Up until today, the Democratic Party was in a state of denial. Oh, honest people know that Joe Biden was stinking up the joint and Kamala Harris was worse. They knew the House couldn’t pass anything and if it did, the Senate wouldn’t pass it. Neither Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer have much control over anything because Nancy has a paper-thin margin in the House and the Senate is literally tied.

But somehow, they were able to convince themselves that they were fooling the entire country, just like they fooled the MSM. That Joe Biden really got 81 million votes and he was doing great! That all ended tonight. Even the people on CNN and MSNBC can smell defeat when the odor is this overwhelming. More importantly, so can the vast majority of Democrats up for re-election in 2022. Quite frankly, if you are a Democrat representing anything other than a deep blue inner-city district where Republicans never win, you are terrified. Even in deep blue districts there are grounds for concern. You are also seeking Susan, or should I say seeking something miraculous to stay in office. It sure won’t be the same ole same ole. One thing is certain, Democrats pulled in the traditional heavy hitters, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Not only did they fail to save the day, it looks like they made things worse. No sane Democrat will want to take any risk of being linked to any of the above. They will still put up with Schumer and Pelosi, but only because they directly control the DNC purse strings. But don’t be surprised if smart people in the DNC can see and smell disaster too. John Kennedy said that victory has a thousand fathers but defeat an orphan. The Democratic Establishment is officially in charge of the biggest orphanage in American History. It is important to remember that money follows the power, if Democrats lose power, they also lose financial support.

One of the first things to happen will be a full-scale retreat from some of the more insane taxes proposed by Joe Biden. You can also declare the defund the police idiocy as dead on arrival. Biden’s plan to tax unrealized capital gains will result in full scale revolt from the real super rich he pretends to condemn while secretly embracing. The sad truth is that many of those super rich, including Hollywood Celebrities, put up with this nonsense because they don’t think this will ever impact them. But there are people in the DNC who fail to grasp this concept and some of them, if not actually calling the shots, are certainly capable of holding everything else hostage.

In addition to winning all those state-wide offices in Virginia, a  Republican has a chance to win in New Jersey. But that election is close, so watch for miraculous late minute votes showing up in major metropolitan areas, all for Democrats.

In Virginia, this happened not because Republicans turned out in droves, which they did, but rather because Democrats and Independents are furious at the extreme left-wing lurch by the Democratic Party, and they all notice the negative impact on their lives. We really haven’t seen anything like this in a long time and no one should underestimate this. Granted, if the Republican Party was still managed by the usual suspect RINOs, they would probably find a way to botch this. But there are a lot of new voices and real leaders in the Republican Party and while Trump taught a lot of them how to win, this is a lot bigger than Donald Trump. Frankly, the best campaigner for any Republican candidate for office is Joe Biden and Democrats have to continue riding that horse whether they want to or not. He gets worse every day, everything gets worse, every day, and the Democratic Party has become so dominated by the extreme liberal left that they literally have no bench. There is not a single Democrat, with national name recognition, remotely capable of providing the leadership necessary during this time of crisis. Gavin Newsom stopped the recall, but he still failed the test and no, the rest of the country, really doesn’t want to be anything like California.

Just think about this, Democrats had a wide-open primary season for the Presidential nomination in 2020 and every single candidate was defeated by Joe Biden, not because of anything Joe Biden did, but because they were all too plain awful to even consider. Now, while all the talking heads, Biden, Obama, Gore and Kerry are demanding drastic steps to stop climate change (global warming) if you look out your window, it is not getting warmer, it is getting colder. Much colder. I don’t make weather predictions, because even the experts get this wrong a lot of the time. But some things are obvious. The Antarctic is Colder, the Arctic is Colder, the Atlantic Ocean off the East Coast is colder, the Pacific Ocean off the West Coast is colder and Valdez, Alaska, which always gets a lot of snow, got over 12 feet in two days. That was a record even for them. Here in California we got the most rain in a single day since 1880. And this was in October while most of the heavy rain seems to come in winter, not the early fall. So, at the same time we are being told to be terrified about global warming, a least some people will look out their window and say: “seriously?” There could even be a mad rush for winter coats, most of which are literally on a slow boat from China.

Right now, there is a gigantic river running straight through the Democratic Party, it is called Denial (The Nile) and it is rapidly running out of water.


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