The first Presidential debate is over. Democrats will declare Biden the winner. Republicans will declare Trump the winner. The big loser was Chris Wallace who never came close to gaining control of the debate. His theory of giving each guy two minutes uninterrupted with no chance to respond was a disaster. The result was both men talking over each other, with Trump clearly winning the interruption contest.

It would be easy to think Trump lost because he appeared to a bully and he constantly interrupted both Biden and Wallace. But this is not a debate contest, this is a contest to be President of the United States. Regardless of the first impression, people are going to ask who is more capable of being President. Trump won that hands down.

In addition, Biden made some huge gaffes. He flat out lied about Hunter Biden and the $3.5 million from the wife of the Moscow Mayor. That will be fact checked and that will be devastating for Biden. He could have said he didn’t know about it, but instead he chose to say this was discredited. That is a lie. His decision to tell a bald-faced lie about this makes it a huge story.

Also, it was Biden, not Trump, who made this personal. Trump interrupted Biden and told him he was wrong, but he did not personally insult him. Eventually people will understand that. Biden, on the other hand, called Trump a racist and a serial liar.  He even told Trump to shut up. I believe in the end it will be Biden, not Trump who loses on the likeability issue. Trump laughed at Joe. Joe showed hatred, anger, and contempt.

Biden really fell apart when Wallace pressed him on the Green New deal. He also came up short on the law and order issue. Trump scored on the climate change debate. He benefited from the far-left extreme proposals by Biden.

My prediction is that the MSM will declare Biden the winner. They will call Trump’s performance embarrassing. But, as always, they will be wrong. Ironically, Trump did miss some opportunities. On more than one occasions if he had let Biden continue odds are high Joe was about to go off the rails. By interrupting him, Trump actually helped Biden escape situations where he was headed toward serious trouble. But when the dust clears, Trump will have carried the day. The reason is quite simple, when Trump talked about what he did regarding the economy, Covid 19, law and order and the Supreme Court, he was forceful and convincing. Biden never did show that sense of leadership. Instead he resorted to vague slogans slamming Trump while talking about unifying the country.

This reminds me of watching a speech contest. When the professionals watch a speech, they choose a winner based on presentation, grammar, and elocution. But they often miss the true talent. The real winner is the contestant who may not do everything by the books, but who is capable of getting people to pay attention and can change people’s minds. Once such person was Winston Churchill who literally stuttered and often used fractured syntax. But Winston Churchill’s speeches changed the world.

Despite the format, the loss of control by Wallace and the idiot limiting of debate, Trump still dominated that stage. He dominated Wallace, he dominated Biden and odds are he dominated in the hearts and minds of people watching this fiasco. Yes, there will be people who hate Trump because of how he acted. But most of them hated Trump before the debate. That was never the point. The point was could Joe Biden show himself capable of being President of the United States? I am not at all sure he came close to doing that. He did not have a brain freeze and he looked competent. But he did not look like someone capable of being Commander in Chief.



The New York Times, predictably, ran another hit piece on Donald Trump. Ironically, this happened on the same day the Supreme Court said neither the prosecutors in New York nor Congress could get immediate access to Donald Trump’s tax returns. Yet, the NYT ran a report designed to embarrass Trump for information it could not possibly have obtained legally. Odds are high it hasn’t obtained it illegally either. They are just guessing and lying. What makes this beyond pathetic, is that they have tried this exact tactic before and failed. Trump just shrugs this crap off.

So why do it then? Although these people are definitely this biased, they are not actually this stupid. The obvious answer is that they are terrified about the prospect of Joe Biden debating Donald Trump, on National TV, without an earpiece and without a teleprompter. Perhaps Trump is right, and they will juice Joe up with something, but this is still very high risk. There is a reason Biden has been caught using teleprompters to answer softball questions from hand-selected reporters. They are terrified at how he will respond when confronted with real questions, he does not expect.

This is also evidence that they don’t believe the polls. If they believed them, they wouldn’t risk doing something this obvious and this poorly sourced. They are acting like Trump is not only winning, he is getting ready to run the table.

The fact that Joe may actually show up to the debate is an act of desperation. If they thought he had this in the bag those debates would never happen. Why, on earth, would they run the risk? If the Biden strategy of hiding in his basement was working, they wouldn’t risk rocking the boat.

Now throw in the untimely death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Trump called their bluff by nominating Amy Coney Barrett and Republicans in the Senate are clearly lined up to approve this nomination. Even Mitt Romney is on board. There is only one reason for that. Romney knows that he can’t afford to look weak regarding this nomination. He would love to stick it to Trump, but not at this level of personal cost.

Every Republican running for Senate, with the possible exception of Susan Collins, is going to quickly get on board. There is a reason for that. They know Trump is winning and none of them want to risk Trump campaigning against them.  They also realize that the roll-out of this nomination was a work of art, while Democrats are literally wetting themselves in public. They may not like Trump. They may not want Trump, but they do want to be re-elected and that is far more likely if you can hitch a ride on the Trump train.

There are also going to be court decisions that will make it much harder for the Democratic mail-in and ballot harvesting plan for November. They don’t even need Amy Cony Barrett to make that decision, the current Supreme Court will take care of this quickly. Combine that with more and more documented evidence of Democrats using mail-in ballots to steal elections and you have a perfect storm.

Forget the polls and absolutely ignore predictions by the MSM including Fox News. Trump is feeling his oats and Democrats are showing signs of pure panic.

Look at your TV. Check out who is smiling and who looks like they swallowed something awful. Look at the support for Trump in the Hispanic and black communities. If he gets more than 10% of the black vote, Biden loses big time. If he gets 25%, he runs the table.

Don’t be misled by the usual suspects like Lebron James and Al Sharpton. Lebron thinks he speaks for the black community. He only speaks for super rich pampered athletes. Pay attention to the black Attorney General in Kentucky. A lot of Democrats are trashing him without understanding something important. I suspect a lot of black people watching this view this very differently. They see an impressive black man being trashed by people pretending to support the black community. At least some of them will feel more empathy for Daniel Cameron than for the people slandering him.

I remember talking to a black attorney friend during the Clarence Thomas hearings. He was very liberal and a Democrat. But he told me that when Clarence Thomas said this was a “high tech lynching” he felt that in his soul.

We are clearly at the “WHY.”  It is important to understand why people are doing what they are doing. It would be naïve to think this is because they think Joe Biden has this in the bag.



If you watch the MSM, including Fox News, you are constantly told that this election is very close. Biden is leading in national polls and in several battleground states. This reporting is based on polls that are impossible to believe.  To believe the polls, you must believe most Americans will vote for Joe Biden, despite his radical supporters and his obvious senility.

Trump is on the news every day, all day. He is constantly giving a news conference, hosting a roundtable, or making a speech. He is showing up all over the country. Everywhere he goes he draws massive crowds. Right now, Trump is in Atlanta. He was in Florida this morning hosting a Hispanic roundtable. He will attend a rally in Virginia tonight.

In the meantime, Biden is hiding out in his basement. He did manage to pay a visit to the capital to pay respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but then we went back home, apparently exhausted. He isn’t even pretending to conduct a campaign.

The MSM and the people taking the polls really believe that everyone thinks like them. All these polls over-sample Democrats by a huge margin and ignore independents. They ignore serious red flags in their own data. For example, polls show up to 25% of blacks planning on voting for Trump. For Biden to win, he must get close to 90% of the black vote. If Trump gets 25% of the black vote he will win by a landslide. Trump is also polling very high among Hispanic voters. Pollsters ignore that to their peril.

They are also missing something else. While all those protestors and their liberal supporters believe in systemic racism, a lot of people are very aware that this is based on a patently false narrative. The most recent case was Breonna Taylor. Virtually nothing reported by the MSM on that case is accurate. There is a reason the Grand Jury did not indict those officers; the facts did not support indicting them. But, the MSM just ignores the facts and continues to report a false narrative. It is absurd.

This begs the question. While the MSM has clearly drunk the KoolAid, do you really think they represent most people in this country? During a recent Kansas City Chiefs game only about 20% of the stadium was full because of COVID 19 restrictions. When the teams linked arms to support Black Lives Matter, those fans responded with boos. Even the shrinking number of people who still watch the NFL do not necessarily support the political nonsense.

Look around you. Do you see ANY signs of widespread support for the Biden/Harris ticket? Do you see Biden or Harris drawing large crowds.? Do you know anyone who even pretends to be excited about a Biden presidency?  Donald Trump recently paid a visit to Sacramento. He was greeted with a large crowd of supporters, although this was not even a public event. A handful of protestors showed up with one of them stupidly jumping on a police car.

Look at who is supporting Biden and who is supporting Trump. It is not Trump supporters trying to throw things at police and setting fires. It is not Trump supporters who are blocking traffic and screaming at drivers. It is not Trump supporters invading neighborhoods and threatening people. It is not Trump supporters harassing people in restaurants. No, Trump supporters show up in massive numbers to cheer on Donald Trump and then go home.

The Senate report regarding Hunter Biden and Ukraine is devastating. The MSM ignored this, but they no longer control how people get news. Anyone who reads this report realizes that the failed impeachment of Donald Trump was a total farce. They also know Joe Biden is a crook. Documents were released proving FBI agents talking about buying E & O insurance because they knew the Russian Investigation was a fraud. The Democratic narrative is being shredded daily.

While some people will vote for Joe Biden, regardless of circumstances, there are a lot of other people who see the same things you see, and they understand.  They see Michael Bloomberg paying millions so convicted felons can vote in Florida. Why? Because he knows they will vote for Democrats. Great! Do we want convicted felons to decide our elections?

Pennsylvania has authorized vote harvesting and counting mail-in ballots long after election day. Michigan is trying to expand this even longer. While the MSM says there is no evidence of voter fraud, there is more evidence of this every day.  We find ballots, all for Donald Trump, in a trash bin.

Even in Democratic precincts, they can’t even figure out how to count the ballots. No one, with an ounce of objectivity, expects anything other than a national mess. Remember the election night coverage during the Iowa Caucuses. Crickets from the Democratic Party.

If Democrats handle this election according to plans, we will be lucky to learn the results this year. Perhaps that is the plan. But, if that is the plan, it is because they KNOW that Biden is losing big time. If they thought Biden had any chance of winning, they would want election results on November 3, so the celebration could begin. They wouldn’t risk changing ANYTHING. Their only hope is to steal the election with vote harvesting after the election. Why? Because they know Biden is losing. So, do you. So, does everyone else who has their eyes open. Should you believe the MSM, or your lying eyes? Easy question.



The Senate committee report on Hunter Biden should have gone off like a bomb. If this had involved a Republican, particularly anyone possibly related to Donald Trump this would have gone nuclear. Yet, predictably, the MSM just yawned and reported this as “old news” and a “politically motivated” investigation. No one seemed to consider the joke investigation by Adam Schiff, based on utter nonsense, that resulted in a failed attempt to impeach Trump, politically motivated. Remember, when Democrats literally tried to remove Trump from office for daring to ask questions about this?

There is, of course, no evidence that this connects to Joe Biden, because all he did was threaten to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine if they didn’t fire a prosecutor in six hours. While there is a video where Joe brags about this, that is not nearly enough evidence to interest the MSM.

CBS called this a “controversial report” and described this as possible conflicts of interests between the Bidens and Ukraine. Sure, the Obama administration was warned about this, but Joe is a Democrat, so it didn’t matter. CBS says the report does not assert that the former VP pushed for the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor to protect Burisma. Apparently, CBS never saw the video. No, this was an attack founded on a long-disproven hardcore rightwing conspiracy theory.

This is easy to understand. Hunter Biden, fresh off getting tossed out of the U.S. Navy for snorting coke was clearly a brilliant international energy star well worth the millions paid to him by the notoriously corrupt Burisma. The fact that his father was VP in charge of overseeing funding for the Ukraine is just a remarkable coincidence. Nothing to see here. Move on. What really matters is that Donald Trump, Jr. was seen drinking a White Russian at a Trump Hotel. Now that is evidence of Russian interference in American politics. Impeach I say, Impeach.

In the meantime, next to the attorney screaming for revenge against the police is a man wearing a mask reading: “I can’t breathe.” Take the mask off, idiot. A lot of Democrats and their supporting lunatics in the MSM should readjust their masks so they don’t continue to blind them to blatant corruption.



Democrats responded, predictably, to the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg with knee-jerk outrage and hyperbole. They are so furious at the prospect of Donald Trump appointing another Supreme Court Justice that they are too blinded by fury to even consider a rational response. As a result, they may be making one of the worst political blunders in American history.

Chuck Schumer, supposedly a smart man, has announced that if Democrats take control of the Senate and the Presidency, he will do the following:

  1. Pack the Supreme Court by adding liberal justices.
  2. End the filibuster.
  3. End the electoral college.
  4. Admit DC and Puerto Rico as States to gain two more Democratic congressional representatives.

There are several problems with this threat. One is that he just put all those Democrats running for the senate between a rock and a hard place. Let’s take Mark Kelly in Arizona as just one example. He is a former astronaut and has enormous name recognition. He gives the illusion of being rational and moderate. But now all his opponent needs to ask is:

  1. Would you vote to pack the Supreme Court?
  2. Would you vote to end the filibuster?
  3. Would you vote to end the electoral college?
  4. Would you vote to admit DC and Puerto Rico as States?

In addition, once Trump nominates an obviously capable female Kelly will be asked another question: “Please explain exactly why you oppose this nomination.”

This could easily cost Mark Kelly that election. Now think about this happening in every close Senate race, including some that Democrats think they have in the bag. If you are a competent Democratic strategist, which is a stretch, this must terrify you.

This also helps Donald Trump, because he will name someone and will be literally challenging Democrats to trash her. Biden, on the other hand, is terrified to even bring up the subject. Frankly, this is so stupid that it looks like an act of absolute desperation.  Democrats think they are threatening Donald Trump and Republicans.  They are actually threatening the American people.

What makes this worse is that this irresponsible rhetoric is likely to encourage wide-spread protests, some of which are certain to be violent. There may even be violent attacks on Republicans they consider to be a threat. That is the problem with screaming that the world is coming to an end, some people are likely to believe you.

Democrats did this to themselves. They allowed the Democratic Party to be dominated by extreme leftists. That left them with poor options. They should have responded to this by naming their own candidate and promoting that person as a better option. But any candidate acceptable to someone like AOC is unlikely to be acceptable to anyone else. They couldn’t even refloat Merrick Garland as deserving his chance, because he is a white male and the squad will demand a woman of color.

Think about that for a minute. Their whole theory is that Merrick Garland was robbed of his chance to be on the Supreme Court. But now instead of giving him that chance, Democrats don’t want him either. This was only four years ago. If he deserved a chance then, he deserves a chance now. No one is even considering that.

It looks like Democrats, already headed toward a landslide defeat, just decided to go all in on a banzai charge guaranteed to destroy all stupid enough to participate. Banzai charges worked for the Japanese when fighting the Chinese. They didn’t work very well against U.S. Marines. There are some who would argue that these suicide attacks only hastened defeat and increased casualties. That would be a pretty good way to describe the Democratic Party today.

A couple of important things to remember when you see a banzai charge. One is that the people doing this are beyond desperate. Another is that they almost never work.




I still remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger told Jay Leno he was running for Governor of California. Leno had difficulty restraining a giggle. No one took Arnold seriously. This had to be a joke, right? But it wasn’t a joke and it was Schwarzenegger who got the last laugh. He easily won election to Governor and he coasted to re-election.

I must admit that I was among those who thought Arnold was a joke candidate. But I had underestimated the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger was a huge star. He was somebody. When he entered that race, everyone else quickly faded into oblivion. It was a reminder that you can’t beat somebody with nobody.

Donald Trump is one of the biggest stars in the history of TV.  He is the ultimate somebody. He dominates every news cycle. Most of the coverage is negative, but he is still the center of attention. Joe Biden is a nobody. He was nearly invisible as Obama’s VP. Democrats are trying to beat Trump, by focusing on Trump and hiding Biden. They are also hiding Kamala Harris. They intend to win this race by trashing Trump and spending millions on TV ads. Biden will continue to hide out. He may not even show up for the first debate. They are, once again, trying to beat somebody with nobody.

Trump was just handed a winning issue. Once again, the polls are very wrong. A lot of people voted for Trump because they didn’t want Hillary to choose Supreme Court Justices. If anyone had doubt about this, it was erased by Chuck Schumer. He threatened that if Democrats don’t get their way, they will eliminate the filibuster, stack the Supreme Court, and admit the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as states, so they can get more Democratic Senators. Schumer’s plan is a case study in why we need Trump, not Biden, to choose the replacement for Ginsburg.

Notice how quickly Democrats moved on from COVID 19, to mail in ballots, to the death of Ginsburg. Now the only topic is Trump’s choice for Supreme Court justice. If he chooses wisely, Democrats have a serious problem. He is going to pick a woman, so no more fake last-minute sexual harassment claims. He will pick someone who was recently confirmed by the Senate. Someone who has already handled those anal retentive female Democratic Senators. Male Democratic Senators will have to be very careful if they choose to attack a female nominee. Soon, and very soon, this will focus on who Trump has nominated, not the fact that Trump made the nomination. Failure to understand that would be a huge mistake for Democrats.

In the meantime, Biden is too terrified to even suggest a candidate. He knows that anyone acceptable to the AOC crowd will not be acceptable to anyone else. He cannot choose a male, like Merrick Garland, to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. So, Trump will nominate somebody and once again Democrats will try to beat somebody with nobody.

Good luck with that.



Democrats are pushing mail in voting because they think it will help them win (steal) the election. Republicans are against mail in voting because they think it will help Democrats win (steal) the election. They are both wrong.

There has been wide-spread election fraud in this country for a long time. Anyone familiar with the history of political machines understands how this works. There is a reason why Democrats have almost complete power in every metropolitan area. Hint, it is not because they are doing such a great job. It is because it is close to impossible for a Republican to win in these locations.

When Anthony Weiner had to resign as a congressional representative, he was replaced by, gasp, a Republican.  Democrats were shocked because Democrats had a 3-1 registration advantage in that district. I remember one Democratic operative who was shocked, because he said: We know the name and address of every registered Democrat in the district and our candidate is still going to lose.

Turner only served one two-year term. In 2012 New York lost two congressional districts. The first thing they did was split his district with the result that he had zero chance of winning re-election.

If you live in a district where the local Democratic committee knows you by name and knows where you live, there is little mystery regarding who you should vote for in any election. If you don’t work for the city, county, or state, you almost certainly have a relative who does. I don’t really know of any Republican district where Republicans are remotely capable of demonstrating that level of influence.

The problem was complicated by a process where no one was checking. That is particularly true in places like California where voter fraud is viewed as an evil Republican conspiracy theory to suppress the vote. There is little evidence of voter fraud because no one is looking. When they do look, they quickly find lots of it.

That brings us to mail in voting and something very important. All those ballots must be checked. One of the things they check is whether the ballot is signed and whether that signature matches the signature on file with the voter’s registration card. This year, for the first time, voter registration records are checked against a federal database. Previously a state like California did not bother to check whether a driver was here legally. But that was so porous that a California Drivers’ License would not longer be sufficient to allow one to board a commercial airliner. Now, to get a real id in California, one of the following is required:

Valid U.S. Passport or passport card.

Certified copy of US birth certificate.

US Certificate or Consular Report of Birth Abroad

Unexpired foreign passport with Valid US Visa and approved I-94 form

Certified copy of birth certificate from a U.S. Territory

Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship.

Valid unexpired Permanent Resident Card

Unexpired employment authorization document (EAD) Card (i-76) or valid/expired EAD Card with notice of action (i797 C).


You also need proof of Social Security Number

Social Security card

W-2 form

SSA-1099 form

Non-SSA-1099 form

Paystub (with full SSN)


Proof of residence (2 Documents required)

Rental or lease agreement, Deed or title to residential real property.

Mortgage bill.

Home utility bill.

School, medica, employment or insurance documents verifying address.

IRS or California FTB tax return.

Change of address by USPS

Property tax bill or statement.

Records from a financial institution

Voter registration confirmation letter or postcard.

A document issued by a U.S. government agency.

Although the deadline for a real ID has been extended in California, a high percentage of drivers have done this. That means that a mail in ballot for those people will have signature, address, and citizenship status on file in a readily accessible database. When a ballot comes in, it will be checked for signature, address, and citizenship status. For the first time in decades, someone will be checking who voted in California and whether they were legalized authorized to do that.

The point being that a lot of ballots are going to be rejected because the signatures don’t match, the address doesn’t match or there is no proof of citizenship. Others will be rejected because they were just done wrong.

It is going to be very difficult for Democrats to keep track of 30 million ballots and do enough vote harvesting to make a different. Even vote harvesting is going to be harder, because for the first time SIGNATURES will be checked. Don’t assume this will help Democrats.

Everyone predicts that election results will be delayed because of mail in voting. Democrats are counting on keeping the election open until they find enough votes, But, ironically, the push for all mail-in voting has made it easier for Republicans to verify the integrity of ballots. Some of you may have noticed that recently Democrats are quietly hinting at moving back toward in person voting. You can expect more of that soon. While Democrats scream about wanting and needing a fair and transparent election process, they are terrified that this might happen. How, exactly, do Democrats plan on winning elections if voting is limited to legally registered voters, still alive, still living here, who are only allowed to vote once?

Time to get real.



Justice Ginsburg passed way today. Talk about the ultimate October surprise. Suddenly the election will be highly impacted by this. Donald Trump believes that most people approve of his Supreme Court decisions. Democrats consider this the worst-case scenario. All of them are missing something important.

Ginsburg voted wrong on every issue. She has been the most extreme liberal on the Supreme Court. It will be hard to find someone more extreme than Ginsburg. Even a bad choice by someone like Joe Biden is unlikely to be worse that Ginsburg. The point being that regardless of what happens, this is a huge problem for liberals. If Trump replaces her with a conservative, it will take Democrats decades to recover.

There is another issue, that Democrats fail to understand. Many of the worst decisions by the Supreme Court and other Federal Courts has been where courts made decisions that could never be passed through legislation. That is one reason liberals want activist justices, they want people who will accomplish things they can never accomplish through legislation. But there is a reason they can’t achieve this through legislation. It is because this is not what voters want. So, if Democrats openly promote an activist justice, they will be playing straight into Donald Trump’s capable hands.

Ironically, it would probably help Democrats if Trump got someone approved before the election. That is because that choice would probably be more tolerable to Democrats than someone appointed AFTER Trump was re-elected. So, the only way Democrats avoid disaster, is if Biden is elected and Trump doesn’t get to approve anyone. But the certainty of a Supreme Court appointment increases the chance of Trump getting elected. Biden will have to produce his own list of potential appointees and the opposition research will be world class. Trump, on the other hand, already has his slate of candidates.

There is a reason Trump released his list of candidates. He knows this is a winning issue for him. One suspects that he knew this was coming because of the timing of this release. On the other hand, Biden must be extremely careful in producing his list, because if there is just one extreme radical on that list, Trump will seize the day. On the other hand, if Biden doesn’t include someone at least as radical as Ginsburg, he is going to have a real problem with his base. This is a lose-lose situation for Biden.

I believe Trump will try to pick a female candidate acceptable to Murkowski and Collins. That could help Collins win re-election. She needs Trump’s help.  He doesn’t have to make this official until after the election. That would be perfect.

If Trump does nominate someone, there will be hearings in the Senate. Kamala Harris on the Senate Judiciary Committee. She would have to attend. That would make it nearly impossible for her to campaign. Yet, she can’t be a no show either. This is lose-lose for Kamala Harris.

Biden, on the other hand, is between a rock and a hard place. He can’t appoint anyone; he can just produce a list. Anyone on that list acceptable to someone like AOC will not play well in middle America. Anyone who appears to be slightly moderate will infuriate the liberal left. Biden will try to avoid preparing a list at all, which will satisfy no one.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will demand Trump wait until after the election. They will do everything possible to obstruct the process. All of that helps Trump, particularly with his base. The more Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are tied to the Joe and Kamala fiasco, the better for Trump. Yet they must resist this because their base will demand that. It Trump appoints someone, and the Senate confirms. The liberal base will be furious. But they will be more furious as the leaders in their own party than at Donald Trump. They already hate him. That won’t change. The more they hate Trump, the more they underestimate him.

One thing is certain, the Supreme Court vacancy will be topic one between now and election day, and Trump must love that. No matter what happens, he wins. Right now, the Supreme Court has a 5-3 split. If Trump does nothing, conservatives already have the votes on any issue.  The best liberals can hope for is a return to a 5-4 split. But if Trump appoints someone, the 5-3 split will turn into a 6-3 split. Democrats know that. Their base knows that. This is a huge loss for the liberal left, no matter what happens.

One serious problem for Democrats is that the extreme left will go off the rails if Trump nominates anyone. Unfortunately, that is likely to include loud protest and potentially riots. What these people fail to realize is that if they do this, it will benefit Donald Trump. The louder these people scream, the more they riot, the more they promote violence the more people realize they must never be given power. If we see widespread violence, demanding the appointment of a radical left-wing justice, that will benefit Trump and hurt Biden.  Democrats are already in trouble for failing to deal with the riots following the George Floyd death and the Jacob Baker deaths. If there is a repeat of that, demanding a liberal supreme court justice, Democrats will be at great risk of experiencing a landslide loss of unprecedented dimensions. The Biden campaign is already in serious trouble. This has the potential to push it completely off the ledge.

This is impossible to predict, but I sure wouldn’t bet against Trump.



All the polls show Biden leading Trump, but with a much narrower lead. This is exactly how the polls looked in 2016, regarding Hillary Clinton and  Donald Trump. Once again, the polls are wrong, for the same reason. All these polls are based on assumptions that are simply not true.

For example, look at who Fox talked to during their recent poll. Now one would assume that Fox would at least try to get this right, but that would be a wrong assumption. Fox News provided the political affiliation of the people surveyed. This is typical of their previous polls. Democrats were 49% of people polled, Republicans were 46% and Independents were 5%.  This pattern has been consistent since October, 2019. Then they surveyed 48% Democrat, 40% Republican and 12% Independent.  As you can see, they have increased the number of Republicans, but reduced the number of Independents.

The problem is that no one supports this demographic split of voters by party affiliation.  Gallop has an average of 28.75% Republicans, 30.75% Democrat and 37% independent. Other reports like Rasmussen show democratic party registration declining. But, let’s assume that Gallop is close.

This is easy to understand. To make the math easy, assume that 100% of Republicans will support Trump and 100% of Democrats will support Biden.  That is not accurate, but a higher percentage of Republicans support Trump than Democrats support Biden, so it is fair.

Every poll shows Trump leading among independents by about 10 points. If that is true, then right now Trump is leading by at least 2 points. But there are also polls showing Trump getting 40% of the Latino vote and an incredible 25 plus percent of the black vote. Every poll assumes that Democrats will get 75% of the Latino vote and 90% of the black vote. So, if these polls are correct, the only possibility is a lower percentage of Democrats supporting Biden.  If that is accurate, Trump is headed toward a landslide.

The truth is that no one knows. We just know the data is bad, beyond bad. We don’t know who is right, but we can be certain these polls are wrong. So, look at how the campaigns are going. Who can drum up a crowd of about 25,000 people in Minden, NV? Have you been to Minden?  It is nice place, but wow! Biden, on the other hand, has trouble filling a phone booth. If he campaigns one day, the next day he is too exhausted to move. He has been caught reading interview answers from a teleprompter. The other day he bragged about Corvettes, while speaking at a Ford plant. Anyone who has ever lived in Michigan knows that this was beyond dumb. Kamala Harris is not much better. She isn’t exactly drawing big crowds and she makes Biden look like a gifted campaigner in comparison.

There are about 50 days before election. Anything can happen, but right now it is the Biden campaign that is showing signs of panic, and Trump is clearly feeling his oats.

One final thought. Election night is guaranteed to be a mess, like the Iowa Caucus results. The only thing certain is uncertainty. Hillary Clinton has already told us the game plan. Regardless of results on November 3, Democrats plan to keep on counting until they find a way to win. But this assumes something not in evidence. The assumption is that the democratic base is capable of properly completing a mail in ballot. That may be a false assumption. Just look at the results in recent primary elections. Thousands of ballots have been disqualified and that problem may be insurmountable. Democrats may plan on winning this at the Supreme Court, with the election turning on a world class amount of hanging chads. But even the Roberts Supreme Court is unlikely to do that. The one thing certain is that no one on the Supreme Court wants to decide the results of a general election. The liberals on the court are biased enough but not dumb enough to do that. Regardless of how many mail-in ballots are used, if you can’t fill them out properly, your vote won’t count. Democrats will resort to fraud and vote harvesting, but they don’t have the logistics to pull this off nationally. Yes, they can swing results in a place like New Jersey or even Orange County, but they can’t pull this off nationwide. Even with widespread mail-in ballots, Lincoln got this right. You can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time. November 3, 2020 will prove Lincoln right again.



One again the MSM is totally misreading the American public. Bob Woodward’s book will not damage Trump, to anyone who reads or listens to the actual Trump quotes. Trump acts and sounds like a President of the United States, determined to make good decisions. The comparison between him and Joe Biden could not be starker.

But it also proved something else. There are people, at the very highest level of government, who believe they are the cultured elite chosen by God to lead the rest of us. When someone challenges them, they become outraged. Anyone who dares disagree with them is dangerous and must be removed. General Mattis should be tried for treason. He openly admits to campaigning to remove a President of the United States from office. There is a reason the military reports to the President and not vice versa. This book is a stark reminder of that. It is incredible that Mattis accuses Trump of deliberately dividing people when the opposite is true. It was Barack Obama and the Democratic Party that has divided us by race, sex, gender, gender preference and the flavor of the month. Candidates in the DNC are chosen solely by their diversity credentials rather than any hint of actual qualifications. That is why Joe Biden is the nominee and Kamala Harris is his choice for VP. All the diversity candidates proved to be horrible campaigners. Joe won because everyone else failed.

Trump told the truth about people crossing our borders. He told the truth about radical Islam and the need to screen people from countries where radical Islamists are developed. Trump has promoted a gay man to be DNI, not because he was gay, but because he was good at his job.

If you check out the quotes by Mattis, he opposed Trump because he didn’t want to bomb Iran when he realized it would kill more civilians than soldiers and there seems to be no plan for what came next. But his primary concern was pure politics. He didn’t like the President’s style. There should be an immediate and sustained outcry. This is totally unacceptable. It is also proof that much of the Washington Elite lacks respect for the American people. They cannot get over the fact than an outsider like Donald Trump is President of the United States.

What makes this more galling is that the same people ignored the obvious and far more serious problems with the Obama administration.  Talk about blatant abuse of power. It was Obama who encouraged the IRS to target political opponents. It was his Attorney General, Eric Holder, who was held in contempt of congress by a near unanimous vote for lying about Fast & Furious. It was Obama who sent Susan Rice out to lie about Benghazi. It was Obama who allowed the weaponization of our intelligence services and the FBI against a political opponent. And it was Obama who allowed ISIS to thrive and directed the military toward expanding efforts in Afghanistan while simultaneously saying this was only for a limited time. It was Obama who said he would leave Iraq regardless of circumstances and regardless of consequences. ISIS was the consequence. It was Obama who gave billions to Iran and allowed the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world to continue a path toward nuclear weapons. Why wasn’t Mattis worried about any of that?

This is insane. What is sad is that he will probably get away with this. The MSM will either fail to notice the significance of this or they simply will not care. We should all be outraged by Woodward’s book, not because of anything Trump said or did, but rather because Woodward documented the unwarranted and potentially treasonous resistance to Trump. What makes this even worse is that Woodward was too blinded by his own bias to realize that.

It is increasingly obvious that electing Trump was an absolute necessity. We had to bring in someone new, a total outsider, or we would never have learned the full extent of the swamp. We needed him then, we need him more now. He is not perfect, but he is beyond necessary. We absolutely must have someone ready, willing, and able to take on these people. Our freedom is literally at stake. It took the election of Donald Trump to alert all of us to the full extent of the problem.  It is obvious that it took Trump himself a long time to determine who he could trust and who he absolutely could not trust. He now has surrounded himself with a lot better team and it is likely to improve even more in the future.

Necessity is the mother of invention and we desperately needed someone to invent a Donald Trump.