Here is a link to an eyewitness account by four military veterans. Obviously, I cannot verify any of this, but it seems consistent with what we saw on TV. It would also explain a lot.


Ben Wetmore is an attorney. He wrote this article.

The FBI is admittedly on a nationwide manhunt for any Republican who participated in this event.

FBI on Twitter: “Do you see anyone you recognize? The #FBI is still seeking information to help identify individuals who actively instigated violence on January 6 in Washington, D.C. Visit https://t.co/o9rDVDsk5S to see images from current cases, and submit tips to https://t.co/buMd8vYXzH. https://t.co/R9JqN8TqpP” / Twitter

Here is a picture of one of those terrorists, gleefully sent to the FBI as an important tip.

Does this look like a terrorist to you?

FBI Assistant Director Steven D’Antuono says there was “no indication” Antifa played any role in the riots. Wow! Now you know why the FBI didn’t see any evidence of voter fraud either. Does anyone remember the FBI doing this kind of nationwide manhunt for Antifa when they were burning down cities last summer? Me

One of the people arrested by the FBI was a WV Republican representative recently elected. His crime was taking an Instagram picture from inside the Capitol. This smells like the same FBI that sent storm troopers to arrest Roger Stone, when he clearly was no threat to anyone.

The FBI is already raiding the homes and offices of Republican Tennessee lawmakers. One wonders if similar energy will be spent looking for Antifa members.  Antifa has been doing much worse, for months. Any evidence the FBI was hunting them down? Silly question. The FBI cannot be distracted by something as trivial as that.

Here’s video of another terrorist.  Judge for yourself:


There is no doubt there were some Republicans involved and a lot of stupid people, but at worst this was a peaceful protest that got out of control. Pretending this was an attempt to overthrow the government is absurd. In addition, this sure looks like something Antifa would do and a lot of people, other than those interviewed by the FBI, are reporting that.

You can literally feel the anger. It is reported that 45% of Republicans believe the protestors were justified in their actions. That is one report I believe. They have a point. Democrats did exactly this in 2018, when they invaded the Senate Office building atrium in a failed attempt to block the nomination of Justice Kavanaugh. The press did not call this an insurrection, or an invasion of sacred ground, or domestic terrorism. They were too busy cheering:

MSNBC on Twitter: “JUST IN: Anti-Kavanaugh protesters take over the Hart Senate Office Bldg. atrium on Capitol Hill. https://t.co/jCIbxhTKeu https://t.co/DkOgzngMh4” / Twitter

How angry are people?  An airline pilot had to threaten to land the plane if people didn’t stop chanting U.S.A. Here is a video of that:


This video was taken by a pastor on the plane.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer say they will file papers to impeach Trump on Monday. Pelosi literally asked the Joint Chiefs of staff to take away his access to the nuclear codes. She thinks he is unhinged. If she wants to see someone who is unhinged, get a mirror.

The MSM is desperate to blame all this on Trump and his delusional despicable supporters. The fake news is on high alert. All Republicans who believe this election was stolen are worse than criminals. They are traitors. Crucify them. Round them up. They must be destroyed.

Our new President, the man who will unify this country said: “These weren’t protestors – they were rioters, insurrectionists, and domestic terrorists.”

Rep Cori Bush is calling for expulsion of any Republican member of congress who incited this violence. She means anyone who says this election was stolen:

“I believe the Republican members of Congress who have incited this domestic terror attack through their attempts to overturn the election must face consequences,” she tweeted. “They have broken their sacred Oath of Office. I will be introducing a resolution calling for their expulsion.”

Democrats, led by Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, and Harris have declared war on any Republican who dared question this election before Biden has even been sworn into office. When people threaten to destroy you, listen to them.

These people are literally insane. They are also way out over their skis. There were too many people there to cover this up. Too much news coverage. Too many smart phone videos. Too many undercover reporters. They cannot suppress this and if they continue rounding up people, like the ones shown above, it is impossible to predict the results, but a nationwide protest is guaranteed. Frankly, they have already done more than enough to generate that. All that is that is necessary is for more people to understand what is going on. Now is the time to share. The MSM, Twitter, Facebook and Google will desperately try to cover this up, but that ship has sailed.

I believe this has already exploded and it is only a matter of time. This is unbelievable, yet incredibly all too true.



For the past six months, Joe Biden has been living in his basement. He has held no legitimate press conferences, made no serious decisions. He has made his recommendations for cabinet appointments, but even this Democratic Senate is not about to give him everything he wants. This is a time to remember that there are deep divisions in the Democratic Party that did not disappear with the election of Joe Biden.

Kamala Harris just got a full-time job, breaking tie votes in the Senate. Predictably she will be expert at making the wrong decision every time. But this also means she is now a prisoner of the job. She can’t leave town, while the Senate is in session, because Democrats don’t control it, this is a tie. If she leaves, the senate becomes a roadblock, with or without the filibuster.

Democrats will immediately push for statehood for DC and Puerto Rico. But there will be pushback on that, including from some Democratic Senators. They must run for re-election too.  Few people in other states, in either party, are going to be thrilled at getting two new Democratic Senators from D.C. transferring all the power away from their state to Washington, D.C. One thing agreed upon by most Americans, Republicans or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, is that they like their own congressional representatives but they hate congress. Approval rating for congress is at 23%. When people learn more about Ossoff and Warnock it will drop even more. It will fall off the cliff if this congress ignores the serious problems facing this nation and focuses solely on consolidating power by trying to stack the Supreme Court, adding more states, and ending the filibuster. That all sound great, if you are talking to fellow Democrats in congress, but if you talking to your neighbors, this is not exactly their top priority.

We should expect the appointment of a Special Counsel. It will be difficult for any nominee, including Merrick Garland to be approved if he does not agree to a Special Counsel. In the meantime, there will be congressional hearings and Hunter Biden is going to be the center of conversation. A conversation that is the last thing “President” Biden needs. What makes this worse is that Republicans are furious, and they have a ton of ammunition. They have given up on Trump, but they aren’t exactly ready to ignore the real problems with Joe Biden.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have already demonstrated a total lack of the ability to deliver a unifying message. When those riots in Washington invaded our television screens, it was devastating for Donald Trump, but in the long run they will do more harm to both Biden and Harris. What Biden should have said is that he condemns the violence, those who did this will be punished, but we all need to learn the facts before we rush to judgement. But he didn’t do that. He not only accused all the Republican participant in the events to be committing insurrection, but he also called them domestic terrorists. Although praised by CNN, this was a huge unforced error. This was followed up with him moaning about how if this had been a BLM protest, it would have been handled differently. He is right, BLM would have been handled with kid gloves, anyone arrest would have already been released, and if an unarmed black man had been shot there would have been nationwide protests. Joe Biden may not get that, but everyone else understands completely.

Kamala Harris was even worse, making up idiotic stories she plagiarized from Martin Luther King and then saying this pointed out the double standard in the way the Capitol police handled this compared to the Black Lives Matter protest in June.

This is so stupid; you need to read it for yourself:

Capitol Riot: Kamala Harris Calls Out Unequal Justice System | POPSUGAR News

“In times of upheaval, we come to realize, to appreciate, just how vital the rule of law truly is,” Harris said, citing fidelity to the rule of law as a fundamental principle of democracy. “What we saw yesterday in our nation’s Capitol was, as the president-elect has called it, ‘an assault on the rule of law,’ and it has no place in our democracy . . . We know this is unacceptable. We know we should be better than this. The promise of our country is that ALL people will be treated equally. That’s what the rule of law is supposed to be about.

Law enforcement’s response to Black Lives Matter protests, sparked by the police killing of George Floyd in 2020, was a vivid example of the inequity present in the current justice system and only leaves room for improvement as we transition into a new presidency. “[The challenge is] about how to reform, how to transform a justice system that does not work equally for all, a justice system that is experienced differently depending on whether you’re white or Black, a justice system that is experienced differently if you’re rich or poor,” Harris said what the ideal of equal justice under law is all about.”

She apparently did not notice what happened to MLB and NFL ratings when they went on this social justice rant. She is oblivious to the escalation in violence, all over the country, as a direct result of cities trying to “defund the police” and implement the  justice reform she adores.

In the meantime, they have no plans for COVID 19 that will possibly work. Joe Biden just said he will release all available vaccine immediately. The Trump administration held back half of the vaccine doses, because if you don’t get a second dose the first one doesn’t work. Trump didn’t make that decision, the medical professionals did. Joe Biden just made his first executive decision, to blatantly ignore the science in an unnecessary attempt to gain political advantage. He needs to learn that he is President, not someone hiding in his basement pretending to run for President. He is supposed to think before making these kinds of decisions. Just doing something because Trump did something else is insane.

Democrats winning the illusion of power does not actually give them power. That requires them to take advantage of this and govern effectively. That is the least likely outcome. All their plans require massive amounts of money they don’t have and keeping the economy on lockdown is guaranteed to make it worse. The only solution is to raise taxes, which will be very unpopular, and cut programs they consider optional, like national defense. Now combine that with skyrocketing fuel prices combined with demands you switch to public transportation and electric cars.  It has often been said that the first product of socialism is shared misery. This happens even when socialists gain power during good times. These aren’t good times so this process is already under way. But they won’t even slow down on their impossible dream. They can’t help themselves. They never have, they never will.

Sometimes, victory is the first step in ultimate defeat. That is particularly true if that victory was obtained through blatant fraud.



Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. Words never truer than today. This has happened before. I saw it with my own eyes. The year was 1972. The President of the United States was Richard Nixon. He had won re-election in a landslide. The country was doing well under his leadership. Incredibly he won the Vietnam war and signed a peace treaty. He had the support of the American people, but he was hated by Democrats and absolutely despised by the liberal mainstream media. Yes, the media was just as biased and just as liberal in 1972 as it is today. He, like Donald Trump, did nothing to warrant impeachment. But unlike Donald Trump, Nixon lacked the personal strength of character required to remain in office. More importantly, he lacked the support of Republicans in congress.  He was not actually impeached and if he had been impeached, he would never have been convicted by 2/3 of the Senate. But what finished him was the failure of the Republican leadership to stand up against the coup.

There are many people today who believe that Nixon was a thoroughly evil man, who deserved to be impeached. But he did nothing that other Presidents have not done before and since. The supposed “crime” what warranted removing him from office was covering up for a stupid burglary by a bunch of his supporters. No one even pretends that Nixon knew about the Watergate Burglary before it happened, he just covered up for those who did know. Unlike Obama he didn’t get the IRS to target political opponents, he just asked them about it. They said no. When Obama asked the IRS to target pollical opponents, they did exactly that.

Nixon was replaced by Gerald Ford, who was completely handicapped by Democrats in congress. Ford begged congress to let him save Vietnam, but they just laughed at him. The result was the most humiliating defeat in American history, incredibly less than two years after, under Nixon’s leadership, we had won that war. Ford was replaced by Jimmy Carter, who was one of the weakest and most ineffective Presidents in history.

We were humiliated when our embassy in Iran was attacked, and Americans were held hostage. President Carter didn’t have a clue how to fix that and those Americans remained hostages for the rest of his Presidency.

The economy tanked under Carter. There was double digit inflation and double-digit interest rates. Everything became more expensive. Carter lectured us from the Oval office, wearing a sweater, telling us we all need to learn to live with less, to lower our expectations. He lowered the national speed limit to 55, to save on gas. He boycotted the Moscow Olympics. What is difficult is finding anything that improved under his l\leadership.

Jimmy Carter ultimately brought us Ronald Reagan, and Ronald Reagan brought the country back from despair, despite opposition by the MSM.

Now we have seen another coup, orchestrated by the Democrats and the MSM, for the exact same reason. They hate Donald Trump, just like they hated Richard Nixon. They are celebrating today because they think they have successfully removed the worst President in American history. They have been successful in removing Donald Trump from office. The coup is complete. But they haven’t won anything other than the illusion of victory that results when someone games the system.

We will not become a third world country. The problems with our elections will be fixed. Smart people will manage their way through this, just like they are managing their way through COVID 19. There are dark days ahead, but there is still a bright future.

At times like this, it is easier to identify losers than winners. The biggest loser is the MSM, which has destroyed the last remaining shreds of credibility. They stupidly destroyed their only reason for existing.

The DNC is in deep trouble. Every city run by Democrats is a disaster zone. None of their policies are working. Their tax base is leaving town in a stampede. The problems will escalate, the funds available will disappear and no one will be impressed. There is not a single state, run by Democrats, that is doing well. That means, nationwide, the Democratic Partly not only has no bench, but it also doesn’t even have a farm team.

They fell far short of obtaining absolute power. They won’t even come close to fundamentally changing this country. The country is bigger and stronger than they can even imagine. Their policies have failed in the past and they will fail in the future. It will just happen even faster this time because socialism always fails when you run out of other people’s money. Thanks to COVID 19, the federal government is already out of money and deeply in debt. They can’t even try to buy their way out of this mess. Frankly, Donald Trump may have dodged a bullet, because this year was going to be a mess, regardless of who is in the Oval Office.

The next great American leader will be a Republican. Keep an eye on people like Kristi Noem and Ron DeSantis. That is the kind of leadership American wants and needs. There are others, you just don’ know them yet. We are in for a bumpy road to a bright future.

In the meantime, Trump was the voice for a lot of people who felt they had no voice. They are still there. They are very angry. We will hear from them and it would be foolish to ignore this silent, but deadly storm.



Finally, for the first time, there was going to be a debate regarding the integrity of this election. Typically, congress resorted to the tradition five-minute meaningless speeches, where they lecture each other with little or no regard to facts or evidence. But at least it was being discussed and there had to be some concern among Democrats that people might just finally learn just how much evidence has been produced and ignored.

That all changed when the Capital was stormed, allegedly by angry Trump supporters. At first, even I thought it was probably angry Trump supporters, furious that Mike Pence didn’t even try to stop the fraud.  Even more furious that half of the Republicans used their five minutes of fame to lecture other GOP senators on why none of this was necessary.

But, after watching the videos, this no longer made sense. While watching the video, it was obvious that the people breaking into the Capital were dressed the same way as Antifa protestors engaged in violent protests across the country. Then I remembered how police had reporting finding stockpiles of bricks etc., apparently pre-staged for violence. There were numerous reports that Antifa was planning something. I also noticed how quickly the Capital itself was breached. I wondered how that was possible. People have known for days that this protest was scheduled for today. Common sense would indicate that the Capital be cordoned off, to make this type of situation impossible. The Capital police know exactly how to do that.  But that did not happen. Instead, in one video, the Capital police appeared to be inviting some of the protestors in. There was even video of some of them walking peacefully, down a rope lined corridor, with police standing on both sides. This looked more like a tourist event than a protest.

There clearly was violence, by someone. But why would anyone expect this type of violence to help Trump and his supporters. On the other hand, this was a gift from heaven for Democrats and media outlets like CNN.

Trump had nothing to gain from this. He just wanted a large peaceful rally, to get people’s attention. He could not possibly benefit from this. But his enemies scored a home run. Was that a coincidence?

I did a little more digging and learned that there are reports that Antifa showed up with a busload of agitators. One of the protestors, famous for posing bare chested, appears to have an Antifa logo tattooed on his chest.  A lot of people sure showed up with body armor, helmets, and shields. They used the shields expertly to break windows so they could gain entry. They knew exactly which windows to break, conveniently left unguarded by the Capital police.

There have been dozens of Trump rallies, none of them resulted in this kind of violence. However, this type of activity is routine at Antifa and Black Lives Matter events. Which is more likely, that Trump supporters suddenly decided to become violent. That they miraculously put together the same gear and same technique that Antifa uses on a regular basis. That they pulled off this coordinated attack brilliantly, overwhelming one of the best police departments in the world? Or, that this entire thing was a set up. Designed to help Democrats change the subject. If that was the plan, it worked brilliantly.

I do not know. I would hate to think a setup like this was even possible. Are there really people this evil, willing to do anything to gain power. Then I remembered we are dealing with people who impeached a President of the United States with no evidence. Every single Democrat in the Senate voted to remove Trump from office, without cause. People who not only ignored but facilitated election fraud. Democrats sent teams of lawyers across the country to file lawsuits against election commissions demanding the loose, unverified, mail-in voting, scheme be made legal. Vigorously resisting any attempt at voter id or election integrity. People assisted by a MSM that lied about Trump daily and absolutely covered up the Hunter Biden story.

The same people who accused Trump of colluding with Russia, and even being a Russian agent, with zero evidence. Worse than that, they had evidence proving it could not possibly be true. The same people who bragged about resisting him in every way possible. Yes, those people. People who would embrace patently false allegations of sexual misconduct against a nominee for the Supreme Court in a failed attempt to stop him from being confirmed. People who criticized Amy Coney Barrett for being too religious. Every single Democrats in the Senate voted to block Justice Kavanaugh. Every single Democrat in the Senate voted to block Amy Coney Barrett. Would such people, whose lust for power knows no limits hesitate to stage an event like this. Would they hesitate to blame Trump for something they facilitated? Is that a serious question?

I do not know exactly what happened here, but this has that ugly odor of Democratic dirty tricks. On the other hand, there is no history of Trump and his supporters advocating for or condoning violence. This, as Trump pointed out, is the law-and-order party.

The same people desperately trying to convince you that Trump is delusional, unwilling to admit defeat, ranting about non-existent election fraud are conveniently changing the subject by accusing him of plotting a silly and ineffective insurrection to take control of the government. Seriously? People who know Trump should know one thing. You never have to guess how he thinks about anything, he is brutally honest about that. He doesn’t operate this way. Neither do his supporters. And yes, the evidence of election fraud is quite real and substantial. In some cases, there were audible gasps when state legislative committees were confronted with the evidence.  All that is lacking is the willingness of anyone, including the courts, the DOJ, the FBI, the courts, including the Supreme Court, or even the MSM to conduct even the pretense of a real investigation.

I know, Democrats will argue that this is just another unfounded conspiracy theory. It just conveniently involved people with a total lack of character who thrive on conspiracy. Coincidence? You decide.



Mitch McConnell started the Senate debate, with a lecture, designed to stifle debate, limit the presentation of evidence, and just vote to certify the election, without regard to the consequences. He obviously feels that overturning the results of the election would be a worst-case scenario. He is acting like this election, is like every other election, with some evidence of fraud but not enough to change the outcome. He may even believe that, but he needs to look out the window. Then Mike Pence announced that he will make no decision himself. Once people heard that they literally stormed the capital.

Incredibly, it is obvious that far too many members of congress are unwilling to even address the real issue. The real issue here is whether there was systemic fraud. Ignoring the evidence is the worst possible decision. So far, congress is handling this in the worst way possible. They are oblivious to the obvious. They are arguing with each other, with zero consideration of the facts. They are arrogantly lecturing each other about why this is not their job, not their responsibility. How dare anyone question them? Just vote to accept results, move on, nothing to see here.

That is absurd. It is an insult to the millions of Americans who have reason to believe this was a fraudulent election. It is not because of some vague conspiracy theory created out of thin cloth by President Trump. They, unlike congress, have seen the witness testimony, they have heard the expert testimony. They have seen the video. This is not some vague unsupported conspiracy.

The attitude of congress is patronizing, condescending and absurd. How dare you question us?  I wonder if they have any idea how this is coming across to people who were hoping and praying for an honest debate. If congress wants to restore respect for the system, they should focus on earning that respect.

If there was at least some consideration of the evidence, and congress still felt it was not sufficient to support a finding of systemic fraud, people would not like that, but they would respect it. But congress is not doing that, instead they are all marching to  podium, mimicking Pontius Pilot, and trying unsuccessfully, to wash their hands of any responsibility. None of them have the courage to ask the most important question of all. What if Joe Biden is sworn into office with disastrous results. What if Trump is right?

He is so weak our enemies are likely to threaten us with assault based on the assumption that Joe Biden is too weak to resist. If I were living in Taiwan, I would be terrified. They may also be emboldened by the possession of devastating personal information used to black mail the President of the United States.

Imagine the Hunter Biden investigation showing that Joe Biden knew his son was illegally profiting by selling access to his father while he was Vice President of the United States, and that Joe Biden knew about this. Imagine there is evidence proving that the Biden family made millions if not billions from our enemies, like Russia and China. There is already evidence regarding this, it is just ignored or considered irrelevant.

Imagine the COVID 19 pandemic surging out of control, with people like Fauci recommending the shutdown last until at least next fall.  Imagine a sloppy and an inefficient distribution of vaccines not based on medical necessity but rather on political correctness. Imagine the government simultaneous rationing who can get the vaccine while demanding people be vaccinated before they can even get on a plane. Now throw in a decision that even if one is vaccinated, nothing changes, they still must obey lockdowns, continue to social distance, and wear masks. In the meantime, none of this has any discernible impact on slowing down the pandemic.

Imagine people flooding our border, shouting Biden, demanding to be allowed entry, demanding the promised free health care and the promise of a path to citizenship. That is already happening.

Imagine a collapsing economy, a government floundering with unsustainable debt, trying to solve the problem by raising taxes and spending money on things like combating climate change, literally fiddling while the country burns.

Throw in increasing and indisputable evidence of systemic voter fraud. Imagine it becomes increasingly obvious that Trump is right, this election was stolen.

Imagine Joe Biden giving a speech designed to reassure and unify the country, while trying and failing to read a poorly written speech on a TelePrompter. Imagine the only alternative is Kamala Harris, who would be arguably worse. Imagine the MSM trying to blame everything on Donald Trump.

All of this is sadly, not only possible but likely. But, because everyone including the DOJ, the FBI, the courts, the Supreme Court and now congress all refused to do anything to fix this, we are told to be patient and wait for the 2024 election. If you think people are angry now, it is impossible to fathom the outrage if this happens.

The demonstrators literally storming the Capital are not engaged in a violent protest. They are waving American flags chanting stop the steal. These are not wild-haired hippies like during the Vietnam War. This is not Antifa or Black Live Matter. They are not throwing rocks. They are not starting fires. They are not damaging anything, other than breaking windows to gain entry. They are just demanding that someone listen to them.

Everyone would be wise to take a breath and listen to what they are saying. This crowd is composed of hundreds of thousands of ordinary middle-class Americans and they represent millions of people across this country.

Predictably we have members of congress expressing outrage that this protest is occurring and calling these people despicable. I have news for them. Congress works for these people and those they represent. If the Capital police tries to use violence or use the National Guard to handle this, without listening to what they have to say, they will make a bad situation worse.

If congress responds to this with a heavy-handed approach accompanied by ignoring this protest and continues on to just rubber stamp the obvious fraud, this scene may be repeated all over the country. If Joe Biden is as bad as predicted, almost anything could happen, including a full-scale revolution. Now they are sending in the FBI, guaranteed to pour gas on the fire. If the FBI had done its job, and invested the obvious evidence of systemic voter fraud, we wouldn’t be here.

One of the requirements of the rule of law, is for the law to listen to the people. I hope they understand that. People are really that angry and it is not because of vague conspiracy theories, it is because unlike the MSM and the members of congress, they cannot ignore their lying eyes.

Hold your breath, these are very explosive times and if wiser heads do not deal with the real issue responsibly, this will be just a precursor to what will happen next. It won’t stop here unless congress really listens to what is being said.

There is only one person who has the leadership skill necessary to fix this. That is Donald Trump. But he can’t do that by telling people to just sit down, shut up, and accept the fraud. He can only do that by telling people that a real investigation, that everyone can respect, will be done. That, and only that, is the way to fix this. Sadly, few people in the media or in congress appear to understand that.

What makes this worse is that same people demanding we listen to the demands by truly violent groups like Antifa and Black Live Matter are now demanding we use force to silence those with a legitimate grievance.  Unbelievable.



We all saw it. It was beyond obvious. Once again, an election was being stolen before our very eyes. 70% of the vote was received, before election day, with mail-in ballots and early voting with little or no discernable attempt to verify that this was limited to one vote, by living people legally eligible to vote. Poll watchers were deliberately obstructed. We turned on our TV’s and saw the two most radical candidates for the U.S. Senate any of us can remember, surge to a lead. Later we saw the Republicans appear to come back, providing at least some element of hope, only to have hope shattered when even more questionable votes, from the usual sources, predictably surfaced in the middle of the night, dashing our dreams, and stamping on our hopes.

It would be great if members of congress will pause, look around and recognize the obvious. But congress is desperate to ratify the ridiculous, while pretending they are the guardians of democracy. The plan is to silence those daring to ask questions as quickly as possible, so they can certify fraud, elevating a 78-year-old incompetent, senile, racist, crook with a lifelong history of telling outrageous and ridiculous lies, to be President of the United States.

I suspect that many if not most are clueless about the storm they are about to unleash. Some are too joyous at the prospect of gaining power to notice. Others are too busy celebrating the humiliation of the man they despise, Donald Trump, to care. Still others see but lack the courage to stop this tragedy.

I hope and pray that today will not explode into violence. There is certainly enough anger out there, but the people protesting are not like the members of Antifa or black lives matter. They are just as angry, but they are far more rational. They came to protest, not riot. But they will return home to find a lot of people, just as angry as them, just as disgusted and just as motivated.

On January 20, 2021 Joe Biden may be sworn in as President and he may be supported by the most radical left-wing House and Senate in our nation’s history. But Democrats are a long way from obtaining absolute power. They won’t even control the Senate as much as they expect. No government can long survive unless it has the support of the people. The only exception is for police states, where control is sustained by brute force. Fortunately, there is no chance of that happening here. We may have made the same mistakes as the people in Venezuela, but we are not Venezuela, we are not Cuba, we are not the Soviet Union and we are not China.  We are and will remain free. The Deep State, that resisted Donald Trump, will absolutely ignore Joe Biden.

If Joe Biden and Democrats in congress at least try to govern responsibly, then they could perhaps pull this off. But they are incapable of doing that. They literally can’t help themselves. They are already doing things that are beyond stupid, like ending a prayer with “amen” and “awoman,” failing to realize that “amen” has nothing to do with gender and “awoman” is not even a word. They are going to botch things up immediately and sooner than you can imagine infuriating Democrats even more than they have infuriated Republicans. All their plans require money they don’t have and can’t get. This country will soon become united, but not in the way Democrats expect. We will unite on a mission to get rid of the people who lied and cheated to make this happen.  The 2022 election will start before Joe Biden takes the oath of office. We will unite in getting rid of the people who could and should have stopped this and failed to do their duty. Then we will look around for the next generation of leaders. That may or may not include Donald Trump, but it won’t include any of the Democrats who participated in this fraud or the RINO Republicans who let it happen on their watch.

COVID 19 is not going away and Democrats have no clue how to handle that either. A lot of people, all over the world, have been lied to about COVID 19. It is not just our economy and our freedom under assault. It is much of the world. For example, the entire country of Scotland was just given a stay-at-home order. It won’t work, just like the previous lockdowns, social distancing and the wearing of masks didn’t work. Soon and very soon the entire world will understand one thing. The irrational fear of COVID 19 is more dangerous and deadly than the disease itself. COVID 19 is a nasty disease, but the odds of surviving this are very high, even for people considered to be high risk. There are exceptions, and some of them are truly tragic, but they are exceptions and there are a lot of other things more likely to kill you. People will no longer accept ridiculous rules from people who insanely propose doing the same things that did not and will not work. This revolt won’t be limited to the United States.

No one can predict the future. But it is easy to see the seething anger. Those who ignore this, are ignoring reality and they will pay a very high price for this mistake. I hope and pray that those who see it now, will gather the courage, strength, and skill to bring us back from the brink, but it is impossible to be optimistic.

There are people, too many people, who are truly delusional believing in fairy tales, conspiracy theories and optical illusions. But they do not include you and they are a minority. Abraham Lincoln said it best: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Right now, fewer, and fewer people are being fooled. Ultimately, that is all that matters.

Everything on this planet moves in cycles. Those who believe they have just reached the top are already on the way down. Those who believe they have reached rock bottom are already on the way up. Sometimes defeat is an essential ingredient in victory. It took Pearl Harbor to create the motivation necessary to defeat Germany and Japan.



Both chamber of congress will meet in joint session on January 6, 2021 presided over by  Vice President Mike Pence.  He will open the certificates and papers purporting to be certificates of the elector votes. These will be opened, presented, and acted upon in alphabetical order, starting with Alabama. Several GOP representatives will object to the votes from Arizona. Ted Cruz and other GOP Senators have also vowed to object to the votes from Arizona. That is significant, because this is done in alphabetical order. As Arizona goes, so goes the nation.

On December 16, 2020, Arizona Republicans met to cast an alternative slate of electors. This was filed in opposition to the official electoral votes cast the same day for Joe Biden. Will those alternative electors be considered? Regardless, because of the objections by both GOP representatives and GOP Senators this will automatically trigger a two-hour debate.

This two-hour debate will be highly televised. People all over the world will be glued to their television sets. Everyone participating would be wise to remember that. Republicans need to make their case clearly and concisely with facts and figures that cannot be disputed. Democrats are desperate to just rush this through, limit debate to two-hours, and then vote to confirm Joe Biden. At least some Republicans want the same thing. But, in my opinion, if they try to rush this through, with only two hours of debate and then a quick vote to confirm, they will unleash hell. Members in both parties would be wise to consider the massive numbers of people who are less than thrilled with the process.

Republican representatives are planning on objecting to six states, and they expect 12 hours of debate. The question is whether GOP Senators are on the same page. We do not know what Mike Pence will or will not do.

We also don’t know what new evidence is going to surface. Trump just appointed a new U.S. Attorney in Georgia and that could be significant. Jovan Pulitzer sent out a cryptic twitter that is interesting:


He says they can confirm there is more than one instance of a mail in ballot completed by a machine. What if these ballots were printed in China?  How many fake ballots printed in China for Joe Biden would be acceptable? That could go off like a nuclear bomb.

Trump is desperate and he knows this is his last shot. He may declassify things that are shocking. Joe Biden called a lid for today. Is he tired, or scared?

Ten former Defense Secretaries warned the Pentagon against involving U.S. armed forces in resolving election disputes. Why would they write this letter? Trump has not proposed declaring martial law, in fact reports are that he discounted doing that.

10 ex-U.S. defense chiefs warn Pentagon against interfering in election – UPI.com

Acting Defense Secretary Christopher C. Miller and his subordinates — political appointees, officers and civil servants — are each bound by oath, law and precedent to facilitate the entry into office of the incoming administration and to do so wholeheartedly,” the letter said. “They must also refrain from any political actions that undermine the results of the election or hinder the success of the new team.”

What? These FORMER defense secretaries have decided the results of this election. They have determined that this election was fair and apparently believe there is no reason for concern about potential fraud? What evidence do they have? Who authorized them to make this decision? Certainly not the U.S. Constitution.

This letter is interference in a federal election, by unelected people no longer in a position of authority. They obviously want congress to certify this and move on, without regard to the consequences.

There is zero evidence that the Acting Secretary of defense is not cooperating with the transition. Acting Secretary Miller said his departments efforts to facilitate the transition “already surpass those of recent administrations with over three weeks to go.” Read between the lines, he is cooperating more with Joe Biden than President Barack Obama did with Donald Trump. Did the former Defense Secretaries notice that? Did they care?

If anyone was questioning the existence of the deep state, there is no longer any doubt. It is all too real. This letter should not have been addressed to the Acting Secretary of Defense; it should have been addressed to the President of the United States. It should not have been made public. Sending this letter publicly is an overt act specifically designed for political purposes. It is designed to undermine the authority of the President of the United. States. The Secretary of Defense reports to the President of the United States. There is a reason for that, it is to prevent a military coup.

There is not a single credible allegation that President Trump has abused his power, anytime, anywhere. If there was, his enemies would have something better than the phone call to Ukraine or to the Georgia Secretary of State.

If we thought 2020 was weird, 2021 is on a track to make 2020 look good in comparison. I cannot possibly predict what will happen tomorrow, but it is obvious that a lot of people are playing with fire. Ultimately, whether tomorrow or later, this case will be decided in the people’s court and everyone would be wise to remember that.

Everyone involved, including all the state legislatures, all those courts, the Supreme Court, and every member of congress in both parties should be embarrassed. This is beyond absurd. Close to half the country believes this election was stolen and so far, no one with an ounce of credibility is even willing to investigate this and give an honest report. Now we are down to deciding the fate of the country after a two-hour debate followed by a vote along party lines with a pre-determined outcome. Give me a break.



It is important to see things as they are, not as we want them to be. The phone call by President Trump is extremely significant. Not because he did anything wrong, he didn’t. Not because his concerns about the conduct of the election are wrong, they aren’t. The significance is that he made the call at all. If Trump believed this call was necessary, then he clearly is running out of options. Absent some truly bombshell evidence, then this is almost certainly over.

Every Democrat in the House will vote to accept the results of the electoral college and elect Joe Biden. They just voted to keep Pelosi as Speaker of the House, and she has made it her mission in life to get rid of Trump, at any cost. Republicans control the Senate but the usual RINO Republicans will never vote to reject the results of the electoral college. This means that while Wednesday will be extremely dramatic, the results is likely to confirm the election of Joe Biden.

That does not mean the end of America. It does not mean we will become a socialist nation. We will not become Venezuela. Joe Biden will be the very temporary resident of the White House and this remains government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Being elected President does not make someone President. To become the President of the United States, one must have the support of the American people.

Joe Biden will do significant damage. We must all prepare for that. But, in some respects, we should view this like we would a hurricane or a wildfire. Massive damage is inevitable, but so is recovery. This is a resilient country, and we are stronger than those who would destroy us. There are several things that are extremely important to remember. By any measure, Trump won the election in about 84% of the country. Joe Biden only won in places where Democratic are totally in control and he still required massive fraud. Those places all have something else in common. They are already disaster areas.

Democrats may think they are in charge, and they may temporarily occupy positions of authority, but they need us much more than we need them. All the resources necessary for them to exist come from the 84% of the country that voted to re-elect Donald Trump. The federal government has a lot of power, but that power is limited in significant ways. The government cannot force anyone to go into business. The government cannot force you to buy anything. The election of Joe Biden does not change that.

The COVID 19 virus gave the government the illusion of power. But much of this power was based on misinformation and alright falsehoods. They convinced people that COVID 19 is a deadly plague that must be stopped at all costs. But now we are experiencing the cost of those drastic measures at the same time we are confronted with the reality that these measures did not and will not stop COVID 19.

It is well documented that most people who get COVID 19 make a full and easy recovery. Even those who become seriously ill have a good chance of recovery. There are exceptions and they are often truly tragic, but they are still exceptions. That is why so many first responders and medical personnel are refusing to take the vaccine. At some point, and we may be very close to that point, more and more people are going to refuse to let COVID 19 dominate their life.

Everything on this planet moves in cycles. That includes political power. No one expects Joe Biden to be in office for more than one term. Few expect him to last four years. Kamala Harris was not elected by anyone, she has no following and zero leadership ability. Even Democrats are desperately looking around for the next leader and no one thinks Kamala Harris is that person.

Most Presidents get a 100-day honeymoon, where they have the power to change things. Donald Trump did not get that honeymoon, but he changed things anyway. Joe Biden won’t get that honeymoon because no one in either party believes in him. While he will nominate incapable people to important positions, even they won’t rely on him for leadership. His only value was in defeating Trump, and he didn’t do that, the corrupt Democratic machine did that. No matter what you hear Wednesday, every Democrat in congress knows that it was not Joe Biden who beat Donald Trump.

None of us are thrilled by the prospect of President Joe Biden, but those who put him there will pay a much higher price than those who fought to prevent this. After a disaster, and Joe Biden is guaranteed to be a disaster, the focus instantly turns toward finding someone to blame. Even the MSM, that hated Donald Trump, will turn on Joe Biden. As John Kennedy once said, “victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan.” Joe Biden is headed toward the orphanage. He will take the Democratic Party along for the ride.

Fundamental change is necessary in this country. While Trump made good decisions and had good policies, the opposition to him prevented that change. Ironically, removing him from office, may be exactly what was needed to make that change possible. This type of change is always accompanied by a lot of pain. But change is already happening. Republicans, not Democrats won this election. Every Democrat in the House is already thinking about the 2022 election. Few, if any of them, will care about anything Joe Biden says or does. He has been elevated to the point of irrelevance.

It is a real shame that we must pay this high of a price to achieve this change but rejoice in the certain knowledge that better days are already on the way. Those who have sowed the wind will reap the whirlwind.



As recently as this week, this was headed toward Democrats steamrolling weak and passive Republicans into ignoring the facts, holding their nose, and voting for Joe Biden as President of the United States. The MSM has been screaming loudly that there is no evidence of voter fraud and anyone who even hints at this is guilty of treason. Sadly, some of the usual RINO Republican Senator suspects have joined the chorus. But one person has emerged as the exact kind of leader we need in a time of crisis. Ted Cruz said the following:

Ted Cruz explains how plan to oppose Electoral College certification is a ‘third option’ – Jaweb – Elmoudjaweb Canada


“Look, we’ve got to vote on January 6 on certification and every member of Congress faces a dilemma. Frankly, two pretty lousy choices: one, we can vote to certify by not considering any objection. If we do that that will be heard by a lot of Americans as saying, ‘We don’t think voter fraud is a real concern. We don’t think these claims should be investigated thoroughly,’” Cruz said.

“I know that’s not what most of us believe. But, secondly, and I think all of us, rightly, don’t want to be in a position where we’re suggesting setting aside the results of an election just because the candidate that we supported didn’t happen to prevail. That’s not a principled constitutional position,”

All the momentum is toward ignoring the evidence of fraud and just pretending it does not exist. But truth is a powerful thing. I am reminded that John Adams took on the defense of the soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre. I doubt that many lawyers ever had clients more unpopular than those British soldiers. But Adams silenced the court and the critics when he said the following:

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.

The argument that there is no evidence of election fraud is absurd. There has always been election fraud. The question is whether this reached the level necessary to overturn the results of an election.

Next Wednesday there will be a debate between people screaming at the top of their lungs, opposed by people who will be presenting facts and evidence. I don’t think Mike Pence will allow this to go undebated, and I don’t think he will tolerate a screaming match. There will be a debate, and this will be watched by millions of people. Perhaps one of the most televised events in world history.

Ultimately, it depends on the quality of the facts and evidence. Up until now, no court has even allowed facts and evidence to be presented. The hearings held by State Legislatures came across as clown shows, easily dismissed.

This means two people are extremely important next Wednesday. One is Mike Pence, because he oversees this session of congress, and he makes the rules. While he must be fair and impartial, he does not have to yield to those screaming outrage with little regard to facts and evidence. The other is Ted Cruz, who is uniquely qualified to make the case for at least investigating election fraud to avoid making a terrible and irrevocable mistake. We should pray that Ted Cruz is designated to make the case before congress.

I cannot predict how this will end. But one should be reminded that Alan Dershowitz has often said that Ted Cruz was the most brilliant law student he ever encountered at Harvard. Ted Cruz led the team that won the national debate competition and has personally argued cases in front of the Supreme Court. No one, presenting the Democratic argument, has anyone approaching these credentials.

Perhaps screaming will prevail, but never bet against an eloquent attorney armed with facts and evidence. Facts, after all, are still very stubborn things.

Hold your breath.



While you were sleeping, Ted Cruz was working on the ultimate Christmas Present. Up until now, members of congress were facing two horrible options. They could vote to elect Joe Biden, despite the evidence of systemic fraud, and even though he is obviously incapable of doing the job, or they could overturn the results of the election and re-elect Donald Trump. Neither option is easy to swallow.

So, Cruz came up with plan C, credibility. He proposed a special panel of 5 Representatives, 5 Senators and 5 Supreme Court Justices to do an emergency audit of the November 3, 2020 election in six states. That is exactly what congress did in 1876. Cruz did his homework. This panel would present the report to congress and the final decision on the 2020 election will be made then.

Keep in mind that Ted Cruz, is by far, the member of congress who understands the United States Constitution best. Even Democrats who hate him acknowledge that. He has proposed something that should be acceptable to all sides. Democrats will, predictably, hate this and resist, but they are between a rock and a hard space. If they are so sure there is no evidence of fraud, they should welcome this approach. If they scream that this is unfair, they will look like they have something to hide. If evidence of fraud becomes obvious later, it could destroy the Democratic Party. Republicans will also hate this, and resist, but it a better option than seeing Joe Biden become President of the United States.

Ironically, the Georgia January 5th run-off elections helps this plan regardless of what happens. If Republicans win handily, then Cruz will immediately gain two new recruits. If Republicans lose, or there is another multi-day vote counting fiasco, then the outrage will reach the heavens. A lot of people think Democrats stole the Presidential election; they will not tolerate Democrats stealing control of the Senate using the same technique. So, either way, the Cruz approach will start to look very attractive, to a lot of people, on both sides of the aisle.

Sometimes the smartest person in the room, is the one who when presented with one of two horrible options says: “neither.” Cruz asked the one question no one else dared to ask or even consider. What if we don’t vote to either accept or reject the vote by the electoral college?

This reminds me of when the company I was working for purchased a chain of wholesale grocery stories. The parent company had a high experience modification, but the company purchased had a low experience mod. That meant they were paying a lot less money for Workers’ Compensation Insurance. The state was loudly demanding that I complete a form, called an ERM 14, verifying the former and current ownership of the firm. If I filled out that form, it would have increased the modification and the rates by about 50%. But the state was demanding that I complete this form, “or else.” I finally asked the most important question of all: “What did ‘or else” mean.” I got conflicting answers from our broker and from our legal counsel, but both said this was not an option. I didn’t like that answer, so I called the state department in charge of this and asked them. “What if we don’t fill out the ERM 14.” I was huffily advised that under those circumstances, we would be rated manually and not get an experience modification for at least three years. I hung up the phone, smiled, and threw the ERM 14 form in the trash. The state punished me by giving us a manual modification of 1.00, which was about 50% less than if I had filled out the form.

By the way, the next year I took that company self-insured, set up our own claim department, and our loss experience dropped significantly. Handling claims in-house was the ultimate solution to the high cost of claims. In addition, we were able to provide better coverage for our employees while also saving money.

I do not know if Cruz can pull this off, but this sure looks like a better option than anything else proposed. It is always risky to predict congress doing the right thing for the right reason, but this should appeal to a lot of people, in both parties, even if only for purely selfish reasons.  This certainly seems more likely that Republicans having enough spine surgery over the weekend to enable them to stand up to the Democrats.

In any event, Senator Cruz has given us all a great gift. He has given everyone an out. Let’s hope wiser heads prevail and seize the day.