We should have known better. There have been numerous congressional hearings, run by Republicans that have accomplished close to zero. The most recent was the absurd hearing on the Clinton Foundation. In the case of the Clinton Foundation hearing it soon became clear that some of the whistle blowers were actually private investigators trying to find tax evasion so they could collect a finder’s fee. Even if they are right, it is hard to have any respect for them. In addition, it is always difficult to assign credibility to someone who stands to make big bucks depending on the outcome. If these guys didn’t find tax evasion, they wouldn’t get paid. Speaks to motive!

At best, every congressional hearing is an exercise in futility. When is the last time you saw serious action taken because of a congressional hearing. At best, you get a “criminal referral” which is sent to the DOJ to do a real investigation. The same scene is played over and over again with identical results. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are more interested in getting camera time than they are in getting real answers. With questioning limited to 5 minutes even if someone asks a hard question, it is pretty easy for a skilled witness to avoid answering. The MSM can be counted on to over hype anything that looks bad for Trump and ignore anything that looks back for Obama or Clinton.

The good news is that Democrats will have identical problems with hearings designed to investigate Trump. The biggest difference is that Trump is unlikely to even pretend to cooperate with House committees run by people like Adam Schiff, Elijah Cummings, Maxine Waters or Jerrod Nadler. By the time the legal dust clears, the 2020 elections will be here. The MSM will be in nightly meltdown, but they are already in nightly meltdown. At some point everyone, even liberals, will become sick of this.

However, there are real investigations going on by real professionals. Those investigations are far more dangerous than silly congressional hearings. A lot of people think the FBI is withholding information to protect itself from congressional oversight. But perhaps they are withholding stuff so that an inept congressional committee will not muck it up. There is a report today that the IG recovered 19,000 text messages by Page and Strzok for the period from December 15, 2016 through May 17, 2017 that the FBI thought had been erased. Hmmm.

In addition, while Democrats are doubling down on investigating Trump in a desperate search for something. They are ignoring something that is beyond obvious. If the newly elected Attorney General for New York can investigate Donald Trump and his family without requiring any evidence of a crime, how, exactly can they complain if Donald Trump orders the FBI and the DOJ to investigate someone for similar reasons. That would, of course, be abuse of power. But is it any less abuse of power than Democrats investigating everything Trump for purely political purposes? I would wage a large bet, assuming I had any money to bet, that the loudest voices demanding an investigation of Trump could not withstand a similar investigation of themselves.

Keep in mind that the “me-too” movement, clearly aimed at Donald Trump, resulted in no impact on him, but a whole lot of high level Democrats and liberal celebrities bit the dust. High level Republicans, not so much. Expect similar results if this insane mission to investigate Trump continues. He will find a way to fight back and he can afford the best attorneys in the world who will find a legal way to get it done. This is another example of tweaking the tail of the tiger. Gary Hart can tell you all about that:

Right now liberals are celebrating what they expect to be a continued relentless witch hunt of everything Trump. The liberal media is literally foaming at the mouth in breathless anticipation. Even conservatives who support Trump are predicting this. But, this may come at a cost that liberals can’t even imagine.



Donald Trump is routinely accused of Abuse of Power. That is why every night on the MSM they explain why this man is so dangerous and why he must be removed from power. This is always accompanied by absurd predictions that the legal noose is closing in on the worst villain in American, if not world, history. So I thought it might be interesting to see the specific actions allegedly taken by Trump that suggest abuse of power.

Washington Post – August 28, 2017

  • Trump’s family, associates and campaign staff had numerous contacts with Russia during the campaign and post-election transition. Evidence exists that Trump’s personal attorney was seeking help from Putin as Trump was running a peculiar campaign that omitted any harsh talk about Russia.
  • Trump lied in saying no such contacts occurred. Other members of his administration omitted mention of their Russian contacts on required security applications.
  • Trump’s son and son-in-law met with Russian officials for the purpose of obtaining damaging information on Hillary Clinton.
  • Trump openly encouraged Russian hacking of his opponent and in the closing days of the campaign made dozens and dozens of references to WikiLeaks.
  • Once in office, he tried to pressure then-FBI Director James B. Comey, Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers to curtail the investigation into fired national security adviser Michael Flynn.
  • After Comey refused, Trump fired him, concocted a fake reason for the firing, attempted to intimidate him before his testimony (e.g. hinting at tapes, threatening to investigate for leaking information) and publicly continued to hint at his power to remove both the attorney general and special prosecutor.

Trump has embarrassed the presidential office in innumerable ways, and members of the House and Senate are obliged to organize these incidents in their heads and get a handle on their constitutional significance. There is a wrong way and a right way to go about this task. The wrong way is to treat the launch of an impeachment inquiry as a matter of political popularity or opportunism. … The right approach is to commit to a clear-eyed and ongoing assessment of Trump’s words and actions against the obligations of the office and to trace out the effects of his misconduct on the security and welfare of the United States.

When we consider the myriad other ways in which Trump has used and misused the presidency — e.g. praising police abuses, insulting federal (“so-called”) judges, pardoning someone who defied a court order, enriching himself while in office, putting unqualified relatives in office, refusing to reveal his financial dealings or to free himself of conflicts of interest — it becomes clear that Trump is not fulfilling his oath or faithfully executing the law; he’s enriching himself, deflecting inquiry and undermining the rule of law. How could impeachment not be on the table?

Here’s more: Washington Post – September 18, 2018

Contrast this with the outrageous claims by the Federalist that Saint Obama might be considered, by some delusional Tea Party radicals, to have abused power:

Now you understand why Trump is so dangerous and why the country desperately needs another President like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Any questions?



About five minutes after I arrived in Pleiku, Vietnam I learned the extreme importance of understanding one word: “incoming.” At the time, Pleiku AB was the subject of frequent enemy assaults, usually by mortars or rockets. At the same time, there were Army artillery units near the base that frequently fired rounds at the enemy. When those artillery units were in action the sound was incredible, but it was not a threat to us. The mortar and/or rockets launched against us however were very much a threat. Everyone soon became extremely skilled at telling the difference. When someone yelled “incoming,” that meant it was time to take cover.

This actually reminded me of a very funny story, shortly before I left Vietnam. My squadron had redeployed from Pleiku AB to DaNang  AB. I had about a week left before my tour was done. I was walking through the compound with a new Vietnamese linguist, straight out of language school. We passed a couple of the local mama sans and, as normal, we had a brief chat. Since they did not speak English, the conversation was obviously in Vietnamese. After they left, this new linguist looked at me and said: “was that Vietnamese?” Since he was a graduate of the Defense Language Institute with a degree in Vietnamese, I found this both astonishing and hysterical. But then I realized that I would have been just as bad when I first arrived overseas. I explained that although they were speaking Vietnamese, they were speaking slang with the central dialect which is very distinct from the North Vietnamese he had learned in language school. To put this in perspective imagine someone who was raised in London and taught British English being dropped off in a remote part of Louisiana. Yes, they still speak English, but this is not exactly the same language spoken in professional circles in London.

The second thing that happened while we were walking along is that DaNang was attacked with rockets. I was used to this, because it happened all the time. When I heard the first rocket coming, I realized two things. One was that it was headed over us, closer to the flight line. The second was that there were likely to be more rockets so taking shelter was a really good idea. So, I shouted “incoming” and dove into a little pothole bunker that was located near the path. I looked up and there was this guy, standing in the path, looking down at me like I was from another planet with eyes the size of 50 cent pieces. I quickly told him that we were being attacked by rockets and he might want to seriously consider joining me in that bunker.  By the end of that day he had learned the significance of “incoming” and the need to act.

There are lot of people united in their lust to destroy Donald Trump who are about to learn the meaning of “incoming.” Up until now, it sure looked like all of the legal artillery was being fired at Donald Trump by those determined to destroy him. That has changed. It is increasingly obvious that a lot of “incoming” is headed their way.  Most of us know that Michael Flynn plead guilty to lying to the FBI. It is increasingly apparent that he may have been entrapped by unscrupulous FBI agents with a secret agenda. The following article from the Conservative Tree House explains:


I don’t always agree with the opinions expressed on this website, but so far, the facts presented are always very accurate. In this case it turns out that Judge Emmet Sullivan has demanded some critical documents from the FBI, specifically the FD-302 interview forms which resulted in the guilty plea by Flynn. The only accurate word to describe this action is “incoming.” It is really important to understand that Judge Emmet Smith is the same judge who had prosecutors investigated for criminal actions regarding the improper prosecution of Senator Ted Stevens. This was so bad that ultimately Eric Holder personally apologized for the actions by the Federal prosecutors involved and asked the court to overturn the conviction of Ted Stevens. Sadly, this happened after he was humiliated, lost his Senate seat and was killed in a plane crash.

One should note the similarities here. The same judge, Smith, demanded the government hand over actual documents leading to the prosecution of Stevens. Once he saw those documents, he was outraged. This sure looks like history repeating itself. Soon and very soon we may see that that the people prosecuting Michael Flynn in more legal jeopardy than Flynn himself. But in this case the impact could be far more serious because of who was involved. We are talking about Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Andrew Weissman. In addition, the Director of the FBI during the botched prosecution of Ted Stevens was, gasp, Robert Mueller.  This has the potential to discredit the entire Mueller investigation. Like I said: “incoming.



One of my favorite songs was: “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” by Jim Croce. Most of us can’t quite remember who the heck was Jim, but we all remember the following chorus:

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape

You don’t spit into the wind

You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger

And you don’t mess around with Jim.


Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer just learned this the hard way. Donald Trump called a meeting in the Oval office, he invited the press to attend and he asked them to stay for the entire event. It turned into a shouting match between Trump and Schumer. Pelosi was reduced to looking ill, desperate for an exit. This is a reminder that Donald Trump, for all his faults, is a reality TV star. The man really knows how to put on a show. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are political hacks who lack the charisma of a ceramic frog. That was more than apparent today. The main stream media, as expected, missed this, but those people who watch these videos will understand.

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, at least not in public.



The DOJ continues to request that the justification for the raid on a whistleblower remain secret. A copy of the actual letter is available on the link below:

The Daily Caller requested that the Court unseal search warrant material. The reason the DOJ gave for denying this request is as following:

“The request should be denied. Public disclosure of any search warrant materials would seriously jeopardize the integrity of the ongoing investigation. Continued sealing is essential in order to guard against possible tampering of witnesses and destruction of evidence, to maintain the ability of the grand jury to investigate this matter, and to prevent the disclosure of sensitive investigative techniques and methods.

“These warrant materials reveal investigative sources, factual assumptions, and legal theories as well as evidence that has been gathered, including through sensitive investigative methods. Facts set fourth in these warrant materials reveal what has been searched and indicate what has not yet been searched.”

There clearly has been an investigation of the Clinton Foundation, that continues to this day. The real question is regarding other potential targets of the investigation. On page three this letter provides an important hint:

The identity of unnamed subjects not yet charged would be revealed: there may be mistaken notions concerning who may be subjects.” “unsealing would reveal the scope of the government’s case and could lead to destruction of evidence and witness tampering.”

It is important to review the appointment of John Huber:

Sessions said that the appointment of Huber was sufficient to address the concerns raised by GOP lawmakers. Those concerns were to have the DOJ investigate putative wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation as well as the 2010 sale of Uranium One. They also demanded a probe into how the Obama DOJ handled the investigation into the Hillary Clinton private email server. In addition, there was demand for a probe into allegations of surveillance abuse raised by Devin Nunes. It is reported that Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General, is investigating all of this and is working in cooperation with Huber. Huber provided Sessions with regular updates about his work.

If Huber is doing exactly what Sessions asked him to do, then a lot of people, including former members of the DOJ and the FBI may be in for a very turbulent winter.



We used to enjoy “There’s A Bad Moon On The Rise!” by Credence Clearwater Revival. One of the reasons we liked the song is that it sounded like they were actually singing “There’s A Bath Room On The Right!

This is now the anthem on the left. Once again they are convincing themselves that Donald Trump is “finally” in legal trouble. Incredibly some supposedly smart people are even saying this on Fox News. It is more than wrong, it is absurd. After all this time, Mueller has found zero evidence of collusion with Russia and is instead hinting that Trump may have illegally used campaign funds to buy off Stormy Daniels. Trump has already said this was a private transaction and his only real concern is outrage by Melania Trump. When you think about this, it is silly. Trump is the polar opposite of most politicians. He self-funded much of his campaign. He didn’t need to raid campaign funds for his personal use. The MSM is used to people like the Clinton’s who do that all the time.

There is a bad moon on the rise, but the light will shine on Trump’s opponents, not Trump. Even if Mueller miraculously came up with something resembling a smoking gun, he couldn’t do anything about it. The only recourse against a sitting U.S. President is impeachment and even if the House did impeach Trump they would never get 67 votes in the Senate to convict. Trump is a very different person from Nixon and he will fight back. They are not going to intimidate this man out of office.

On the other hand, James Comey testified before congress, again, and lied, again. He also admitted that the Trump Dossier is still unverified. Then, in an incredibly stupid move, he begged people to vote Trump out of office in 2020. His reasoning was that this was necessary to stop the lies. Seriously? This was right after he said he saw no signs of bias from people working for him in the FBI. Right, no bias there!

It is increasingly apparent that Comey is not very bright. He was caught in a hard place because the evidence against Hillary Clinton was beyond obvious and Attorney General Loretta Lynch was hopelessly conflicted because of her secret meeting with Bill Clinton. Comey never considered the obvious. He could and should have simply resigned. What makes this worse is Comey still doesn’t even understand the problem.

There are a lot of people who have stupidly put themselves in serious legal jeopardy by complaining about others. This reminds me of the time I complained to the local police about people speeding in our neighborhood. A couple of days later I was late for a golf tee time so I was going about 5 miles over the speed limit. I got a ticket. To the best of my knowledge, I was the only person in the neighborhood who got a speeding ticket. Lesson learned; if you are going to complain about people speeding, make sure you don’t speed.

A whole lot of people have complained about Trump lying and are demanding prosecution. A lot of these people live in glass houses. Trump is hardly a saint, but neither are his accusers. Many of them, unlike Trump, have lied under oath in public settings. They have demanded that people be held accountable and they are going to achieve that goal. Only Trump is not the one in legal jeopardy, that honor will go to his harshest opponents.



On May 31, 1871, Mary Amelia Tweed and Ambrose MaGinnis were married. A lavish wedding was put on by William ‘Boss’ Tweed. A contemporary newspaper described this as follows:

“THE WEDDING PRESENTS, which were displayed in one of the upper rooms, must have amounted to the value of over $700,000 and presented an appearance of brilliancy which can never have been equaled in munificence even in this Empire City.  They comprised all sorts of jewelry with diamonds enough to stock half a dozen stores; silver sets in profusion and almost everything that the ingenuity of the human mind could suggest in the line of presents.”

Everyone knew that Tweed was hopelessly corrupt. He, like the Clintons, seemed to always get away with it. But in reality the end was right about the corner. In early winter 1871 there was a sleigh accident where a man named James Watson was kicked in the head by a horse and killed. Watson was the county auditor and also the paymaster for Boss Tweed. He was replaced by James O’Rourke who just happened to be an informant for Sherriff O’Brien. O’Rourke managed to get his hands on the Tammany hall accounting records. These proved to be impossible to ignore. The New York Times starting publishing these documents in July 1871 and by the end of the year Tween had been indicted. He would die alone and disgraced in prison.

The Clintons may be on the verge of the same type of meltdown. It turns out that John Huber, that mysterious investigator appointed by Jeff Sessions has been investigating the Clinton Foundation since last year. Nothing has leaked about this until recently. Now there are reports of secret grand jury indictments and at least three whistle blowers have provided mountains of documents. One of them appears to be Andrew Kessel who was CFO of the Clinton foundation. If that is true then the Clintons could be in serious legal jeopardy.

Mueller refered an investigation of Tony Podesta and former Obama White House Counsel Greg Graig to Justice Department prosecutors in New York. That appears to be heating up rapidly.

Perhaps while Mueller himself has not been investigating Clinton, he just may have been providing information to other people, like John Huber, who were doing exactly that. Remember that every senior member of the FBI who was out to get Trump is gone. Is that a coincidence? Just today James Comey refused to answer questions about the FISA warrant that was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton. A lot of people on both sides of the aisle assumed this is more of the FBI covering up its own errors. But, what if the FBI lawyers are telling the truth about refusing to answer questions because of an ongoing investigation. Remember that Trump ordered those documents to be declassified and he was talked out of it by Rosenstein. Maybe we are closer to learning the real reason for that. Once again the real question is: “who is investigating whom?”

We may know sooner rather than later. The House Oversight committee has a meeting scheduled with John Huber next week. It is quite possible that the Clintons will be wearing a lot of Tweed for Christmas.



The funeral service for George H.W. Bush was amazing. One could not help but contrast this with the media coverage of this man during the 1992 election. If the public had been told the truth about Bush and Clinton, there is zero chance Clinton would have been elected. The result was that we replaced one of the most competent men ever elected to be President of the United States with, well, Bill Clinton.

It was also very classy of the Bush family to avoid turning this into a trash Trump moment. What a remarkable contrast with the McCain funeral. This was a stark reminder of the contrast between class and crass. The eulogies by John Meacham, Brian Mulroney, Alan K. Simpson and George W. Bush were incredible.

There was also the remarkable public hostility of Hillary Clinton toward Donald Trump. At least the Obama’s showed some class. The Clinton’s showed none. Neither did the usual suspects in the main stream media. They can never resist a chance to trash Trump. Political wrote an article contrasting George H.W. Bush, war hero, with Donald Trump who got draft deferments.

Here is what Politico wrote:

But at times, George W. Bush’s remembrance of his father served as a reminder of his family’s political rival: President Donald Trump. George W. Bush said his father valued character (Trump prefers to elevate people who look the part), taught his children the importance of service (Trump received four medical deferments for bone spurs in his heel and never served in public office until becoming President) and the value of faith and family (Trump has been accused of multiple extramarital affairs).

This is, of course, absurd. Where on earth did they get the line: “Trump prefers to elevate people who look the part?” Actually Trump is famous for firing people who don’t measure up. He is clearly far more focused on results than physical appearance.

Granted Donald Trump, like most other rich college kids at the time, avoided getting drafted during the Vietnam War. If that is the standard, half of congress would not quality. But this is especially absurd because George H. W. Bush was replaced by Bill Clinton, a draft dodger who signed up for reserve duty and then refused even do that when he drew a high lottery number. Trump replaced Barack Obama who had never bothered to sign up for selective service.

With regard to the slam for alleged multiple extramarital affairs, has anyone compared Trump with LBJ, JFK, RFK and the man who set the standard, Bill Clinton. Compared to these guys, Trump looks like an amateur. Yes, Donald Trump was a serial sexual philanderer, but we already knew that. Bill Clinton was literally accused of rape and he didn’t pay his women off, he had Hillary manage a war room designed to suppress bimbo eruptions.

I sure hope the American people who watched this noticed the contrast between the classiness of the event and the pathetic coverage by a self-righteous main stream media so filled with bitterness and hatred that they can’t even spell class.

When the main stream media expresses a longing for a more civil discourse they should be directed to Home Depot where there are plenty of very nice mirrors on sale.



The truth about the California elections is becoming more obvious and it is a very ugly picture. Everyone who lives in California already knows that no ID is required to vote. You just tell them where you live and then you sign in a register. It does not appear that anyone bothers to check anything. Now you don’t have to vote in person at all, you must mail it in.  That was bad enough, but in 2016 Governor Brown signed legislation making voter fraud inevitable. Previously a mail order ballot could only be picked up by a relative or someone living in the home. This new law changed that so anyone, even paid political campaign workers can collect and return ballots.

Teams of people showed up at every home where they considered it likely the person would vote for Democrat. They then “helped” them with the ballot and graciously offered to bring it to the voting station. Democrats actually brag about this. They call it ballot harvesting. The Republicans not only did not do this, they apparently didn’t realize that Democrats were doing this.

This is why several Republicans were leading by comfortable margins on election night, but they all eventually lost due to late arriving ballots. Ballots delivered by people with a clear partisan agenda. Democrats admit the bias:

We were not wasting time talking to people who weren’t going to vote for Democrats.”

Even if they did pick up a ballot from someone like to vote Republican, do you really trust them to make sure that ballot was delivered?  Please! So much for every vote counting. Democrats are only interested in counting votes for Democrats.

There is no dispute that the late arrival ballots went hugely Democratic. We already know that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are registered to vote. California has made no attempt to reconcile voter registration records with federal databases verifying citizenship.  It would be naïve to think that illegal aliens did not vote, and odds are some Democratic operative were encouraging them to vote.

There doesn’t even appear to be have been any effort to verify that the person signing the ballot was the same as the registered voter. When we voted the people operating the polling station just glanced at the envelop and said to be sure to sign it. They didn’t even ask who we were. They didn’t ask where we lived. They didn’t even ask if our name was on the voter envelope. They didn’t ask if this was out ballot. They didn’t check anything. The only thing they said was to be sure the envelope was signed, by someone.

No one cross referenced anything and we personally observed a lot of people just dropping ballots into the box without any scrutiny at all.  There were drop off boxes all over the place where anyone, and I do mean anyone, can just drop a ballot in the box and leave.

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote about this but failed to even consider the possibility that this could result in voter fraud. Instead they seemed focused on praising Democrats for a great ground game and laughing at Republicans for being oblivious. They have a point about the stupidity of the Republican party but the callous disregard for the integrity of the system is appalling.

This legislation passed solely on partisan lines. Democrats seized the day, Republicans ignored the obvious. In Orange County alone 250,000 ballots were dropped off on election day.  The Chronicle admits that almost all of the late voters went Democratic.

Naturally the Republican party is once again determined to learn the wrong lesson from disaster. The only solution is to demand reform that restores integrity to the voting system and prevents systemic fraud. Instead consultants are recommending that “Republicans find a way to match this.” Seriously, “the solution to combating voter fraud is to become better than Democrats at stealing elections?” If Republicans really believe that, they deserve to lose.

Republicans should be demanding an audit of the entire 2016 election, and serious election reform. Every poll shows that both Democrats and Republicans want fair and honest elections. It is only the leaders in the Democrat Party who resist this enabled by the pathetic Republican leadership incapable of pointing out the obvious.

If this continues, Democrats will win every election. Hell, in California, they are already winning  every election. If you want to see what this looks like, move to Chicago, register as a Republican and try running for office.  Good luck with that.

This problem was more than predictable, which is why Democrats passed the law in the first place. Is this really a surprise? If the Republican leadership was really caught by surprise, they should all be fired for incompetence. The Democratic Party in California is hopelessly corrupt, but at least they are competent at playing the game. Republicans didn’t even know what game was being played.

As I wrote earlier, this may (should) have been the Democrats last chance to steal an election, including in California. The new “Real ID” law is going to create a searchable database that should make the next election far easier to regulate. If every other state, Republicans are leading the way toward voter ID and election reform. But here in the Golden State, the Republican party is hopelessly inept. This election is so obviously corrupt that people all over the country have noticed. The only ones not getting the message are those pretending to lead the California Republican Party. They are too busy trying to enlarge the Republican tent to realize that Democrats are driving past that tent with boxes of illegal ballots laughing all the way to the ballot box.



There is a very interesting story today in the Daily Caller:

This begs the question of who is investigating whom. At first glance, the impression is that the FBI is violating the rights of a Whistle Blower. If James Comey was still Director of the FBI, that would be understandable. But the Director of the FBI is Christopher Wray and the Acting Attorney General is Matthew G. Whitaker. That begs the question: why this, why now?

There seems to be two possibilities. One is that they are punishing a Whistle Blower. That is what the author of this article is assuming. The other is that they are verifying the chain of custody of records provided by the Whistleblower. I note that there were sixteen FBI agents involved. This is a big deal. What if they are primarily interested in verifying that the documents delivered by the whistleblower are identical to the documents delivered to congress?

The lawyer for the Cain (the Whistleblower) said the following:

“For the bureau to show up at Mr. Cain’s home suggesting that those same documents are stolen federal property, and then proceed to seize copies of the same documents after being told at the house door that he is a legally protected whistleblower who gave them to Congress, is an outrageous disregard of the law,”

I ignored his opinion with regard to motive and instead focused on what really happened. The FBI seized copies of the original documents reportedly delivered to congress. They also searched the house to be sure there were no other pertinent documents.

This is how the meeting where the documents were originally delivered was described:

Cain met with a senior member of Horowitz’s office at a church close to the White House to deliver the documents to the IG”

Cain sat in a pew with a hoodie and sun glasses, Socarras said. Cain held a double-sealed envelope containing a flash drive with the documents. The IG official met him and, without saying a word, took the pouch over Cain’s shoulder and left.

The obvious question is who took possession of those documents and were they identical to the documents delivered to the House and Senate Intelligence Committee. One has to note that the documents allegedly showed that then FBI Director Robert Mueller failed to investigate allegations of criminal misconduct regarding Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One. It seems possible that the real investigation is whether or not those documents were “redacted” or otherwise altered before they got to congress. Was the FBI raid targeting the whistleblower or the people who received delivery of these documents? He certainly hasn’t ‘been charged with a crime, the FBI didn’t arrest him, they just seized documents.

We don’t know the facts, but what if those documents were redacted or there were material changes before they got delivered to congress? That could be beyond explosive. But even if they weren’t altered at all, they still could be very material.

Imagine you are Director of the FBI and you now report to a new Acting Attorney General. Unlike Jeff Session, the Acting Attorney General has not been recused from the Russia investigation or the supervision of Robert Mueller.

The DOJ has been directed, by both congress and the President of the United States, to investigate the potential criminal misconduct regarding Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One. That has been going on for months. But now you are asked to focus on the actions of Robert Mueller and for the first time the Acting Attorney General is directly involved.

You are nearing the end of your investigation. You are close to making a report. You may even be close to calling for indictments. This is the point where you want to make sure that all the documentation you are using has been verified 100%. You don’t want to risk using documents that have been altered and you also don’t want to risk ignoring other documents that are potentially exculpatory.

I do not know. Neither does anyone else, other than those directly involved. Perhaps this is another, attempt at perpetuating a cover-up conducted by the deep state. Certainly a lot of smart people believe that. But, it is highly unlikely that this raid took place without Whitakers approval and he shows no signs of being part of the Deep State. In addition, this time the documents were picked up by sixteen FBI agents and the chain of custody is absolutely solid. This is very different from how they were obtained originally; with a whistleblower handling over a flash drive while wearing a hoodie and sun glasses in a church pew to someone he doesn’t even know.