Governor Gavin Newsom, who is wrong about nearly everything, nailed it yesterday. He said that if George Floyd looked like him, the results would have been different. He is right about that. If someone who looked like Gavin Newsom got tanked up on methamphetamines, alcohol, and fentanyl, tried to pass counterfeit currency and then fell asleep sitting behind the wheel of their car, they would be treated very differently. Police would have shown little or no restraint at all. That is because there would have been no group of onlookers shooting video with their cell phones and screaming insults at the police.  And if a white guy did this, and died, his death would be chalked up, appropriately, as a drug overdose not police brutality. George Floyd was treated differently because he was black, but in the exact opposite way the fawning idiots in the MSM are screaming at us in their self-righteous rants.

I make no excuses for what Chauvin did. I do question whether this even resembled due process, but at minimum police botched this. But the point is there is no evidence they botched this because Floyd was black, they botched it because they didn’t handle a man who was obviously high on drugs to the point of a death by overdose, very well. They should have noticed when he stopped breathing. Coulda , woulda, shoulda, all day long. Murder, not so much.

Unfortunately, all the wrong people will learn all the wrong lessons from this. Black suspects will be encouraged to resist arrest. They have several incentives to do this. One is that they know police will be terrified of confronting them, even with non-lethal force. Another is that they know this will draw a crowd, which will automatically be on their side, regardless of circumstances. If they are lucky, they may hit the lottery and get a huge claim settlement. If not, then their family will certainly enjoy the benefits. In some cases, they may even become heroes. Do not underestimate this. There are a lot of people out there who live lonely and unproductive lives. Some of them go out and shoot people, so someone will remember their name. There is a reason the term “suicide by cop” was invented. Some people really do that. Some may argue that no one would do something like this, but desperate people commit suicide every day, for a lot of reasons.

Ultimately the why does not matter. There was nothing about the George Floyd incident that was racist, until the surrounding crowd and the MSM made it racist. Before that it was just police responding to a difficult and potentially dangerous call. Then it was police dealing with a highly intoxicated suspect who was resisting arrest. They tried to handle him with non-lethal force. First, they talked to him, then they handcuffed him and pushed him to the ground. What else could they have done. Should they have shot him, or used pepper spray, or a taser. Any of the above would have almost certainly killed George Floyd or anyone else in his condition.

People die in police custody all the time. We hear about them on the news. If they are white, we seldom hear anything else. Even if they are black, we don’t often learn much else. What made this case different was the police being surround by people with cell phones, filming everything, between anti-cop chants.

We should learn from this, and we will learn from this, but right now we are learning all the wrong lessons. Millions of people are now convinced that this is a country of systemic racism, that we are all bad, that our founding fathers brought forth a new racist nation and that policing has become increasingly racist nationwide. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made that point yesterday in what they apparently thought was an attempt to calm things down. Instead, they did the opposite. They just poured gas on an increasingly out of control fire. It was beyond pathetic.

Perhaps Nancy Pelosi accidently said the truth when she thanked George Floyd for dying. His death, while not necessarily racist, played right into the hands of people like Nancy Pelosi and she is probably truly grateful.

There is systemic racism in this country. It takes place every day inside of a planned parenthood clinic. If you are a young black woman, with limited means, they will be glad to help you kill your baby. They will explain to you all the reasons why this life is not worth saving. They do that to white women too, but the statistics are brutal. Black women get their babies aborted, free, by Planned Parenthood at an inexcusable rate. There are some reports that more black babies are aborted than are born alive. What could possibly be more racist than that. Easy, to the liberal left, the death of a George Floyd.

Unfortunately, the inevitable result of this will be more racism and division. White people, who previously would have given a black person considerable slack, view them differently today. They view them as a threat.  Police absolutely will make decisions regarding use of force based primarily on race. It is simple. If you are a police officer and you shoot a black man or woman, without regard to circumstances, there will be some people screaming for your head. If there is any potential for a mistake, you are probably going to jail. Every police officer is the country knows that this morning. This means if you live in a minority neighborhood, and you call the police for help, expect to wait a while. When the police show up, it will be in force, with body armor and body cameras. They will do everything possible to avoid using any force, until the circumstances prove it is absolutely necessary. In many cases that will include after some innocent person has been killed or wounded. Just recently police shot a black girl because she was stabbing another girl. The protests are already gearing up and the family of this girl has probably already received a call from that black attorney in Minneapolis who got the George Floyd family $27 million.

In the meantime, Derek Chauvin is in jail, but he is certain to appeal his case. While most criminal cases on appeal are upheld, thanks to Maxime Waters and Joe Biden, he actually has one of the strongest cases for appeal in American history. My prediction is that his case will be overturned. He may or may not be tried again, but if so, it will be a very different trial. Most people know that after the Lincoln assassination Mary Surratt was famously hanged. What they don’t know is that John Surratt, who just may have planned the whole thing, escaped. He went to Canada and then Europe. He was eventually arrested in Egypt and extradited. He was put on trial 18 months after his mother’s death, but this wasn’t a military trial, it was a civil trial in Maryland. His attorney even admitted that Surratt was involved in the plot to kidnap Lincoln. After a two-month trial, the result was a hung jury, and he was never put on trial again. These is easy to understand, all the real witnesses were dead because they had been hanged. Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

In the meantime, policing in this country has become racist. Some police, will wisely, seek other employment. People choosing to become police, for the right reasons, will hesitate. Those who want to become police officers, for all the wrong reasons, will celebrate. This is going to get ugly. It is already ugly. And no one, other than Democratic politicians, will even think they benefit from this.


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