It is time to remove all racist symbols.  Any symbol of a racist politician must be removed and they must be exposed as racists.  That includes buildings, statues, roads, colleges, universities, bridges etc. I also includes scholarships. This is the only way to purify our history.

Here is a list of documented racists so that we can start at the top:

J. William Fulbright

I started with J. William Fulbright, because this is the man who inspired Bill and Hillary Clinton to a life of public service.  Ever hear of a Fulbright scholarship…this is the guy!

J. William Fulbright was Bill Clinton’s mentor. That would be the same Bill Clinton who ran for President with Al Gore standing in front of a confederate flag as “Sons of the South.”

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton used Confederate flags during their campaign, Hillary as recently as 2008.  If they weren’t Democrats this would be a problem.

Hillary Clinton’s name is proud to have her name on the J. William Fulbright-Hillary Rodham Clinton Public Policy Fellowship.

J. William Fulbright was a busy man. He signed, perhaps even edited, the Southern Manifesto. He opposed Brown vs the Board of Education.  He filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  He voted against the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  He voted against giving Hawaii statehood because he wanted to keep its large non-white population out of the union.  He went on national TV in 1973 to warn Americans about “Jewish influence” in congress.

How did Bill Clinton describe J. William Fulbright.  The following article in the LA Times details this:

Clinton closed his eulogy with:  “We owe a lot to Bill Fulbright, some of us more than others, Let us all remember the life he lived and the example he set.”

Good idea, just don’t forget the part about him being a racist White Supremacist.

This is just a start.  If we start writing details on the personal history of Democratic racists it would be very long, so I just provided a list with names of people who by their actions clearly exposed themselves as racist.  There are some Republicans who make the list but they are much harder to find:

Democratic Senators who signed the Southern Manifesto (No Republican Senators signed)

Congressional Representatives who signed the Southern Manifesto (Two of them were Republicans from Virginia)







North Carolina:

South Carolina:


Texas: Signatories:

Virginia: Signatories:

Democrats who filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act

Hill and Sparkman of Alabama

Fulbright and McClellan of Arkansas

Holland and Smathers of Florida

Russell and Talmadge of Georgia

Ellender and Long of Louisiana

Eastland and Stennis of Mississippi

Ervin and Jordan of North Carolina

Johnston and Thurmond of South Carolina

Gore Sr. and Walters of Tennessee (Yes, that is Al Gore’s dad)

H. Byrd and Robertson of Virginia

R. Byrd of West Virginia

Members of the KKK who served in congress:

Robert Byrd – Democrat

Hugo Black – Democrat

Theodore G Bilbo – Democrat

Rice W. Means – Republican

Clifford Walker – Democrat

George Gordon – Democrat

John Brown Gordon – Democrat

There are many more, but this would be a good start.  If we wipe out our racist history, the Democratic Party will be virtually non-existent in our history books.  I am sure we will lose a few Republicans too, which is fine with me.  Racism is racism and it should not be limited to any particular political party.  Let the purge begin!



President Trump gave a press conference today. The main stream media was there in force. It is too bad they didn’t bother to listen. Trump did something extremely rare in the history of the U.S. Presidency. He told us the unvarnished truth, without regard to the political consequences.

Contrary to what is reported in the main stream media, Trump did not hesitate to denounce the KKK, White Nationalists and any other white supremacy group. He did not offer any excuse for them or their behavior. Trump also condemned the man who drove his car into the crowd. But he refused to ignore the violence by the alt-left groups like Antifa. He pointed out that a lot of people on the alt-left came there looking for a fight. He asked why they should be held to blame for their actions. Trump pointed out, correctly, that not everyone protesting the removal of the statute of Robert E. Lee is a white supremacist.

What Trump said was the truth. It was truth the liberal left did not want to hear, but it was still the truth. There is a serious problem with violence by alt-left groups like Antifa. The main stream media was so busy ripping Trump with regard to Charlottesville they ignored violent protests organized by Antifa against a pro-Trump prayer meeting in Washington State just like the ignored the violence in Berkeley and other places.

In 1770 John Adams lead the defense team for the British soldiers accused of murder during a riot in Boston. Just imagine trying to defend the British soldiers who participated in the Boston Massacre. John Adams did just that and his words are more than appropriate today:

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

Trump said the same thing today. No one disputed the facts, they just didn’t care. However, a lot of people saw this press conference and my hunch is the media will be shocked to learn that many of them agree with Trump. Facts indeed are stubborn things and at some point even the main stream media might figure that out.



North Korea is a huge problem.  We have a mad man literally threatening to launch nuclear missiles against us.  Thanks to the failure of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama to deal with this, Trump has been handed a mess.  If the threat is not already here, it will be here tomorrow.

There are limited options.  We can try to stop him with increasing sanctions.  That, of course, has never worked.  In 1941 FDR tried that with Japan.  The result was Pearl Harbor.  We can try to negotiate a diplomatic settlement with the help of Russia and China.  Does anyone think that will work?  We can try to buy him off.  That was tried by Clinton and we just funded his nuclear weapons program.  We can do nothing and hope this somehow works out.  That was the Obama approach.  Or, we can attack him and destroy his ability to make war.  North Korea would definitely lose, but the cost would be beyond horrific.

There is another more option.  It is the only strategy that has any chance of working. That is for Donald Trump to convince North Korea that if they do not stop, he will destroy them.  This is like when cops confront violent criminals.  Sometimes the most violent people surrender when confronted with certain destruction.  That does not always work, but it at least has a chance of working.

Donald Trump sent a blunt warning to North Korea. This just may be our last chance of avoiding a truly horrific outcome.  Sadly the main stream media is still trying to push the ridiculous Russia collusion myth and RINOs like Graham and McCain continue to undermine the President.   If Joe Biden was still in the Senate he would probably be making a speech promising to impeach Trump if he attacks North Korea.  That is exactly what Biden did to George W. Bush with regard to Iran and it is exactly why Iran is well on the way to having a nuclear weapon.

We better pray that North Korea ignores Democrats, RINOs and the idiots in the main stream media.  Sadly, that seems unlikely and the most likely outcome is that Donald Trump will be forced to choose between the unthinkable and the truly unthinkable.

Barack Obama warned North Korea that we could destroy them.  They did not believe him.  No one believed him.  I believe Trump.  I pray North Korea believes Trump.  We better all pray that North Korea believes Trump.



I recently received a pair of Enchroma sunglasses as a gift.  They are incredible because they allow me, a color blind person, to see colors very differently.  This has caused me to ask a simple question:  “What color is California?”  Most people consider California to be the bluest of the blue states.  Every statewide elected official is a liberal Democrat and our legislature constantly dreams of new ways to make this the most liberal state in the union.  Sometimes the only thing between California and absolute insanity is our 78 year old Governor, Jerry Brown.  Since Governor Moonbeam is a hard core liberal himself, the distance to insanity is very small.

The rest of the country has watched many states switched from blue to red.  There are now only six really blue states left, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Rhode Island and Oregon.  California used to lead the nation in creative ideas, recently it looks like the nation has left us behind.  Now we may know why.  It is quite possible that many if not most of the Democratic gains were the result of massive voter fraud on a level never seen before in the history of this country.  The following article is stunning and the facts are undisputed:

“Judicial Watch noted that Los Angeles County officials ‘informed us that the total number of registered voters now stands at a number that is a whopping 144% of the total number of resident citizens of voting age.’”

This is not a surprise to those of us who live here.  Our state gives drivers licenses to people who are not citizens.  Numerous politicians inform illegal aliens that they have the same rights as everyone else.  Why would anyone be surprised if they thought it was ok to vote?  California makes zero attempts to check citizenship when someone registers to vote.  If you say you are a citizen, California considers that to be the final source on the subject.

We know that there are a lot of Democrats here, but the results of the 2016 election are absurd:


Hillary Clinton:    8,783,792.   Donald Trump:  4,483,814. Margin:  4,269,978,

In Los Angeles County, Hillary received 2,464,364 votes compared to Trump’s 769,743 for a margin of 1,694,621.


Hillary Clinton:  65,853,652. Donald Trump:  62,985,134.   Margin:  2,868,518

This means if it wasn’t for California, Hillary would have lost the popular vote nationwide and nearly 60% of the margin came from Los Angeles County.

I did a little math and if there were 44% more voters than people in Los Angeles County that would mean there were potentially 1,049,371 illegal votes in just one county.

No wonder the liberal left is terrified of the voter-fraud commission.  They are determined to resist this at every level, but they are losing.

In May, Trump created a commission to investigate alleged acts of voter fraud after he claimed, without evidence, that 3 million to 5 million undocumented immigrants voted illegally in the 2016 election.  (Hmmm.   Seems like Judicial Watch has some pretty interesting statistics that look a lot like evidence!)

Democrats are concerned that this is “laying the groundwork for voter suppression, plain & simple.”  They are right:  this is an attempt to suppress the votes of people who are not citizens.  It’s about time.

Now look at California with different glasses.  In 2010 10,095,185 people voted for governor in California.  5,431,210 voted for Jerry Brown, 4,128,931 votes for Meg Whitman.  Now take away 1,000,000 votes away from Jerry Brown in Los Angeles County and say another 10% in the rest of the state.  Say hello to Governor Meg Whitman.

Put on different glasses and California looks a lot less blue.



Donald Trump is the duly elected President of the United States.  Democrats do not believe that he is up to the job.  Democrats didn’t think Abraham Lincoln was up to the job either.  RINO Republicans don’t think Trump is up to the job.  RINO Republicans didn’t think Abraham Lincoln was up to the job either.  Democrats are more than willing to remove a President of the United States they despise.  They tried with Abraham Lincoln during the civil war and they succeeded with Richard Nixon during the Vietnam War.

They are trying to overthrow the government of the United States without regard to the law, without regard to the constitution and with even less regard to the facts.  Sadly, RINO Republicans are not only refusing to defend Trump, they are often pouring gas on the fire.  So far, the only known criminal acts are being committed by those people entrusted with our national security illegally leaking classified information.   Instead of being prosecuted, these people are viewed as heroes by the elite media.

The Washington Post printed the entire transcript of a phone call between Donald Trump and the President of Mexico along with the entire transcript of a phone call between Donald Trump and the Prime Minister of Australia.  There should be outrage by both political parties.  If this had happened to Obama, CNN would have called it treason.  They would have been right.

Consider the consequences if during an emergency a foreign Chief of States is afraid to talk to the President of the United States on the phone because he or she fears this being reported on the front page of the Washington Post.  This is a very legitimate fear.  This is beyond dangerous.

Suppose, for example, Mexican official learns of an imminent terrorist attack against the United States.  The President of Mexico is afraid to call Donald Trump, because he cannot be assured of confidentiality.  If you think this is unlikely keep in mind that Great Britain cut us off from intelligence regarding the Manchester bombing because our media irresponsibly leaked the name of the suspected terrorist?

This isn’t going to stop anytime soon.  Democrats and the main stream media think they have Donald Trump on the ropes and they are determined to remove him from office.  Nothing else matters. They are literally attempting another coup, similar to the one removed Richard Nixon from office.  Richard Nixon won re-election in 1972 by a landslide.  Democrats with the help of the main stream media went on a mission to destroy him.  W. Mark Felt, an FBI Agent, started leaking highly classified information to Woodward and Bernstein.  That’s right, another FBI Agent violated his oath of office and the main stream media gave him hero status.  After all, he also hated Richard Nixon and that justified anything.  They kept investigating Richard Nixon until they eventually found a crime.  He ordered a cover up of the Watergate Robbery.  This was more than enough for the liberal left to remove a President they despised from office.  The result was the loss of the Vietnam War, the abandonment of the mission for which over 55,000 American troops gave the ultimate sacrifice and the death of millions in South Vietnam and Cambodia.

What do you call it when there is an organized resistance movement dedicated to the overthrow of our government?  The only word I can think of is treason.  If we allow this to continue, the results will be very similar to what happened in 1974.  Only this time we live in a far more dangerous world and the consequences could be far worse than just losing the Vietnam War.



One of my favorite cartoons shows a drawing of a pond of quicksand. There is a single hand sticking up out of the sand, flipping the bird. The caption goes: “There goes a bitter young man.” If you substitute “old” for “young” it describes John McCain perfectly. It was bad enough that he voted against health care reform, after running for re-election promising to repeal ObamaCare. He did it at 1:00 a.m. in the most theatrical way possible, to provide maximum humiliation to his Republican colleagues in the Senate.

John McCain is routinely described as an American hero. That is true if you give that label to anyone who served in combat during the Vietnam War. It is true if you grant hero status to anyone who was a POW in North Vietnam. He was definitely brave enough to fly very dangerous combat missions over North Vietnam. No one should blame McCain for breaking under torture while a POW in the Hanoi Hilton, but understanding and awarding hero status are very different things. It is widely reported that McCain produced propaganda tapes that were broadcast over the radio to U.S. troops and played constantly on the prison loudspeakers.

Most people don’t know that McCain was involved in in three major air crashes, before he was shot down over Hanoi. Most people don’t know that McCain was involved in a major incident on the USS Forrestal that resulted in the death of 134 sailors.

McCain apparently did not stay on deck to help fight the fire and the next day he got a ride off the ship on a helicopter with New York Times reporter Apple. This happened during a time when critically injured sailors were desperately waiting for transportation off that ship. Apple wrote the following:

“Today, hours after the fire that ravaged the flight deck and killed so many of his fellow crewmen, Commander McCain sat in Saigon and shook his head. ‘It was such a great ship,’ he said. Later, Apple wrote: “It was almost three months ago that the young, prematurely gray Navy pilot was sitting in a villa in Saigon, sipping a Scotch with friends and recalling the holocaust that he had managed to live through. He was John Sydney McCain, 3rd, a lieutenant commander. The day before he had watched from the cockpit of his Skyhawk attack plane as flames suddenly engulfed the flight deck of the Forrestal, on which his squadron was based. ‘It’s a difficult thing to say; he remarked after a long time. ‘But now that I’ve seen what the bombs and the napalm did to the people on our ship, I’m not so sure I want to drop any more of that stuff on North Vietnam.’ ”

I cringed when Donald Trump, who appears to have sat out the Vietnam War with highly questionable medical deferments, trashed John McCain. At least John McCain served which is more than what Trump did. But when Trump said the following about McCain: “he’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured” he was rude, crude and truthful. McCain did receive a lot of medals, but almost all of them were because he was a POW.

McCain clearly enjoyed sticking it to Trump, and the country, on his way out of the Senate. Once again, with John McCain, it is all about…John McCain. Like I said, there goes a bitter old man. I wish him well in his fight against brain cancer, but “hero worship,” not so much.



The following story is a classic example of what happens when God is replaced by secular humanism. Warning, the story is horrific in every way possible. What makes it more horrific if that the same evil logic is being promoted by the supporters of Planned Parenthood in the United States today.

An 18 year old Chinese woman became pregnant, but didn’t tell anyone until she was 35 weeks along. She went to have an abortion and was told it was successful. But somehow the baby miraculously survived. The midwife who performed the abortion saved the baby. Then she sold it to a cousin who wanted a baby. The woman who went for an abortion was outraged that the child was allowed to live. She sued the midwife for medical costs, lawyer’s fees and support costs. The court did not give her any money, but they did sentence the midwife to two years in prison for abduction of the child. One will note that if she had killed the baby, no one would have cared.

The story does not mention what happened to the child. Apparently no one in the Chinese legal system thought this mattered.

Sadly, this same type of logic is displayed by the supporters of Planned Parenthood on a daily basis in the United States today. The rising star in the Democratic Party is Kamala Harris who prosecuted the people who filmed Planned Parenthood officials trying to sell body organs from aborted fetuses. That is like prosecuting someone in Germany who filmed the holocaust without permission from the Nazis. It is the same logic used to sentence a woman to prison for daring to save a child a pregnant woman desperately wanted to abort.

If we do not recognize pure evil when we see it, we are doomed. Abortion is a complicated subject and there are circumstances where may argue that it is the lesser of two evils. That I can understand. What I cannot comprehend is how anyone can be so indifferent to the rights of a baby who miraculously survived an abortion, against all odds. If this is not evil, then evil doesn’t exist. Some people wonder how the holocaust was possible. How could people bring themselves to tolerate the extermination of millions of people? Show them this story. It explains everything.



Wise people have learned that Donald Trump is not the loose cannon on twiiter portrayed in the mainstream media. That caused me to read his recent twiiter regarding his power to pardon very carefully:

Here is what trump actually wrote:

A new INTELLIGENCE LEAK from the Amazon Washington Post, this time against A.G. Sessions: These illegal leaks, like Comey’s must stop!

“While all agree that the U.S. President has the complete power to pardon, why think of that when only crime so far is LEAKS against us, FAKE NEWS

The media went crazy with the theory that Trump was planning to pardon himself. That, of course, is absurd. For one thing, neither Trump nor anyone involved in his campaign or his administration have eveR been identified as a suspect with regard to a crime. I believe Trump warning Robert Mueller that unlike George W. Bush, Trump can and will use his pardon power to prevent another I. Lewis “Scooter “ Libby fiasco.

The last special prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald was retained to find out who leaked Valerie Flame’s name to the press. He quickly learned that there was no possiblity of a crime, because she wasn’t an undercover operative. He also learned that the person who leaked her name was Richard Armitage, who was a vocal anti-war critic. This left Fitzpatrick with nothing to investigate that would justify his existance. So he decided to indict Scooter Libby for remembering a conversation differently than Tim Russert. This was tried in Washington, D.C. where any member of the Bush administration could have been prosecuted and convicted for breathing too heavily.

George W. Bush should have pardoned Libby because this was a miscarriage of justice. He did not do so, because he wanted to respect the system. I personally believe he would have shown more respect for the system by correcting a miscarriage of justice.

Trump will not make that mistake. Trump knows that Robert Mueller is not going to find any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia because it never happened. He is putting Muellar on notice that Trump will not tolerate another Scooter Libby fiasco where someone is indicted because a Special Counsel is desperate to justify his existence.

Naturally, the main stream media missed the point entirely. What a shock!



I subscribe to Sports Illustrated by accident. I tried to non-renew it but missed the deadline. It has become utterly worthless. The current edition is a classic example of what is wrong with sports today. The title is “Fashionable 50.” It lists all these athletes, not by their accomplishments on the field, but rather by how they dress. For example this is what they say about Russell Westbrook:

“He’s the most provocative eccentric, enigmatic dresser and player in the NBA.”

 Here is how Westbrook earned this acclaim:

Sorting through racks of ripped jeans and graphic tees at Topman in lower Manhattan in March, Westbrook—sporting a full gray Adidas sweat suit, fresh off a flight from Oklahoma City to New York City—is focused, calmly tuning out the gathering group of photo-grabbing, Snapchatting fans. …He slithers between the maze of mannequins and stacked shelves, stopping to find his size, when an item catches his eye. (His 6’3”, 200-und chiseled frame easily fits into off-the-rack styles.)

I cannot type any more of this because I don’t want to risk ruining a good computer by throwing up on the keyboard. In a bizarre way this article is brilliant, because it is a case study in how delusional and ignorant the cultured elite has become. Perhaps this really does appeal to millennials. If that is true, it explains a lot about what is wrong with millennials.

This is not a new development, but it has now reached the point where it simply cannot be ignored. I doubt that Sports Illustrated will even survive. I know many people who are sports fans. None of them care what Russell Westbrooks wears on his trip to Manhattan.

This also does a good job of explaining why the main stream media is self-destructing in its failing mission to destroy Donald Trump. These people are so self-absorbed by the illusion of their own superiority that they don’t even realize they are embarrassing themselves. Fox News has now starts a lot of shows just by showing video clips of the main stream media and they are hysterically funny.

This reminds me of a study, I believe done by Harvard, of incompetent people. The number one characteristic of incompetent people is that they don’t know they are incompetent. This explains why someone who cannot sing auditions for America’s Got Talent convinced they will win it all. It also explains why the main stream media thinks it is winning the media war with Donald Trump. They literally do not realize that they are humiliatingly incompetent. Fortunately more and more people have figured this out which is why CNN now ranks somewhere between 13th and 14th right behind reruns of 50 year old cartoons.



Sometimes the most important question is the one no one bothers to ask.  Like when Nixon was asked whether or not there was any kind of recording device in the oval office.  Yesterday, someone asked a simple question that was ignored.  Who leaked the Donald Trump Jr. e-mails to the New York Times?  Unlike Hillary Clinton, the Trump organization seems to have pretty good internet security.  We aren’t exactly seeing a lot of private Donald Trump e-mails being published in WikiLeaks.  It also seems unlikely that anyone close to Donald Trump Jr. would be in a position to gain access to those e-mails, particularly after more than a year. Yet obviously the New York Times obtained access to them, somehow.  It has been widely reported that Donald Trump Jr. released those e-mails ONLY after he learned that the New York Times had a copy.

In view of this, I came up with five questions I think should be asked over and over again until someone comes up with an acceptable answer.

  • How did the New York Times get a copy of Donald Trump Jr.’s e-mail?


Was this done by the NSA?  If they did, who authorized them to unmask this e-mail?  Is this further evidence that Trump Tower was wiretapped?

  • If this was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, why did this Russian lawyer spend so much time with Democrats?


She has numerous contacts with the DNC dating back years.  She was escorted around Washington, D.C. by Ron Dellums.  Her visa may have been personally approved by Loretta Lynch.  She is sitting in the front row, behind Obama’s ambassador to Russia, McFaul, days after the meeting with Donald Trump, Jr.

  • Which is worse?  Saying you would like to get dirt from Russia regarding your opponent.  Or actively working with Russia to leak dirt on your opponent.


The Russia dossier, thoroughly discredited, appears to have been generated with significant input from the KGB.  The person who created this report, Christopher Steele, was funded by anti-Trump Republicans and later by Hillary supporters.  John McCain sent an aide to England to pick up a “hard copy” of the report and gave it to that pillar of integrity, James Comey.  Comey may even had paid Christopher Steele to keep up the good work.  This fake document, so bad even CNN wouldn’t touch it, appears to be the sole basis of the Russia collusion investigation.

  • Why is no one in the main stream media even considering the possibility of collusion between the Clinton campaign and Russia?


The following article by Investor’s Business Daily is stunning:

None of this is disputed, it is just ignored.

  • What is the purpose of a free press if it ignores well documented scandals when they involve Democrats and rushes to judgment on a daily basis with any story that criticizes Donald Trump, without regard to any actual facts?


Donald Trump may be right when he says this is worse than fake news, it is fraudulent news.