anyone who has watched “live” interviews of Joe Biden notices that the problem is far more than mere gaffs. Sadly, most of us have seen relatives showing similar signs of senility and dementia. The DNC, with the help of the MSM is desperately trying to cover this up, but that is proving to be impossible. Even liberal reporters have noticed that while Trump is out there literally traveling coast to coast, Joe Biden is STILL hiding in his basement. Kamala Harris is not much better and her rebuttal to the Trump’s acceptance speech was beyond pathetic.

The result is that the election is about two months away and the DNC does not have a candidate remotely capable of being President of the United States. To add fuel to the fire, there are “rumors” that Joe Biden’s dementia is getting worse on a daily basis.  That may explain why both Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi have publicly said Joe Biden should not debate Donald Trump. If they thought there was any chance Biden could hold his own with Trump, they would be demanding debates.

This is also why the DNC Convention was focused 90% on demonizing Trump and 10% on praising Joe Biden. In many cases the primary praise for Joe Biden is that he is not Donald Trump. They let Hollywood put on the show forgetting that actors are primarily good at pretending to be something they are not. There are many actors who are very good at portraying action heroes but I shudder at the thought of any of these people flying on a combat mission with me when I was serving in Vietnam.

There is a price to be paid for incompetence. Democrats now have a candidate increasingly incapable of appearing in public. His carefully chosen VP candidate is a horrible campaigner. She was one of the first to drop out of the DNC race for the nomination because her support had dropped to around 2%. Tulsi Gabbard, who was not even invited to the DNC, ate her lunch at one of the debates and Harris never recovered. The result is that the DNC is apparently planning on campaigning without an actual candidate. They are spending a fortune on advertising apparently in a desperate hope to save the campaign, while hiding both Biden and Harris from the American public.

But what if Joe get worse, much worse, before the election. That is clearly possible. But it is already far too late for the DNC to make a change. They can hardly parachute someone in to take over for Joe. Even if he died, this would be an insurmountable challenge. But perhaps the question that should really terrify Democrats is what will happen if Biden wins the election, but is obviously incapable of even pretending to be president? Talk about a constitutional crisis. They couldn’t legally replace him with Kamala Harris or anyone else. No serious constitutional scholar believes the country would accept Nancy Pelosi as Temporary President of the United States. That would literally result in a civil war, with real guns.

There must be at least some smart Democrats who realize this. They know the polls are crap and that Biden is trailing badly in every swing state. They see the crowds that turn out every place Trump goes. They see the violence in Portland, Seattle, New York and now Kenosha. They know the Biden campaign is in serious trouble, which is why they are pushing mail-in-voting. But Joe Biden losing this election may not be the worse case scenario for Democrats, the worse case scenario may be if he wins.

Even the DNC establishment must realize that the radical left has taken over the party. No one is even pretending that these people represent mainstream America, in either party. If they truly take power and try to implement these insane proposals, there will be wide-spread resistance and it won’t be limited to disappointed Republicans.

Donald Trump will be gone in four years and by 2024 a lot of people will be sick of him. Almost everyone president is increasingly unpopular by the time they leave office. Donald Trump will be that on steroids. Democrats would have four years to find a real candidate, someone capable of leading a national ticket.

The Democratic old guard will have aged out by 2024. We don’t know who will be running the show in 2024, but we know who will not. It won’t be Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, or Dianne Feinstein. It also won’t be AOC or any of her squad. It won’t be Bernie Sanders and it won’t be people like Chris Cuomo or Gavin Newsom. When you are rebuilding a team the first step is to fire the coach, the general manager and recruit new players. .

In the meantime, the DNC has mucked things up beyond recovery. It is literally whirled without end and is now so bad that the best chance for the Democratic Party to even survive is to get trounced in November. That would also spare the country from being destroyed by people too incompetent to run their own party.