Shortly after World War II ended, the U.S. Army had a problem. They had a lot of equipment they no longer needed and did not expect to need in the future. So, it was no surprise that they put an ad in newspapers, all over the country, offering to sell surplus army training rifles a very low price. My father and his best friend, both responded to the ad and sent the money. But there was one major difference between the letters they wrote. My father wrote that he wanted to use the rifle for deer hunting. He got a letter back, with a return of his money, saying these were training rifles, made entirely out of wood, and so were useless as a hunting rifle. His friend apparently got a wooden rifle, although he would never admit that.

All of us, who have been on this planet for a while, have purchased something that turned out to be far different than what we expected. We used to say that a couple wasn’t really married until they had bought a vacuum cleaner from a door-to-door salesman. In most cases a bad purchase only results in a good story. But in other cases, the results can be tragic. Today, we are already seeing a nationwide case of buyer’s remorse. A lot of people were too focused on getting rid of Donald Trump to realize that Joe Biden was and is a walking disaster. Even some people in the MSM have already figured this out. Soon, this will be obvious to everyone.

Today, there are reports the United States did something it has not done in years. It bought oil from Russia and Venezuela. CNN ran a new story, leaked by the Biden administration, saying they inherited no vaccine distribution system from the Trump administration and had to start from scratch. Even Dr. Fauci, who clearly hates Trump, knocked that down. He pointed out that 36 million doses of vaccine had already been delivered and we were vaccinating about 1 million people every day. So, when Joe bragged about how his new vaccine delivery system might even deliver a staggering 100 million doses during the first 100 days, the MSM missed the fact that this would be a slow down over what the Trump administration was already delivering. Brilliant! CNN only repeated this idiotic story 57 times before realizing that everyone else was snickering at their stupidity.

Political, which ignored the obvious signs of senility from Joe Biden before the inauguration, accidentally documented them during the following story:

Writing a speech for Biden can be hell. And that was before the inaugural. – POLITICO

I would never say this,” Biden once snapped at an aide, aghast over the prepared remarks he was reviewing, according to a person in the room during a speech prep session last year. “Where did you get this from?’”

The aide explained that Biden had just said it in a public speech a couple of weeks earlier.

Have you noticed something else that changed as soon as Joe was safely sworn into office? CNN dropped the banner showing COVID 19 statistics. If you watch the news on TV last night, you probably noticed it did not lead with how many new cases of COVID 19 happened or how many people died from COVID 19. Instead, it focused on lining up for the vaccine. There is a reason for that.  Shortly after the inauguration, WHO sent out a directive changing the way positive cases are reported and the way to record COVID 19 deaths.  This change means the number of positive cases will immediately drop as will the number of new COVID 19 deaths.  This creates the illusion of change, when the only real change is that they have stopped lying to us.

Oh, they will still report that more than 400,000 people were killed by Donald Trump, but from now on the statistics will look very different. They are hoping no one notices and believe that miraculously, Joe Biden cured COVID. The DC Mayor approved indoor dining, the day after the inauguration, but that does not include the National Guard soldiers sleeping on the floor of a parking garage.

Joe Biden thought he gave a brilliant inaugural address, and it was perfect except for the part where he called 74 million people domestic terrorists. Chris Wallace was too distracted by the thrill running up his leg to notice this minor detail.

In the meantime, the MSM is in a state of shock. Shutting off Donald Trump’s twitter account means that there was nothing from Donald Trump to comment on. The only thing left is this impeachment thing, which is guaranteed to embarrass Democrats if they stupidly continue with this fiasco. They are left to report on what Biden is doing, and what he is doing is incredibly stupid bordering on insane. Did you notice that after Joe signed the Executive Order requiring everyone to wear a mask whenever on federal property, he posed for a photo op at the Lincoln Memorial without a mask? When his press secretary was asked about this, she said he was too busy celebrating to wear a mask. Nice!

Here is what is important to remember. The MSM NEEDS bad news. For the last four years, they could rail against Donald Trump and call that bad news. But Trump is gone, so they need to find something else to report on. That leaves, gasp, reporting on what Biden is doing. Like how Joe just decided to let biological males compete with biological females, if the male felt girlish, in any sports program receiving federal aid. Biden apparently failed to realize that more than half of the Democrats who foolishly supported him are, gasp, biological females who don’t find this amusing.

The entire country has bought a wooden rifle. Even the MSM is starting to realize this gun will never work.  As for me, I am looking for a license plate that says: “Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for Biden.” I predict sales will exceed 74 million.


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