Do you ever wonder if we are somehow caught in a real-life bizarre version of Ground Hog Day. Every day we see pretty the same thing, and we also see the usual suspects either feign ignorance or ignore the obvious. The mental problems with Joe Biden are now so obvious that reporting on them has reached the point of boring replication. The response to the obvious is also sadly predictable. Republicans point and sneer but do nothing. Democrats spin around in a circle with one eye closed hoping to see something else next time around. Then there are the true KoolAid drinkers like the ladies on The View who are absolutely brilliant at drawing the wrong conclusion about nearly everything..

Now add in the ridiculous reality of that huge Chinese Surveillance balloon traveling slowing across the U.S., taking pictures of some of the most secure locations in this country. Joe Biden, upon advice of our military commanders, ordered it shot down only after it had successfully cleared the South Carolina coast. That they discover another one over Alaska. They shoot that down. Oops there is another one, over the Yukon. Canada invites U.S. jets to shoot that down. Then, incredibly, another one, this time over Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. That is shot down too.

But this gets worse. The one shot down over Alaska is smaller and shaped like an octagon. The one over Lake Huron allegedly looks like an oversize grey coffee can. When asked about this, the U.S. Military says they can’t rule out alien sourcing. Are you kidding me? Why on earth is anyone in the MSM even pretending to take this seriously anymore? Today the Biden Administration smugly said these were happening during the Trump administration too, but they weren’t skilled enough to detect them. Really? Is anyone buying this nonsense? Other than Don Lemon on CNN of course.

This reminds me of when a home missionary friend of my father’s visited us in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He told us this weird story about seeing a flying saucer land on a frozen lake in Northern Minnesota while he was out ice fishing. He said in a short period of time a U.S. Air Force truck showed up, blocked off the site, told him to forget what he saw. Then, he watched the flying saucer take off again. He was a very devout Baptist minister, so alcohol consumption was not an explanation, but this was off the charts unbelievable. At the time he told this story, I was about five years old, and this had supposedly happened several years earlier. I often wondered what on earth he was talking about until one day, years later, I saw this link realized this is probably what he saw:

Vought V-173 – Wikipedia

I have always suspected that those numerous UFO sightings were always some kind of double secret aircraft. Now I realize some of them may have been relatively small balloons. I am pretty convinced that if aliens did approach us, it would be with something more sophisticated than these silly objects.

It is increasingly obvious that a whole lot of people are either lying about this or they are hopelessly delusional. The only thing certain is that the least likely explanation regarding anything is that given by the Biden administration. The only explanation with less credibility than something said by a spokesman for the Biden Administration is if the President (save us) himself tries to explain.

But all of this ignores the real problem. We live in a very real and very scary world with countries like North Korean, Russia and China who have nuclear weapons. We live in a world with all too real enemies and all too serious challenges. Combine this with the very real possibility that the President of the United States may have had his son sell influence to the highest bidder, including to people in places like China and Russia. What is it going to take before even Democrats and their fawning buddies in the MSM start to notice?  When will they come to the grim realization that this is putting each and every one of us at risk. This isn’t even close to funny anymore.

But there is hope. Donald Trump is still not President. That is all the Never Trumpers need or even want to know. They consider anything else to be an improvement. Well welcome to the land of anything else. Frankly some of the things Trump has done recently are so narcissistic and outright stupid that they create genuine concern about his fitness for office. But then I turn on my TV, and I see Joe Biden, and the only words that can come close to describing this is “Full Mental Jacket.” This is what happens when you steal an election without regard to who or what replaced Donald Trump as President of the United States and even less regard to the consequences of that decision.


P.S. What could possibly be worse than this? Easy, she is standing just in back of Joe Biden, watching her husband kiss Dr. Jill on the lips.