I have handled thousands of lawsuits. I always learned to look for the blink. That is when the other side said or did something that revealed the true extent of their confidence. When I saw the blink, I immediately knew we had the upper hand. A blink is when the other side suddenly stops posturing regarding a key position. That is a sure sign of weakness and should never be ignored. Democrats just blinked.

Democrats promised to impeach Donald Trump, starting today. Oops. Now it turns out they are going to impeach him but won’t actually send anything to the senate for at least 100 days. If this sounds insane, it is because it is insane. But, consistent. When they impeached Trump the first time, Nancy delayed delivering then to the senate for over a month. Sound familiar?

There is also no chance of using Article 25 to remove Trump from office. One problem is that he is acting more rationally than Biden. The biggest complaint is that he hasn’t talked to Mike Pence since Wednesday. But that is hardly grounds to remove a sitting U.S. President. Article 25 isn’t going to happen. One notes that Nancy said there were going to try Article 25 first, before filing for impeachment, which seems to indicate that even she realizes Article 25 remains the impossible dream.

Some other things are not going to happen. Trump hasn’t and won’t sign the insurrection act. The last time that was used was by John Adams, in 1798, and he called it the greatest mistake of his life. If Trump had evidence that would justify this, he would have already used it. It would be insane to try this now and the only people acting this insanely are Democrats and their supporters in the MSM and social media.

Trump is prepared to turn over power to Biden. It will be smooth and orderly, at least from Trump’s side. It is not sure that Biden can handle anything smoothly and orderly. Are there still some people who are buying the liberal narrative? Of course, there are, they are the ones posting on Facebook. Anyone attempting to tell the truth is being blocked. This creates the illusion that all rational people agree with them.  That is far from true, as anyone can tell by reading the responses generated when they post this nonsense.

Something important happened, ignored by the MSM. The ACLU stood up for Trump and said that silencing him was in violation of free speech. This is obviously true, but few understand the significance of this action by the ACLU. The ACLU if famous for filing lawsuits. Trump can now sue Twitter and Facebook and Google and Apple and all the others on the grounds that Section 230 is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court is likely to uphold that challenge. Trump tried to get Section 230 repealed. Republicans didn’t get it done.  That leaves Section 230 vulnerable to be ruled unconstitutional. Even disgusting left wing radicals like Ron Wyden understand this. He fears returning to a lawless internet, where anything goes. He is right about that but fails to realize that it is even worse when unelected civilians have the power to make arbitrary decisions that affect millions of people. Also, an unregulated internet is like unregulated TV. People can always just turn the channel.

This is a double-edged sword. If Section 230 is repealed, then Twitter and Facebook and any website using them can be sued by anyone for anything. That is more likely to result in sites being shut down than to preserve freedom of expression. If you doubt that, check out who is being sued for what.

Watch for social media stocks to plummet in value. If that happens, they will change in the blink of an eye.

One final thought. During any military operation the first thing done is to jam the enemy’s communications. This banning of Trump and his followers from all these social media platforms looks vindictive, which it is, but it also looks stupid and desperate. But if this was intended to block Trump’s ability to communicate within the government, it will have zero impact. It will only, temporarily, make it harder to reach his civilian base. They are already deserting Facebook and Twitter, waiting for his arrival.

This makes no sense. Biden gets sworn in in next week. Why the rush? Why this impeachment nonsense? Why the bad mouthing in the press? Sure, they hate him this much, but by doing it now and in this way, is backfiring. His approval ratings are soaring.  I personally do not subscribe to any of the conspiracy theories about something big happening that could still change things.  But a lot of people sure look like they are running scared. Perhaps they know something we don’t know? Or, as I have written many times before, never ascribe malice where mere incompetence is a satisfactory explanation.

If I were to guess, this is happening because they have evidence that will destroy the “Trump Made Me Do It!” narrative. Falsely accusing someone of a crime, when you yourself did something worse, is a certain recipe for disaster. Remember that Nancy Pelosi’s laptop is missing. Perhaps someone is already on the Hunter.

I also noticed something else. Nancy Pelosi was on CBS and she was given the opportunity to hammer Trump. But then, the interviewer started to hammer Nancy. Welcome to a world without Trump.

One thing is certain, if they keep this up, they won’t be able to govern anything.


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