Every rational person recognizes that the mass murder in Buffalo, New York is beyond horrific. No one wants someone like this to have a gun. No one wants someone like this to be present in society. Yet, once again, the usual suspects are determined to learn absolutely nothing from this incident and instead focus on doing things that had nothing to do with this individual and which have zero chance of preventing this from happening again.

We expected the faux outrage over the need for gun control laws that would have done nothing to prevent this tragedy. Democrats never miss an opportunity to exploit tragedy for their coveted gun control legislation. We are used to that. This case is far more dangerous because now they are focused on what they view as misinformation and the alleged tolerance of hate. This person was filled with hate, but he was not a right-wing supremist spurred on by irresponsible statements by Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson. If initial reports are accurate, he is more left-wing than right wing. I accidently watched the women of the view, for about 45 seconds, and it was enough for them to slam Mitch McConnell for criticizing racism. To these clowns, disagreeing with them is the ultimate form of racism. If only everyone agreed with them, everything would be great. We would all be singing “Imagine” by John Lennon and the world would live as one. Unfortunately, the opposite is true.

Today we are seeing rampant racism on full display, only the people doing it are either hopelessly oblivious, or they just do not care. The current Vice President of the United States was chosen SOLELY because Biden needed a Black female. So far, she has exhibited zero capacity to do the job. The most recent nominee to the Supreme Court was also a Black female. There is nothing wrong with celebrating when someone from a disadvantaged minority shocks the world by wildly exceeding expectation. But there is an enormous difference between that and choosing someone from a position solely because of race or gender. This is actually easy to understand. Just change the words and say that the only people considered would be white and male. The outrage would, legitimately, reach the heavens.

I sometimes wonder if the people doing this realize that this is an insult. It is the ultimate insult to put someone in a position solely because of race and/or gender because it implies that using any other standard would result in a different decision. True racial and gender equality is not given, it is earned. We should have learned that from Jackie Robinson who broke the color line in MLB by proving that he had earned the right to be there. Tiger Woods did the same thing regarding professional golf, and he would have been insulted if he had been allowed to use the forward tees.

But more importantly, this approach always increases racism. When white men are told they are scum, not worthy of consideration at least some of them will respond in anger. When one argues that all the problems in the world were caused by white privilege, how exactly do they expect people to respond. Oh, the usual suspects will always bend the knee, but they are the exception, not the rule. This anger is not created by those who are pointing out the obvious, but by those who ignore it. There is a concerted effort to change the demographics of this country so that Democrats will win every election. There are many people who believe that our open borders and encouragement of illegal immigration is designed to replace the existing voting population with people guaranteed to vote for Democrats. That is not a far-right theory. It is increasingly obvious. If that is not the actual intent of these policies, it is absolutely the expected result of those policies.

Except Democrats missed something huge. The people hurt the most by an influx of illegal immigrants is not those people sitting in suburbs luxuriating in their white privilege. It is the people living in minority communities who are paying the highest price for this miscalculation. It is these people who are feeling the effects of the rampant increase in crime. It is these people most impacted by new, lower income people, taking their jobs. Those who believe in the American dream are not necessarily enthusiastic when they are pushed out of the way with little regard to the consequences for them. The result is that numerous polls show that Democrats are rapidly losing support among Black voters and Hispanic voters.

But the real problem is more fundamental. No strategy based on an assumption that is not true has any possibility of succeeding. No matter how much people try to spin things, the truth is always there. Ignore it to your peril. History has many examples of this, those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. For years yellow fever was a major cause of death. All the scientists of the day had numerous theories about what caused yellow fever, all of them wrong. Yellow fever struck in the summer when it was hot and humid. There were foul smells from rotting refuse and waste. One theory was that yellow fever was caused by a product of environmental factors, including something called miasma. They were all wrong. Mosquitos caused it. One specific mosquito, Aedes aegypti was the culprit.

Dr. Carlos Finlay, a doctor from CUBA, discovered this, but he was ignored by those who were totally convinced that miasma was the problem. It wasn’t until Dr. Walter Reed tested his theory by methods that resulted in the unnecessary deaths of test victims, including some army doctors, that the truth became impossible to ignore.

It should be obvious. Racism results in racism. When you discriminate against someone because of their race, the victims tend to assume that you will be unfair to them because of your race. There are oppressors and there are victims, but both view the world through racist lens. The only real solution is to level the playing field and judge people fairly based on performance and ability. To learn to judge people on the merits, not their race. Elevating someone to a position of power, because of their race, is racism no matter who benefits and who loses.

The good news is that while the cultured elite are struggling to figure this out, most Americans are not fooled. The more the liberal elite and their fawning supporters in the MSM continue to make arguments based on nonsense, the sooner they will be driven completely from power. The process has been accelerated by the insane decision to put people like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer in power. If everything else is functioning normally, most people just ignore politics. But the gross mismanagement and incompetence of the Biden administration and Democrats in general is increasingly impossible to ignore. It is impossible to ignore skyrocketing gas prices, higher taxes, higher crime, a tumbling economy and the possibility of critical food shortages. All of this is already fueling the fire. Ignoring reality and fueling the fires of racism only adds to the combustibility. Screaming, hollering and load violent protests are not actually a solution to anything. We are facing a long, sweltering summer, but long hot summers often result in abundant harvests in the fall. It will come sooner than you think, much sooner than they can even imagine.